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College Road Trip

Nope, not the movie- we are living the real thing this year. With so many life changes in the Petermann household this past summer, we have even more coming on the horizon. Our baby, who turns 18 next month, is in the “college mode” shopping schools with the family.  Kyra and Craig explored Full Sail last month, so the next one on the list was “Ringling” which is an Arts College.  We gassed up the car, grabbed donuts early in the morning, and headed to Sarasota for our Saturday.

We joked as we drove that it felt like we were driving for a Walt Disney World vacation- well, what it “used” to feel like.  We would get up at the crack of dawn from WI and drive the 24 straight hours, stopping at gas stations along the way in those early hours- the feel was a lot the same. With the GPS guiding us, we headed to Sarasota for the first time.

It is a scary thing knowing that past our exit, it was allllllllll new.  I4 still intimidates me a bit, maybe because every time I watch the news there has been another accident, but it was a beautiful ride over. Along our 2 hour trek, we passed “Dinosaur World” which we laughed about because I thought it looked a lot like the little park from the movie “The Land of the Lost.”  We may come back to it sometime in the future, but we still have to tackle “Gatorland” along with many others right now.

We were excited to see the School, but not as much as Kyra was! Since she had heard about this College, she has been begging us to get her there to see it, and the Open House was the perfect opportunity to do so.  We had no problem finding it, and we found getting around wasn’t too bad either.  We missed the first tour, so we had plenty of time to talk to the Residents.

They had scheduled sessions for building your portfolio and financial aid, but the other time was for us to use as we saw fit.  We were free to explore areas once we were led into them, and it was really cool to see the new and old dorms that Kyra may live in.  The Computer Animation department is AMAZING there, and it is a difficult program to get into. But, we feel Kyra has what it takes, and we are going to pray that God leads us to the right school in general. What was really neat about that Department is they not only had Disney desks that were donated to them from Animators, but they had movie posters in the hallways that graduate students had worked on. Very, very impressive stuff!

We enjoyed exploring the rest of the day, having lunch at the “Red Elephant” which was a fun new place to try. Great sandwiches, salads, and pizza- we enjoyed it all and loved our special family time together.

Kyra has started to fill out her applications and scholarship forms, and we would like to ask our readers to please let us know of any scholarships you know of that Kyra could apply for. Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks! Have a wonderful day!


  1. Ringling is a WONDERFUL school! So pretty and in the best town ever! Sarasota is my hometown. Has the nicest beach in Florida so you all can visit kyra for beach vacations! A fellow Disney store cm went to ringling for costuming/design and he know works for broadway, Twilight, and lots of other things!! I really hope she gets in!!!!!!!!!!! Ah!!!


  2. Wow…I remember us chatting about this a few months ago, and now you are looking at colleges!! Wow! Seems unreal that it’s almost college time! I wish you guys good luck with the college choices, I remember going to check out schools and how much of a decision it was, not only on my part but my mom’s too! If I hear anything about financial aid/scholorships I will let you know.


  3. Looks like a great school. Praying that Kyra finds the right fit for her and that she excels in whatever direction she takes. Appleton Hall….LOL!!!


  4. Oh college tours! I remember how fun (and at times, hectic) seeing colleges were with my family. We only went to see a few — and it was after I was already accepted so I did things a little backwards. It’s great that Kyra is getting everything done so early though. I did that too. Ringling looks like an awesome school! Looking forward to hearing where the search takes her! Thanks for sharing!


  5. Yikes! College! But Kyra’s still your baby girl! Oh well, I guess it’s time for her to move on to bigger and better things; to show the world what she’s got to offer!

    My prayers go out to you and Kyra during this very special time. I pray that you all find the right place for her.

    I have a friend that went to Ringling. I understand it’s a great school!


  6. I used to live in Sarasota and my brother still does. Ringling is a fine school. As Cassidy said in an earlier post Sarasota is a wonderful place, the beaches are just beautiful and some of the best in the world. I was just there in June and miss it all the time. My wife hated it because she missed her family so back to Indiana we went and it is where we live today. I will be moving back in about 5 years or so. Good luck with whatever school you choose.


  7. We just came back from another long road trip, looked at 5 colleges over 8 days on the road. We revisited 2 schools that we saw 2 years ago, confirming one as a “yes” and the other as a “no” but had 2 new friends with us and they both loved the “no” school so it was a successful trip.


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