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123 Days Without Pants

Hopefully you are still reading, as the title is a joke. I already used the “Shorts” title, so Craig thought “What about without pants?” Thus it was born!  Not just me, but all of us still haven’t worn pants since we got here- just which pair of shorts to sport every day.  Today is October 5th, and it was 4 months exactly ago today that we arrived here in our Florida home. Can you believe it’s been 4 months already? Sometimes I feel like it’s been much longer because of all the stuff we have had to deal with, while most of the time it feels that we have only been here a small time.  I enjoy updating you so you know how it is going for us and what we are up too- enjoy!

How are we adapting?

I would say that Fall in Florida is awesome and that I am very happy to be out of the hot summer months. I am glad we moved here when we did so we could get that hot part over with so we know what to expect next time it comes around.  Between the heat and the large crowds, it was a fun but rough summer to get through.  We all loved swimming when it was hot, because now our bodies are adapting to the weather and we wouldn’t dare swim when the temps are cooler.  What we once thought was cold in WI, and warm here, is starting to slowly fade away. We have had 60 degree mornings lately and to me it is chilly, but still feels wonderful. I am a sweatshirt and shorts kind of girl, so the cooler temps are inviting, just not anything under 60. LOL

Craig has been enjoying working from home, even getting out on the patio to enjoy the breeze and great temps lately. Emily is doing great with virtual school, as we keep her on a schedule so that she knows when to finish, when to start, and when her lunch and breaks are.  Once we get connected in other venues in our lives, Emily will meet other children with similar interests so she can branch out her social life. Kyra is doing extremely well in her Senior year here and is getting straight A’s right now, we are very proud of her hard work at school.

I am still working on finding my purpose here, but I am keeping busy. I walk every morning and evening, on my own and with Craig, to work on taking better care of myself.  I help Emily with school, work around the home, and occasionally get out for some Disney magic.  I still need to get plugged into “Give Kids the World” so I can possibly help another parent out whose child has Cancer right now.  I’m not interested in a job right now, but eventually after some real time has passed I may apply at places around town. Something small and on the side would be great that wouldn’t take up to much time but that I felt I was making a difference in the World.

We faired okay with the lovebug season, they weren’t too bad. I would say they were annoying at times when we would walk around our neighborhood, but I got pretty used to them.  I made sure to always brush them carefully off our car so they didn’t take the paint off, and reminded Bob of this as well when the RV was here.

Are we sick of Disney?

I get that question a lot, and I usually giggle first and say “never!”  Here is the thing, they always say that it is one thing to be a tourist, and one thing to be a resident- and that could never be truer! As a tourist you are so excited to get here and leave the real world behind, as a resident you have to balance the real world and the magic all at the same time.  We love living close, and can’t complain that from our driveway to the WDW arch we are exactly 5 miles away!  It comes in handy when people tweet out about meeting up for something special on Disney Property, we know we can get there and attend with no problem.  We enjoy walking around all the Resorts in the evening and trying out different treats, it’s also quite fun to be among vacationers who have that “I’m on vacation” energy.  We plan out our family trips to the Parks as much as possible, but after this summer of going quite a bit, we have backed off so we can focus on other things for awhile.  THAT is the joy in living so close, I know it’s there, and I know I can go when the mood strikes me.  I continue to meet up with readers, so if you are interested in a meet, please email me at and we can set something up.  I find that the more people I meet, the plethora of experiences that not only I get to have, but my family benefits from as well. It’s fun to eat or ride something at WDW all the time, but its different and exciting when it’s with a new friend.

Have We Found A Church?

Sadly, no. We are attending this Sunday with our good friends to try one out, so we will see what happens. It is an Assembly of God and we came from a Church that’s a little bit different, so we will see how we feel about it.  Churches are like a second home, you usually know the minute you walk into one that “Yes, this is it” or “No, let’s try something else.” I will keep you posted on what the family thinks after this Sunday.  I am VERY ready to get plugged back into a Choir, and I need the kids in youth groups. We love our Disney, but we want Christ the center of our lives, not Mickey, and I want to make sure my readers know that, but more importantly, my children.  They say you surround yourself with what you feel is important, what you feel is priority- and as much as I love my WDW, Christ will always be first- so I am a bit embarrassed that it has taken me this long to find and make time for a church home, but we are finally going this Sunday.

In conclusion, we are doing well. We have had our bumps along the way, but I have learned to take a deep breath and focus on why we came here in the first place- we are LIVING our dream! We wanted this, we prayed about this, and God has blessed us with it.  He also blessed us with incredible friends we have made through this wonderful opportunity of blogging, and we thank each and every one of you for your love, support, and kindness. On to the next adventure!


  1. SOOOO glad things are going well!!! Congratulations to Kyra on straight A’s – no easy feat in your senior year and especially in a new school!!! I was wondering how Emily was doing with virtual school and am glad to hear it is working out so well. We are so happy for you and will be praying you find a church home soon!!


  2. Good luck with your Church search. I would imagine that once you find your Church home, you will start to feel even more grounded in Florida. Just don’t mention that you sing in the choir until you are sure you have found your new home – Choir directors are so eager for new singers, they might not let you out the door if they know! 😉


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