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Meeting the Dreamfinder ~ Ron Schneider

It would be a tweet by Mr. Lou Mongello himself that THE Dreamfinder would be making an appearance near the Journey into Imagination ride during the WDW Radio 40 hour podcast. Craig and I hopped in the car and booked it over to Epcot so we could meet him and grab  a picture.

As we parked the car and walked towards the tram, Kyra called to say one of our beloved hamsters had passed away. Jack and Gus Gus moved here with us from WI, and made the long 3 days trip.  We were so happy when we got them, and I am sad for the kids that they lost their first pet. The girls were upset, so we both were going to head back, but Craig encouraged me to go meet Ron Schneider and be a part of something very special.  Making sure the kids were ok with that, Craig went home and I headed into Epcot.

Dreamfinder was to be there at 3 p.m., and I knew that it was 3:00 or later as I headed in as quickly as I could.  I was feeling guilty about the kids grief, and I wasn’t sure I even wanted to be there anymore. But as I walked up to the Imagination pavilion, I was greeted with warm smiles from good friends, so I felt better that I made the choice to stay.

He was sitting down with the entire WDW Radio Team surrounding him as Lou interviewed him with the Box. It was great to feel the excitement in the air and to see him sitting there was kind of unreal. I watched the show and enjoyed visiting with Beci again.

Then Dreamfinder decided to ride with everyone in the group, and I was ecstatic to think we would all be riding with him on the ride that he was born from.  We rode in the second group, but I think Anthony Ken, Liz, Kathy and I were pretty happy about that regardless- plus everyone clapped and sang along with the attraction- IT WAS AWESOME!!!

After we got off the ride I caught Ron talking to the Box again in the gift shop, and I truly enjoyed watching it all happen. Thank you Lou for letting me meet someone that is another piece of the Disney magic- it was a great moment and afternoon.


  1. I miss Dreamfinder and Figment :-(. I so wish he were back – ay least they brought Figment back. How wonderful you got to meet Dreamfinder and spend time with him!!


  2. excellent article Amy!! I was SO hoping to be down there for the 40th, but I didn’t have enough money…. oh well!! I’ll have the chance to hopefully meet everyone next year. I’m sure Lou will plan something when Fantasyland start opening in 2012. You never know with Lou haha.

    Congrats on meeting a great Disney figure. 🙂


  3. That was definitely a magical time. I had the fortune to be “holding” the box, at the time, so I got to be there for every word out of the Dreamfinder’s mouth. He truly is an inspiration. Thanks for sharing, Ames!


  4. All I can say is WOW! What an increadible moment for you. Thank you for sharing this with us. My sympathies to the family on the passing of your pet.


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