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Trails End Breakfast at Fort Wilderness Campground

It all started with a box… well, more like a lap top. Lou Mongello has a podcast and broadcasts on his computer, and those of us who are fan and friend of the WDW Radio Show tune in each week to say hello to our friends, and hear Lou’s WDW information each week. After time, those of us in the chat room were referred to as the “Box People” and so it was born. In the box is where I would meet Elizabeth Driscoll, or Liz as some as you know her by. She was fortunate to win the WDW Radio trip they were giving away, and to pay it forward, asked me to breakfast this past Friday. I didn’t hesitate to agree to it, simply because I wanted to meet Liz more than anything.

We planned to meet at Trails End, located on WDW Property, in the Fort Wilderness Campground area. The fun thing about this Resort is that you have to park your car within the first 5 minutes if entering the Resort, as they don’t allow people to drive around the Campground. It is a pain when you are going to dine there, because you have to figure out which bus is which. I have been told to get on any internal one and you will get where you are going, so that’s what I did and got to Trails End within 5 minutes.

It was a glorious morning, the birds were chirping, the sun was shining through the tall trees, and I just inhaled all of God’s greatness. I found it located right next to the Hoop Dee Doo area, and was seated promptly at 7:50 a.m.  The place was empty, and because the temps had started to drop here, the inside was just as cold as well.  While I waited for Liz, I took pictures of the place and enjoyed a few moments of peace before the day was upon me.

Liz showed up shortly after, and we finally got that “First Meet” hug. She was so kind and bubbly, just the type of person I gravitate towards. We headed towards the buffet filled with all sorts of goodies to try, and I had to make sure to at least get a bite of the famous breakfast pizza I had heard about. Because we were there so early, it was great to have no lines, so we walked up at any time to make our selections without fighting the crowds.

I tried the Mickey waffles of course, the bacon, the eggs, the hashbrowns, and I filled several small bowls with fresh strawberries. It was so nice to chat and eat at a snail’s pace and just relax- we had a lot in common, being from the Midwest, so it was exciting to talk. Except of course for the Packer and Bear rivalry, we still wound up liking each other. LOL

We wound up going back a couple of times, trying out new treats and enjoying the fresh fruit quite a bit. After we were full, we headed out for a walk near the waterfront and it was just beautiful.  I would highly encourage you to try this breakfast out, it had plenty to offer and the food was great. The earlier you can eat will also give you more peace at breakfast from the crowds, plus give you plenty of time to hit the Parks at opening. If you have any questions about it, please feel free to contact me. Thanks to Liz for a wonderful time at breakfast!


  1. What fun! I’m thrilled to have finally met both you (& your family) AND Liz at WDW this past weekend! You are just as sweet and friendly as you appear to be from your blog. Hope you had an awesome time; I’m glad I got to share some of the magic with you! ~ Kathy Kelly


  2. Hi guys those picture bring such great childhood memories. I know you are relocated tourist but do you have jobs on Florida.? Im considering a similar life in 7 or 8to years. (:


  3. I have sat here the last 2 days reading your blog and I am in tears (happy tears)! My family and I are planning a move to Orlando in May 2012 and I so needed to find your blog! I feel that God has led me here to encourage me on our move. I just wanted to say thank you for sharing all of your insights. I look forward to reading more and hope to share our story with you along the way!


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