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Disney Resorts, Parks and Shopping Kind of Day

I love the kind of day that just unfolds as you live it… nothing really planned, just go with the flow and see where it takes you.  Besides two appointment times I made with a blog reader and a good friend, the day was mine to make whatever I felt like. Here is what I did in the land of Walt Disney World- enjoy!

A fan of the blog, Melissa Stevenson, contacted me for a get together. I had an open day, so it seemed like fun to meet her and say hello to one of my favorite WDW Resorts- All-Star Movies. We met up and enjoyed a lovely breakfast in the Food Court, where I had my first large Mickey waffle smothered in strawberries- it was TO DIE FOR! Chatting with her and her son, it was a wonderful way to start my day! Thanks again for breakfast Melissa!

It was on to my next appointment, which was with my very close friend, Korie Aiken. I hadn’t seen her in awhile due to schedule conflicts and me being gone in WI, so we were pumped to hang out together. We met up at Animal Kingdom, and headed towards Safari. Since the wait was 70 minutes already at 11 a.m., we opted for fastpasses and headed for lunch.

We enjoyed chicken fried rice at the Yak and Yeti counter service, hanging out on this beautiful day with a girlfriend was just awesome. It was nice to catch up and touch base on how life was going. With full stomachs we headed towards Dinosaur. Nothing says “Let’s ride Dinosaur” then after you have had a full meal! LOL We did great though, and it was a lot of fun. I like that ride more and more, just excites me I guess.

It was time to ride Safari finally, and after we finally got out of the Fastpass line, we were quickly on the ride. I NEVER get sick of this ride, it is just so peaceful and beautiful. We saw the giraffe family, and I FINALLY saw the baby elephant- soooo cute!! We had a blast chatting with the driver, as he was new and full of energy. The ride is always more fun when the driver is into it.

It was time to get back to real life and pick up Kyra from school, so Korie and I agreed on meeting up again later. After Kyra and I got home, Korie and I headed to DTD together to hang out and find what fun trouble we could get into. No, not really, we just did whatever we felt like. Since she hadn’t been to Disneyquest yet, we of course headed there first. I took her on the POTC game and the Jungle Cruise one. We laughed out butts off on the Jungle Cruise, as we could not paddle worth our lives. Funny enough, she kept getting sprayed, while I was perfectly dry! Sorry Korie! Then we made our own rollercoaster on Cyber Space Mountain called the “Jolley Trolley” in which we had a rating of “1.” I watched Korie watch it, as I don’t do well in small spaces, and I couldn’t stop laughing. We made it SO TAME that she felt like she never moved! Next I gave her a tour of the place, and what was worth the time, and what wasn’t. I have to tell you folks, it was absolutely dead when we went- so keep that in mind when looking to do it. Week days are, for the most part, quiet.

We then headed towards the T-Rex restaurant to check it out inside. Both of us hadn’t looked inside it yet, so we walked around and it was not only very dead, but it was nice and empty to take pictures. The family and I are enjoying a meal here next month with friends, so I was super excited to see all of the rooms and areas to sit in. I can see how it could be noisy in there when it’s busy, but it was quite fine when we were walking around. The coolest spot in that place is this huge jelly fish over a large circle table- or in the Ice area. The room actually changes colors, something kids will love!!

We were hungry again, so we chose a place in DTD called “Fresh Appeal.” A wonderful place with fresh wraps and salads, very healthy choice in the midst of our French fried world. I enjoyed a Chicken Caesar wrap, which you could also add a variety of veggies to it, like Subway. It was quite delicious, and quite a lot to eat, you could easily split a wrap with someone. We were fortunate to see my friend, Emily, who works at Babycakes which is located inside the same building. She chatted with us a bit and it was nice to see her again, her and Tom are great people.

Before hitting the stores, we grabbed our free piece of chocolate at Ghiradellis and spent some time hanging out with Brent Dodge. I have to say, he is a class act all the way and fun to chat with. Thanks for hanging out with us Brent, we appreciated it.

We were off again to window shop for Christmas ideas, getting closer and closer to the World of Disney. The area was alive with energy, and all of their Christmas decorations were out. It’s crazy to hear Christmas music already, but it does help get you in that mind frame. I enjoyed the World of Disney, drooling over all the Christmas stuff and everything else I want to buy others for the holidays.  I was MORE excited when we perused the Christmas store… ohhhhhh I want one of everything! LOL  Anything Tangled, Jessie from Toy Story, Belle, the Parks, the list goes on and on.  I cannot wait for our first Christmas here!!

After a long day, we walked back to the Disneyquest area to the van… then decided we didn’t want it to end and headed to Epcot to see “Air Supply.” We parked at Boardwalk, which was near capacity, and walked over to catch the last show. We got in line, only to find Otis and Glenn hanging out for it as well. They invited us to join them, so we spent the time waiting in line chatting and laughing with the guys. We sat with them, in great seats near the catwalk, and enjoyed singing along with the songs.

I had a great day with Korie, meeting Melissa, chatting with Brent, and getting sing along to Air Supply with Otis and Glenn. Thanks to all of the wonderful friends I have here in FL and around the World, you always make my soul smile.


  1. Amy, sounds like you had an awesome time. It was wonderful to see you at the Air Supply concert. We had an great time singing some old classics. Thanks for sharing your adventures with us.


  2. Sounds like a great day!! I love days like the one you had. On Oct’s visit we had a very relaxing 4 days doing what ever came up. I hope you enjoy T Rex the ice room is my favorite.But the whole place is cool.


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