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Our First Time at Via Napoli

When we asked Kyra where she would like to eat for her 18th birthday, she didn’t hesitate to say Via Napoli! Found inside the Italian area in World Showcase at Epcot, we practically ran to make our reservation. A word to the wise, when Food and Wine is going on, it takes A LOT longer to get to where you need to get in World Showcase. The Friendship boats are an option, but sometimes they can be unpredictable. We made it to Italy at 4:30, and were seated promptly.

The Restaurant is quite beautiful, with its high cathedral ceilings and gorgeous lights. We had a table with chairs and a booth, and it was nice to be towards the back of the Restaurant. Craig and I were seated facing the artwork and windows, whereas the kids were faced into the dining room.

The menus were nice, and easy to read. They only had one page of items, so there isn’t pages to get through which was nice. Going into it, we knew we wanted to try a pizza. We had heard great things about it, so we let Kyra pick out the size and kind. She chose the Pepperoni Mezzo Metro pie, which says it serves 3-5, and it lived up to its size. Our Italian server brought it out, and I think all of us had out mouths open, drooling at the sight.

We loved how they serve it on a high rack, so it doesn’t take much room on the table. The plates can be stored underneath it, so it came in handy. We ate for probably about half an hour, and it was DELICIOUS! It was light, the cheese was incredible, and they used the mini-pepperoni on it. We didn’t think the four of us would finish it, but we almost did… except for the lonely last piece.

We made sure to let them know it was Kyra’s birthday, so it was no surprise when the group of Italian servers came out singing and clapping for her. It was a great song, loved that they had so much enthusiasm for it, and the desert looked delicious. Kyra was embarrassed, so mission accomplished. It was a great end to a wonderful dinner. Our family highly recommends it, and we hope you get the chance to try this wonderful place out.


  1. Looks like a great time was had by all! Now I’ve got to try this place and the pepperoni pizza! I love the look on the girls faces when they brought out that big pizza! I hope Kyra had a great 18th birthday!


  2. Looks like you all had a great birthday celebration! Glad you maded your all were really hoofing it when I spotted you!!


  3. An awesome birthday meal for an awesome birthday girl!

    I personally am not a huge fan of Via Napoli. But I’m sure my hatred of all cheeses has a lot to do with that. 

    Thanks for sharing your meal with us!


  4. So glad you all enjoyed Kyra’s birthday meal….the look on the girls faces at the size of the pizza is just so funny, and the singing waiters sounded like a great surprise for Kyra – there is nothing more heart-warming than embarrassing your children in a public place, ha ha.


  5. Yummy pizza, wonderful atmosphere and being serenaded by handsome Italian waiters…hmm sounds like an awesome 18th birthday celebration!!


  6. Please post more information about your neighborhood. For those of us who are not in Fl yet, but planning and DREAMINGGGG, it really helps, especially with the kids agenda and schools and whatnot. So scary as you know.

    If there are neighborhoods aside from yours you like, we’d love to know. We are HANGING on your every word as you are so helpful. Thank you.



  7. I can’t wait to try Via Napoli in May. Pizza looks so yummy!! Can’t beat yummy pizza & Italian men singing to you. 🙂 I can’t believe your baby girl is 18..they sure are growing up quickly, huh. Thanks for sharing your experience


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