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Our First Halloween as Florida Residents

The best thing about the first year of living anywhere is getting to enjoy each milestone, each “first,” for every yummy morsel moment of it. Halloween was no exception, and when looking for a perfect costume for each of my darling daughters, they found me instead. Mom and I found a great Hippie costume, adding each piece as we hit the Thrift Shops, then finding Emily’s Pirate costume in the same fashion. I found the extra pieces for Emily in the Pirates of the Caribbean Shop, and voila, a Pirate was born!

A friend from WI was in town for business, so Susan hung out with us tonight. We parked at Suzannah’s house, then headed out to walk the roads of Celebration. We had no plan, no agenda, just pure enjoyment of the night.

We started at 5 p.m., and there weren’t many others out and about at that time. We stopped at as many houses as we could, finding one here and there. It wouldn’t be until around 6:30 that it really started to pick up- the crowds, the houses, the candy, and everything else. The excitement grew as the sun went down, and we were giddy with our palm tree surroundings.

We wound up walking quite far from the starting point, but we saw the most amazing decorations and homes. One lane of houses were billion dollar homes, and I didn’t know what I was more in awe with, the warm evening or the houses. We made a complete circle back, getting to hang out with Otis and the group for awhile.

We left for home, exhausted and hungry. We said our goodbyes to Susan for the night, and snuggled in for the rest of our evening. We are enjoying “Once Upon a Time” together with a late dinner. We had such a great night, and it was a wonderful blessing. Thanks to Susan for playing with us tonight! Happy Halloween everyone!


  1. I had a fun evening, Ames. Trick-or-treating in Celebration is the best! Lots of fun costumes and amazing house decorations. I’m glad we got to hang out for a little bit. Sorry it wasn’t more.

    Remember my Halloween saying for next year: Twix or Treat!

    Happy Halloween!


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