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A Weekend of Fun

Having Family in town is so exciting, and so exhausting. I am finally able to sit and blog for a bit, so I thought I would let you in on what we have all been up to since Friday- enjoy!

Mom and I decided we would get out of my comfort zone and go explore the surrounding areas. So we headed to Clermont in search of yard sales, thrift stores, and any place we could find furniture. Although my home is almost completely furnished, we are in search of the perfect kitchen table and chairs.  My kitchen has a quiet Disney theme, mostly with the reds, blacks, and whites. I hope to get a red and beige carpet for the kitchen with a white or light wood dining set.  Mom and I continue the search, as we struck out in Clermont.

We did however find several hilly areas, and even a yard sale. A second hand store we found nothing at, but we found a ROSS Store where Mom treated me to a black party dress and pillows for the living room.  I am so happy she is helping me decorate because when she heads out, I can look at these items and think of her- having a piece of her here will help during the holidays we aren’t together. Lunch was at Cracker Barrel, soup and salad, and brought back so many memories I have had with this Restaurant Chain.

After getting Kyra from school, we headed home for an afternoon nap before going out for the evening. Since Bob and Mom hadn’t been on WDW Property yet, we decided to take them on a Resort Tour on Friday night. It would sync up perfectly with the WDW Radio Meet, so we headed to the Poly first for drinks.  I enjoyed my Pina Colava once again, while Mom had a Bahama Mama.  It was exciting to be at the Poly with Mom, a place I had been so many times before with others. We drank, we laughed, we enjoyed life.

We hopped the Monorail for the Contemporary Resort, and I was grinning from ear to ear. Watching Mom and Bob enjoy the ride, enjoying my buzz, and knowing I would get to introduce them to Lou Mongello and all of my friends at the Meet.  As we headed into the Contemp Café, I caught the warm smiles of my good pals Anthony, Ken, and of course, my big brother, Scott Otis. I was happy to introduce them to them, Lou, and everyone else with open hearts.  After some time chatting, we headed back to the Poly and Grand Floridian for touring and just enjoying the FL weather outside.

The next day Mom and Bob took Kyra to the Islands of Adventure to enjoy the Wizarding World of Harry Potter for the first time, so Craig and I took Emily to the Magic Kingdom to spoil her with undivided attention.  We geeked out at the Magic Kingdom parking lots being rethemed and renamed, it was cool to park in “Aladdin” for the first time.

Heading to the Ferry, we walked past the walkway filled with chalk drawings and Mickey balloons. It was really cool to see, so I snapped a couple pics of it, catching a “Go Brewers” on the ground. Being from WI, I was happy to learn that the Brewers won their Division, congrats Milwaukee!!  After a wonderful Ferry ride over, we headed for a day of magic. The first thing I noticed right off the bat was the large crane behind the Castle, possibly hanging Christmas lights? I felt bad for everyone taking pics in front of the Castle yesterday, no one wants a crane in them.  The Cinderella fountain was back, so I snapped a pic of Emily near it then headed to Small World for a ride.  We took turns with Emily throughout the day, enjoying the time spent, but fighting the largest crowd I had seen in awhile. Lunch was at Columbia Harbor House where I had the fish, Craig had the new broccoli salad, and Em had the mac and cheese.

We enjoyed sharing a Dole Whip in Adventureland, then found time and a table right on Main Street to enjoy a fruit tart from the Bakery.  We relaxed and dined while hanging out with Anthony and Ken for while in the afternoon. Em and Craig headed for some shopping, where she found Perry the Platypus, and the guys and a rode the TTA to chat for a bit.

Upon leaving the Park, we ran right into the 3:00 parade, so we stayed a bit to enjoy. Chip and Dale grabbed Em’s Perry and played with him in the parade, which she just ate up.  It was fun to see the floats so close and the Characters really interacted well with all the kids on the curb.  We left exhausted, and just got home before Craig had to leave to pick up everyone else from Universal. Kyra will be blogging about her experience in a separate post.

We all chilled out and ordered pizza, taking it very easy last night. As Craig and I finished our evening walk, I got a text that an old friend was in town with his kids to see his sister. I was overjoyed, as I hadn’t seen him in about 20 years.  We made plans to meet up in the MK and I got to meet his beautiful daughter.  We enjoyed seeing the Park together and had lots of time to catch up- thanks Nick for a fun night!

Today we headed to the “Mary, Queen of the Universe” church near the Crossroads/Downtown Disney area, off I4. Located next to the Prime Outlet Mall, we found it easily and got a parking spot about 30 minutes before Mass. I am no longer a practicing Catholic, but I wanted to please Mom and Bob, as they are.  The church was very beautiful, and the outside was really cool with palm trees and fountains. The service lasted an hour, and I did learn a lot.  I learned that they named it what they did because of all the theme parks that surround it are “Worlds (WDW, Sea World, etc..), and they wanted the church to stand out above the rest in priority- hence why they called it “Mary, Queen of the Universe.”

After church we headed to the Outlet Mall to do some light shopping. I had to show Mom the Disney Character Outlet, and we also enjoyed all the shoe stores. I picked up some great WDW Christmas soup mugs for our first Christmas here for only $2.99 each, and a large Mickey Christmas ornament for $3.99! I giggled as we all shared cheese curds from A&W Restaurant, made with real WI cheese! We headed out at 1:00 to head home for a nap and get ready to enjoy the Packer game.

We are up to the current time now, as we are watching the Packer game now on FOX. It is a miracle its playing here locally, since Tampa Bay is also playing at the same time, but for some reason – the Packers are playing here!! Everyone is thrilled, and its fun to watch a Packer game all together. The last time we did it together was when they won the Superbowl, good times, good times. I hope you are all enjoying your Sunday and have a great week!!


  1. Sounds like you had a wonderful weekend!!! Sorry our paths didn’t cross :(. The reason the Packer/Bears game is on is because the Tampa Bay game is blacked out due to not selling out (that wouldn’t happen in either Green Bay or Chicago!!). Go Bears!!! (Sorry couldn’t resist being an ex-Chicagoan!) However, if Green Bay is playing ANYBODY else, we’re routing for Green Bay!
    Also, can’t wait to read Kyra’s Wizarding World report since we’re planning on heading there in the next few weeks!


  2. It was absolutely wonderful to meet up with you & Craig and finally meet your mom & Bob! Thanks for sharing your fun weekend. I can’t wait to read Kyra’s post on the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. I have yet to go see that yet. Thanks again!


  3. Sounds like a fun weekend Amy! Mary, Queen of the Universe IS a beautiful church. We always go to mass there when we are at WDW on a Sunday. Enjoy the rest of your mom’s visit! My best to Craig and the girls!


  4. Looks like you’ve been having a wonderful visit with your MOM. Thank you for sharing it with us. I am a little jealous you found Disney Christmas soup mugs!!!!! I am keeping my fingers crossed they still have them in Oct when we get home and over that way. Again thank you for sharing it really helps reading your post. I am able to get my Disney fix!!!!!!


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