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Back in Walt Disney World

It had been 11 days since I had been in the Parks, the last being Epcot where I bought Hannah’s Mickey ears. After a great night’s sleep in my own bed, I woke up this morning and smiled at Craig. “Let’s go to Disney World today” I whispered and Craig’s goofy grin splashed across his face. I had truly missed the magic, and it’s funny to even think I could be saying “I haven’t been to WDW in 11 days…” It used to be “I haven’t been to WDW in years.” Kyra had friends from WI in town, so she headed to MK with us to meet up with them, while Craig, Emily and I hit the Park with no agenda at all- total bliss.

Emily has her costume set for Halloween, a super awesome find Mom and I found in WI, but I needed some extra touches that I knew we could find in MK. We strolled in and around the Emporium on Main Street, looking for that certain “thing” that would add to it. I loved the peaceful nature we all had as we just took our time with nowhere to go, it was just so relaxing. When I saw the Castle for the first time again, it was like a huge “Welcome Home” sign for me, and it just felt so “right” walking around the Park today.

As we were in Tomorrow Land, Kyra called us to tell Emily that a Disney Channel star was in the Park. “Rocky” on that show “Shake it Up” was on vacation and had a small group following her throughout the Park when Kyra had seen her. Emily freaked out, and all we heard for the rest of our visit was that she hoped and prayed she would be able to find and see the actress. As we ate at Cosmic Rays, I gently reminded her that it was a huge park, and there was no guarantee we would even be able to get CLOSE to the star, or even possibly see her passing by.

After a wonderful lunch, we headed towards Fantasyland to see the progress on the construction. We snapped a few pics, then headed for the Haunted Mansion. Seeing the line was a 40 minute wait, we decided we weren’t in a “line mood” today, and headed towards Pirates instead.

Pirates of the Caribbean was the same, a 40 minute wait, so we headed into the gift shop instead. We found some wonderful items we snatched up, including a Jack Skellington scarf. Every register was packed, and the place was buzzing with excitement. I really enjoy that store, as it seems more than that but more a stop on your pirate journey. On a side note, I really want those POTC keys for my house but I keep procrastinating on them.

As we were walking out of Adventureland, we saw a mob of people standing around a tall girl. I looked at Emily and said “Is that her?” Emily screamed! She said “Mom, it’s her!!” as she jumped up and down. There was an opening in front of the actress, so I walked Em right up to her and said “Can we get a picture?” Emily didn’t hesitate to hug her star, then I snapped the following picture of the two together. We told Zendaya that Emily had been looking for her all day since we had heard she was in MK and we were so happy we found her. She was super sweet to Emily and I was so happy she got to meet her.

After that moment, Emily couldn’t stop smiling. When I say this, I mean our youngest daughter was in the highest of highs. She was giggling, screaming, smiling- the kid was amazingly happy. She kept saying “I can’t believe I met her- and she HUGGED me.” We had to take a couple snapshots of Emily’s joy right after her moment.

After grocery shopping and a much needed nap, we headed back into WDW for an evening at Studios. It is an incredible thing to be able to just do whatever at home and then say “Hey, let’s go to WDW.” We actually had to put sweatshirts on tonight, but it was enjoyable to wear them in the cool evening air.

It was a fairly empty park, so we searched the stores for anything from “Shake it up.” We found nothing, so we headed to the back streets to see if the lights were strung up yet. Seeing the lights all ready to go for the Christmas season got us quite excited for our first Christmas here as FL residents. We can’t wait to be there opening night for the lights!

We finished up our awesome day with a carrot cake cookie at “The Writers Stop” and then a bit of playtime in the Animation building where there was NOONE. I’m talking no visitors, and no Cast Members… it seemed deserted except for the Art of Animation store. We had fun playing among the magic, taking Emily’s pictures while she goofed around. We had a beautiful day with beautiful moments… it is good to be home.


  1. Is it not the most wonderful feeling to know you can take your time and enjoy the parks and resorts because there are so many days ahead to enjoy it all!!!!( And to do it all again and again)


  2. Wow! What an awesome, relaxing day at the Parks. I love days like that!

    I heard that in addition to Zendaya Coleman, Bella Thorne was also wandering around the Magic Kingdom yesterday with her own small group. Not that I have any idea who any of these kids are. Haha.

    Anyway, thanks for sharing your amazing day with us.

    And, welcome home Ames! We’ve missed you!


  3. Welcome home and thanks for sharing. I hope that your trip back to visit the old homestead was exciting. My 9 year old daughter seen that your daughter met Zendaya and went nuts. While I was reading your blog she seen Zendaya she said, I told you that was her and I had no idea who it was. Funny it seems our kids know more than we do sometimes.

    I did get some good news, I am a member of D23 and a few days ago the Magic and Merriment event was posted for WDW and after trying since the event began I finally got the tickets this year. We will be in WDW for the event Dec 11th and 12th. We arrive at the park on the 10th and are staying at the Pop Century. We finally get one dream of seeing the Castle Suite as one of the perks. We also get VIP seats at the Mickey Christmas Parade among other things.
    Maybe we might meet you there one of those days. It would be fun. They do have our days on a schedule but we get our own park time on the 10th in Epcot (Sunday) and also on Monday while others are touring the suite. So if you are going to be in the parks then maybe we can meet.
    God bless
    Paul Barger


  4. Welcome Home…as Home is where the heart is! I can’t wait to see the Halloween Costume for Emily! 🙂 So excited for her being able to meet Zendaya! How COOL! Happy Halloween! 🙂


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