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Joy is Contagious

Have you ever been walking in a store, or been sitting in Church and you see someone walk past you that just oozes joy? Where the smile on their face lights up the room and you just think “Wow, I wish I had what they had for breakfast?” Today’s post is all about joy, and how you can obtain it to make your day, and even your life, a bit brighter each and every day- enjoy!

I am going to be straight up honest with you- until we moved to FL, I had joy- lots of it.  I had it on my big moments in life- when I married the love of my life Craig, when our girls came into the world, when we bought our first home, and the list goes on. But if you have been following our story all along, you would know that both Craig and I were searching for a different kind of joy, the daily kind that we just couldn’t find in our lives in WI. It didn’t mean we didn’t love the Lord enough, or that we weren’t happy in our marriage, we just felt that another place was calling us to it and that our new source of joy waited there.

So how did we find it? We fought for it, every single day of our journey and dream.  It is exactly like Figment says “One little spark…” that is all it took to keep our eye on the prize and continue to move forward.  I will never understand people who say “I wanted to be this, but I wound up being this.” Why are you being what people expect you to be instead of who you WANT to be? I have decided that my joy lies in writing, as you know if you are reading this.  The joy doesn’t come from the money I make, because I don’t make any at all. It doesn’t come from my numbers every day, although it affirms my work is being read. The joy comes from the comments people leave, and the way it makes me feel to type out what’s on my soul every day in print.  Nothing is scarier than putting your life story out there for the public to read and ridicule, but I do because it brings me joy to help others.

How do you find your joy? Well, think about what makes you smile the most, that when you think about doing your favorite thing in the world that it gives your butterflies. What repeats at the end of the day, over and over in your head that you can’t stop smiling about- THAT is your joy! If you want to cook, cook. If you want to make your life better, do it. If you want to relocate and move to FL to be closer to the magic, DO IT.

As much as I touch on how home sick I was in FL, the joy that I have felt in the small amount of time that I have lived there is this- “My cup over floweth.” I am over the moon happy when I get to walk hand in hand with my husband around the Resorts, or hang out with my girls on Main Street eating Cotton Candy. I am filled with joy when someone says hello to me in the Parks, or when I make a new friend.  I don’t think I have ever NOT worn my smile while in Walt Disney World, and that’s because it brings me so much joy.  Even when drama ensues, or I am having an off day, it’s something about the music, the lights, the feel of those places that calms my heart and just makes me want to spread the love I feel for it.

I want to leave you with this. If you are in a dark place in you life right now, in the Valley instead of a Mountain top, I want you to really think about what made you the happiest in your life and go there. Whether you do it physically or mentally, I want you to go there and find your joy. Find what makes you smile, what fills your heart with so much love you don’t know what to do with it all, and then live your happily ever after- I know that I’m incredibly blessed to live mine. Love to all of you and God bless your day!


  1. Tears are in my eyes now after reading this Amy!!

    I am at a low point in my life right now…but I will find my joy and make it happen!! (you know what I mean)

    Love you!!


  2. What a inspiring blog and so true. When my eldest son died in the dark years that followed i felt that i could only find joy in Disney either in fl or in Paris and we went a number of times. Now as the credit crunch crunches it is not possible to visit so now i do need to find a new way to find that joyful place. Thanks to your words i am going to make a huge effort to find it here at home and in everyday things.


  3. As I read today I smile…I am trying to get to my happy place. I am so scared it won’t work out and then I will have to be content with where I am now. Everyday I am working towards moving to Orlando. I have put in so many job applications that I can’t count. Just praying that I’ll get an offer or the hubby will. I know that God has a plan and I trust Him…it’s just hard not knowing when it is going to happen!

    Thank you for helping me be patient today. I need to be content and trust that we WILL make the move…but we need to wait on the Lord. His timing is the best for me and my family! God bless!


  4. I literally collapsed to tears today when I read this. I had the worst day today, it’s been a really rough year work wise for me and I am dreaming of the Disney dream day and night. I know it won’t be able to happen for us for quite some time so trying to find joy in my family and all we do have right now with the long time dream of joining you guys in Disney eventually!!! Thanks for your blog, it is always so comforting!


  5. This was a great blog. Feelings can come from anywhere. I am a Charter member of D23 and I have tried every year to attend the Magic and Merriment during Dec at WDW. Today the ticket booth was opened and this time I got them. My 9 year old daughter is just livid with excitement. As you said in your blog about moving and living a dream, this is one of our biggest, being able to see the Castle Suite. I can only imagine how you feel living your dream every day.Kudos to you
    Paul, Indiana


  6. Words to live by! Thank you for reminding me why I am working on my ultimate goal so diligently for those days that are difficult to get through until I am there! Have a blessed week!


  7. Six years ago I sat at my desk at work and looked at job openings at Disney. For what I was looking for, every job description required a bachelors degree. At the time I was 30yrs old with just my high shool diploma. That day I made it up in my mind that if having a job at Disney meant I needed to get my degree, then I was going to do just that. Six years later I am a semester away from getting my MBA at one of the best colleges in my region, an on a national scale. I have worked full time the entire time, worked a second job some of the time, and coached my son’s youth football team for the past 5yrs. I say all that to say this…you blog made me remember why I started down this path. I have been a Disney kid my entire life, and have turned my 3 children into Disney kids as well. We just made the return trip back there this past summer after a 5yr hiatus, and it was just as magical as ever. I too have termed it my “happy place” or as Brer Rabbit would say “my laughing place”. My life has taken so many turns, since I started to work on my education, some good…some bad. But your post has rekindled the fire of one day moving to Orlando, and working for Disney, and finding that daily joy you spoke of. I don’t know how soon, or how long it will be before I am there with you guys…but I know WITHOUT A DOUBT I will make it there. May God bless you and your family.


  8. Great post Amy ! My hubby and I have talked for 10 years about “our happy place” and we are moving to Florida in march of net year. so excited and scared at the same time. we have a trip down in sept and another in nov to house hunt…cant wait !


  9. you really are an amazing writer, Amy. I loved this article so much. Even though I cannot live my life in Florida, I live it with the love of my life here in PA.


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