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Chicken Foot

I posted on Facebook over the weekend that I was enjoying my Mom’s last evening here in Fl while playing Chicken Foot. What is it? It’s a Domino game that my Mom taught us all several years ago, and has become a tradition to play when we are all together. It’s the funniest name of a game I have ever heard, but it is pretty fun and quite addicting. But the real point of this post was just to touch on my Mom’s visit, so enjoy.

We all have Moms, whether they are still with us, or on to another life, we all have them. Not until we relocated did I realize how much I rely on her for- my strength, my shoulder to cry on, and just that necessary hug when times are tough.  Once we got here I knew it would be hard without her, and the first couple of weeks felt like someone had punched me in the gut.  I didn’t feel right, something was missing.  Even a phone call away, it has been tough to know that her physical presence was missing.

Once she got here, it was like everything was normal again.  We stayed so incredibly busy that I never had the time to worry about when she would have to leave.  Yes, maybe I am a Momma’s girl, but like I have said before, I never lived far from her before, so it’s all been a learning curve.  I’m not going to apologize for who I am, I wear my emotions on my sleeve and I am proud of that. Every second spent here with her was a gift, and as I sit here alone blogging, I am thankful that God allowed me that time with her.

We were able to shop all over the County, and she helped give me the confidence in finding places on my own. You wouldn’t think it would be scary to go “exploring” but I am always nervous that if the car broke down, or an accident that I wouldn’t have a clue where I would wind up.  We were able to find a bunch of thrift shops, so that was fun since the times before I have tried to find them was an epic fail.  We bought a great lamp, some small goodies, and just enjoyed the hunt together. I could feel my mood and attitude lifting every day from being with her- life was balanced. We tried out new places for my Mom to eat- she loved Johnny Rockets and I was happy to share a memory there with her.

On her last night here, before our rousing game of Chicken Foot in which Emily won, Mom and I took a walk.  I had walked our neighborhood quite a bit since moving here, as walking is a way for me to clear my head and work on losing weight.  As we walked the pavement I had so many times before, I was incredibly happy to have the time to chat together about life.  I don’t know about you, but I know when someone has your back, and a Mom is like no one else when it comes to that, it feels great. I know she supports me, I know she won’t lie to others about me, and I know that she is always on my side.  Family is an amazing thing, and I have never once had to worry about trusting her or wonder if she ever truly cared about me. My mom came at the right time, God’s time, and I am so grateful to her for everything she is and what she represents.

We said our good-byes right before leaving for the Anniversary at the Magic Kingdom, so it was early and it was rushed. But, God knew I needed something big to distract me from the pain, so I hugged her, the kids cried, and I sat silently in the car as I waved goodbye to her. Until we came home that afternoon to see the RV gone that it really hit me, hard. Everything we got together reminds me of the wonderful times, and I am working through it to come out smiling.

Mom you are the best example I could follow on this planet, and I love you, and I will miss you until we see each other again.


  1. This blog has reduced me to tears, Amy! Beautifully written, and just goes to show how important our mothers are – I love my Mammy!


  2. I miss my mom too and we look forward to her visits here once or twice a year. She’s 85 and still flies here on her own, we love her dearly. Hugs to you!


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