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After Going 100 Times and More

Another recent question I was asked was “After being to the Parks well over 100 times now, what do I think of them?” Before relocating, I was always a bit worried about what my answer would be to this question some day. After eating ice cream for more than 100 days, one usually never wants to see ice cream again for the rest of their lives, but thankfully Walt Disney World isn’t ice cream! I’ll let you in on my daily life here in the Parks and what I do to keep the magic alive- enjoy!

First off, what do I think of the Parks themselves, now that I have gotten to know them like a friend?- Well, I love them. We all have those familiar city parks we grew up that we played in as a child, well for my family, that is now everything you can see and do on WDW Property.  My favorite used to be The Magic Kingdom because I could leave the adult world there and play among the characters, but as in life, tastes change.  I am now an Epcot gal, as I love to walk in and see Spaceship Earth and hear that music playing. The walk into Epcot, Studios, and even Animal Kingdom can truly be a peaceful one- no matter where you park.  There is something to be said about being able to literally park your car and walk in to start the excitement, whereas at MK, even parking close you still have to ferry or monorail it over.  When you are on vacation, that is fun- when you are going to meet up with friends or just need to buy something, it’s a pain.

I have found that just because the Parks don’t change every day, doesn’t mean my outlook can’t. I try and shake things up a bit by heading to Epcot one night, and maybe the next day to Animal Kingdom.  When friends are in town, I tour the Parks like a tourist, which is so much fun because I get to watch their excitement and enthusiasm and remember again why I moved here in the first place.  One day I will eat at counter service, and two nights later it will be drinks at a Resort- the possibilities are endless.

I don’t get tired of seeing the Castle in the morning sun, or Spaceship Earth as the sun sets. I haven’t grown tired of trying to decide which booth to try out at the Food and Wine Festival, or which friend to meet up with. Everything has a learning curve, everything.  From relationships to attractions, you figure out what is fun, what is good for you, and what you never want to deal with again.  I rode Mission: Space once on a previous vacation, and never want to embark on that again. But as for Tower of Terror, I am waiting to ride that when Kyra and I are both ready- she hasn’t been on it yet and I would very much like to see her reaction on it for the first time.  I still haven’t been on Space Mountain, Expedition Everest, Rock n Roller Coaster, Astro Orbitor, and Kali River Rapids. I am fully aware they are there, and in time, I will ride them.  I live here now, I don’t have to rush anything.

I have become a sandals girl, barely wear my tennis shoes unless I’m walking in the morning or in the evening for exercise.  I never thought I would wear them as much as I do, but being in this blissful atmosphere, it’s a wonderful thing to let your feet breathe.  One of my absolute favorite things to do is ride Soarin and have my bare feet swinging in the breeze during the show- nothing like it! On a side note, sandals make funny tan lines which my children find very amusing.

Is the excitement still there? Yes and no. I get excited about a new meal, a new place, and a new experience. I get excited about meeting new people, which keeps the Park itself exciting. I enjoy walking into the Parks and Resorts, but the excitement comes from what I am doing IN them and not necessarily the Parks themselves. I still get butterflies when I see certain rides, or I stand in a certain area, but the vacation excitement is now geared towards our vacations somewhere else. I don’t see it as a loss, but more of a comfort that WDW has become home to me now, and I feel I would be able to give quite a nice tour and know exactly where I was going all over Property. Sometimes the excitement is all about what I feel around me when I am in one of the Parks- a child’s giggle, a parent holding a child’s hand walking down Main Street, or hearing the oohs and aahs during Wishes- it keeps it all energized.

If and when things start to become too repeatable, I find something else to do- that simple.  Just like when you eat too much ice cream, you just take a break for awhile, and come back to it again later when you feel it’s the right time again.  I don’t take one day for granted here, because every single one is a gift from God. Let him lead your heart, and he will show you how to realize your dreams. Enjoy your day!


  1. Amy, I think it’s time you start thinking about putting some of your posts in a book. 🙂 From someone who’s been following your blog since before you made the move, It’s fun and interesting to see where you’ve come from and where you are now. You don’t sugar coat anything. You honesty, insight and analogies come right from the heart. I can so see “The Relocated Tourist” on bookshelves. And I bet I’m not alone.
    Jim (Disney05)


  2. As a local who has lived here for 11 years and has been going to the parks on a weekly basis for all that time, I totally agree with you. ESPECIALLY about getting to the MK. I do love that place, but I find I rarely go there, because getting there is such an ordeal. And you’re totally right, on vacation, that’s fun and exciting. As a local, it can wear on your nerves.

    I’m an Epcot girl too, and spend most of my “Disney” time there. So many people have asked me if I get sick of it, and the answer is always, “No.” Even after my time as a CM in Fantasyland when I first moved down here, I still “get” the magic just as much as I did as a child.


  3. Amy-

    I just smiled when I read this post cause I can tell how happy you are to be living in Florida now and really being able to enjoy your life! 🙂 So happy for you!! Can’t wait til I can play every day in WDW!!

    I agree with Jim…a book would be great!! Just remember to autograph my advance copy!! 🙂

    Love ya


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