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Our Cape May Anniversary Dinner

Every time Craig and I would walk inside the Beach Club, we would walk past the most incredible smells coming from Cape May. Had it not been for Beaches and Cream, I don’t think we would have even known the restaurant existed.  As we talked last weekend about where to eat for our Anniversary, we had three options in mind- Nine Dragons, Via Napoli, and Cape May.  Since I had already been to Nine Dragons, it was down to the two. Kyra wants to head to Via Napoli for her birthday dinner, so Cape May it was! BUT, it IS free dining season- ressies are hard to come by- but God smiled on us and gave us a 7:00 p.m. reservation with no problem.

After a long day of responsibilities, we were finally free to head out and celebrate. We parked at the Boardwalk early, and took our time strolling over to the Beach Club. The heat is starting to let up here now, and you can tell the humidity is turning a corner.  We are always in our own world when we are together in Disney World- it brings out the absolute best in us. Hand in hand, we walked over each wood plank on the boardwalk, listening to the sounds of laughter and the music coming from several stores. We arrived early and relaxed in the lobby while our stomachs craved what was coming next.

Our reservation was for 7:00 and we were seated at about 7:10 p.m- not too long to wait.  We wore our Anniversary buttons, not for free stuff, but I am really proud of making it to 18 years.  We have had our awesome years, our ok years, and our not so great years- but we “had” them and got through them.  I love the feeling of being in love, but I love the feeling of a secured foundation even more.  Craig and I were married young, so we had a lot going against us. With a new baby shortly after, we had the weight of the world on our shoulders and I know that at times I wondered how we would ever get through another day. But that is where Christ stepped in, we gave our marriage to him and it grew every year after that. So we wore the buttons proudly at dinner.

We were seated at the first table inside the dining room, which at first I wasn’t sure about. I am a booth kind of gal, but as crowded as it was, I wasn’t going to complain. With Cokes ordered, we dug into the buffet of dreams. Craig went one way, I went another, and we almost made a fun game of “What you getting?” every time we went up. So to make it interesting, we took a picture of each plate of food we got- we were there to seriously eat.

We ate, and ate, and ate. We ate like Kings and enjoyed every bite. We talked about our dreams and enjoyed the ambience of the place. We ate from 7:10 to a little after 8:30 p.m.- again, you must know we don’t eat like this all the time. When I am going to be paying almost $80 for the meal (for both of us and sodas), you bet I am going to get my money’s worth.  It was a great meal, and we would definitely do it again. If you are able to do it on the free dining deal, I would highly recommend it!

After waddling out of the Beach Club and into a beautiful Florida evening, we tried to walk off the food by walking around the World Showcase. We ended our night with Illuminations, and it took everything for me to hold back the tears. Listening to the music, the words of the song… just made me choke up. Happy Anniversary Craig, it was a fantastic evening!

We Go On

Thanks to:

With The Stillness Of The Night
there Comes A Time To Understand
to Reach Out And Touch Tomorrow
take The Future In Our Hand.

We Can See A New Horizon
built On All That We Have Done
and Our Dreams Begin
another Thousand Circles ’round The Sun.

We Go On
to The Joy And Through The Tears
we Go On
to Discover New Frontiers
moving On
with The Current Of The Years.

We Go On
moving Forward, Now As One
moving On
with A Spirit Born To Run
ever On
with Each Rising Sun.

To A New Day
we Go On.


  1. CONGRATS! This is one of our fave buffets…Happy you enjoyed it too. Just wondering… do you have the Tables in Wonderland card? Since your family is able to enjoy Disney restaurants so often, does it make sense for you?


  2. I am glad you both had a wonderful time celebrating.You a great place to dine. The food is normally really good at Cape Mae Cafe. Once again I loved reading about your night.But I would have cried Illuminations always gets to me.I love the performance.


  3. Beautiful story once again—–We have never been to Cape May–but now I think its a must do GREAT pics!!! And WE GO ON was our Wedding day first Dance~~ great song GREAT WORDS ~~ Thanks so much for sharing !! ya all are a cuteeee couple CONGRATULATION .


  4. Amy, I am so happy that you and Craig are living your dream. My husband and I have made it for 41 years. We also married young and have survivied babies, moving away from family and friends, returning to be with those same family and friends and having our children all move away with your grandchildren(we have two children in the military). God has always been with us and seen us through the rough times and the good times. I am glad you and Craig seem to have that same relationship with God as we do. It will take you along way in this world. Congratulations.


  5. Happy Anniversary!! Cape May dinner buffet is now on my list of must do’s. I’ve done the breakfast which is AMAZING but the dinner looks even better. I got all teary at the end reading the lyrics to Promise. It’s my wedding song for our Disney Fairytale Wedding in just 1 week!!! It’s such an inspirational song 🙂 Makes me cry every time.


  6. Cape May Cafe has been one of my all-time favorite restaurants at Walt Disney World for a very long time, and I don’t even like the clambake half of it. I’m a big fan of the ribs and the cornbread, oh the cornbread! And the desserts are divine!

    Happy Anniversary Craig and Amy! 18 Magical Years. That’s quite an accomplishment! Thanks for sharing your wonderful evening. It seems that the lyrics for We Go On were written for the Petermann’s. Congratulations to two of my very dear friends.


  7. Sounds like you had a great night! I really appreciate how you openly talk about your love for God. It is refreshing to see that, in a country where most people don’t mention or give credit to Christ outside of a church environment. Keep the great posts coming!


  8. Happy Anniversary to you both – eighteen years is quite an accomplishment and you are blessed to have made it through the good and not so good together!


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