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Snapshot Sundays


    • Ann –

      1st shot was at Epcot from the back of World Showcase looking towards Spaceship Earth.
      2nd shot is the sunset reflecting in our pool in our backyard.
      3rd shot is Animal Kingdom Lodge.
      4th shot is Spaceship Earth walking out of the park.
      5th shot is palm trees at Caribbean Beach Resort
      6th shot is the walking bridge at Caribbean Beach Resort
      7th shot is looking out over the lake at Caribbean Beach Resort from a table outside the foodcourt
      8th shot is Wishes.

      Glad you enjoyed them!


      • AMAZIN-ING.

        You have a beautiful pool. I almost thought it might be a hotel pool. 🙂 So happy for all of you.


  1. LOVE the pics! Especially the CBR bridge… Many think staying in rooms right near the food court are the best, but I enjoy staying ‘across the river’ so that I take that early, early morning walk over that bridge. A beautiful experience (just me, the many beautiful birds & flowers, & the CM’s riding down the river quietly in their pontoon scanning for gators!!!) 😀


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