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Hold Onto The Nights… An Evening with Richard Marx

Let me tell you something- when the schedule came out for the “Eat to the Beat” series, I was so excited to see his name on the schedule. Who? Well, Mr. 80’s love ballad himself, Mr. Crooner himself, yes, Richard Marx. I can associate a memory with almost every song that he has sung, and I never got to see him in his more popular days. So I had been counting down for quite some time to November 9th, and it finally came.  Today’s blog is about my evening with Richard and how it all played out- enjoy!

Yes, there are those people that stand in line for long periods of time because they have a passion for what they are waiting for. It’s no ones place to judge, and unless it is affecting your life, please, don’t worry about it. I was one of those yesterday, who entered the line, 2nd in line, at 11:30 a.m. World Showcase had just opened, and there was only one other couple in front of me. They park it for many of the concerts, and they get great seats because of their dedication. I got to know Lisa and her fiancée, and they were a delight to chat with until the first concert.

More people came along, and I had the pleasure of meeting Tina, Luigi, and Karen. We all spent the afternoon, in and out of the line, making the time pass with eating, drinking, chatting, and unavoidably sun bathing. Yes, the sun was a scorcher yesterday, and I have the sun burn to prove it! But I found that I had a really great time in line, and if you are friendly and are open to meeting new people, the time will fly right by! On top of that, you always need a bathroom buddy when standing or sitting in line for hours. Everyone was kind and helpful, and it made the wait very enjoyable. A blog fan, Cassandra, found me in line too- so nice to meet you!!

Once 4:30 p.m. rolled around, we headed into the American Gardens Theater in the World Showcase, and planted it in the front row for the first show. Once 5:15 came, I started to shake. I kept thinking “I’m going to see him, right in front of me!” And not a minute later, he was on the stage, 5 feet from me, and I was going INSANE! I sat with Karen, Luigi, and Tina, who were also screaming, so it was fun to be a teenager for the evening.

After a couple of his songs, he came over to our side of the Theater and helped a man propose to his girlfriend. It was very sweet and romantic, and as he came off the stage to get his picture with the couple, his back was inches from me. So my new friends shout “TOUCH HIM” – so the geek I am, I touched his back with my left hand… and I will never be the same again. I TOUCHED RICHARD MARX!!!

After that, everything else was just icing on the cake! The first show was awesome, and because of new friends, I had a great seat for the second show. Craig and the girls came in to check out who I was geeking out over, and they sat in the back because it was a full show. He sang “Angelia” which Craig loves, so I was glad he came to that show.

The third show was hanging out with my friend Lisa and her fiancée, and again, thanks to her, I had a great seat! He sang other songs he hadn’t yet, so it was definitely worth coming to all three. Richard actually remarked on how funny it was to come out in 30 minute sets, while we had to leave and get back in line. If you do it right, it works out great- but it can be a pain.

I left that night with the biggest grin on my face, and thrilled to death I had done it. It was well worth the wait, and I only wish my best friend, Kelly, had been to enjoy it as well.  I slept well thinking about my awesome day, and didn’t feel the sunburn until early morning.  I hope he comes back to the “Eat to the Beat” series  next year- it was a great time! Thanks to Lisa, Luigi, Karen, and Tina for welcoming into the club- I can’t wait to see you all again!


  1. Sounds like a great night Amy! I’ve had the pleasure of seeing Richard Marx on several occasions. I wan’t quite as excited as you, but his concerts are great. He is a very talented guy and yes, he takes us right back to high school!


  2. I’m jealous..I remember when I was younger drooling over him in the videos etc. the closest I ever came was seeing him through the tv screen on a talk, this show is every year this time? I’ve only been to WDW once in the winter & that was day after Thanksgiving for a week.
    I’m glad you roused yourself. You didnt wash that hand did you? 🙂 Keep enjoying yourselves. I live hearing/reading about all of the adventures etc.


  3. Awesome! It’s official: you’re Richard Marx’s #1 fan! Congratulations!

    Thanks for sharing your awesome pictures and stories.


  4. Love it! So Happy for you, and I soooo get the feeling like a teenager thing…I was/am a BIG New Kids On The Block fan and when they got back together and toured I was in seventh heaven!!! Could talk the next day but so well worth it!!!!!!!!!


  5. Catching up on the blog tonight. My favorite Richard Marx song is Hazard. I play it on my iPod all the time. Glad you had fun.


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