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Expecto Patronum! Meeting the Stars of “Harry Potter”

Being a huge Harry Potter fan, I’ve always had “meet the cast” on my bucket list. Well, this past Thursday I definitely got to cross that one off!

Now don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t the entire cast, but four people from the movies. Mom and I were in the living room chilling out and enjoying the quiet when dad called mom into their bedroom. I was playing my new game Skyrim (which is way too much fun by the way) when mom came back in and explained to me that we were going to Wal Mart. I asked why and she said that four harry potter cast members were going to be there to sign merchandise and there were rumors that it was Ron, Fred, George, and Luna. Well I freaked out and mom called the store and they told her that people were lining up at four pm. Not too bad considering the cast would get there at seven pm. Trust me I’ve had to wait longer for a midnight showing of a movie, I could wait a long time to meet these guys!

So we drive to Wal Mart around 3:30pm and I’m psyched. Emily came with because she likes Harry Potter too and she was excited that she’d get the chance to meet someone famous. Well, we get into Wal Mart and discover a line has already started. Not surprising even based on what the guy on the phone said. The line wasn’t too long though so we weren’t discouraged.

A booth was set up right behind the registers in front of the children’s clothing. We found our place in line and got comfy, breaking out the cell phones and books. They handed out free posters for them to sign and a little packet of harry potter legos AND three free pins with Harry, Ron, and Hermione’s face on them. The poster was huge, and I mean bigger than most poster sizes you buy at the store. It’s the biggest one in my room right now.

So we waited and waited and finally after 4 hours, we were going to find out who the stars were that we were going to meet. Well the line by then had snaked back and forth between clothing aisles to the back of the store to electronics and all the way back to the front of the store again. We were definitely glad to have gotten there early. So it’s ten minutes to 7pm and everyone is on edge and excited when an employee walks up to me and a group of other girls and tells us who it is. Well…it wasn’t any of the Weasleys and it wasn’t Luna either so at first I was pretty disappointed. BUT it ended up being Cho Chang, Seamus Finnigan, Lavender Brown, and Dean Thomas. A lot of the girls around me were kind of upset and my sister was definitely upset since she had no idea who these people were, but me being the big nerd I am I knew exactly who they were and what they did in the movie and I was still really pumped just to meet them.

We waited a little longer and by the time we got to the front of the line there was a paparazzi mob around the whole area for those who weren’t in line and there was security everywhere with tasers at the ready.  When we got up to them I was shaking I was so excited. The first to sign my poster and my Gryffindor flag was Seamus, and he looked like a little elf! He was adorable and his accent was probably the best when he was talking about how he liked the way I spelled my name. Then there was Cho, and she was very pretty and quiet just like in the movie. Then Lavender, and she was super colorful and peppy and a lot like her character. It was funny how bright she was, her and my sister were matching. Then I got to Dean and he was very nice and told me he appreciated me being there and I told him right back at ya. Then it was all over and I wished we could have stayed and talked to them forever. Mom took some great pictures and I’ll definitely never forget meeting them! I have the autographs on my wall and they’re another great little addition to my obsessive Harry Potter collection!       -Kyra Petermann

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  1. Awesome! It’s always great to hear what’s going on from your perspective, Kyra. It sounds like you all had a great time, even if they weren’t the A-list actors others were hoping for. They were still Harry Potter actors with interesting stories to tell. Thanks for sticking through to the end and chatting up with these amazing people. And thanks for sharing your adventures with us!


  2. Kyra, fantastic post! I’m a big Harry Potter fan too and I definitely would’ve stood in line for those guys! I would not have been disappointed one bit and it sounds like you had a great time!

    And two thumbs up for Skyrim 🙂 I’m getting it this week, SO excited!


  3. Kyra what a nice treat to hear your account of talking to the Harry Potter actors and actresses. Sounds like you had a great time and didn’t let disappointment over who wasn’t there ruin the event for you. Way to go. I look forward to reading more of your adventures.


  4. What a great surprise for the day!!! Thanks for sharing your experience!!! I would have loved to have met some of the Harry Potter characters!!!


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