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Fridays with Friends… Meet Jim Orehosky

What is your name and where do you live?

Jim Orehosky from Long Island, NY

Where did your love of Walt Disney World come from?

My wife and I visited Walt Disney World  in 1991 and 1992, a first time visit for both of us.  But the addiction didn’t really start until 2005 when we took our two kids for the first time.

What is your favorite WDW Park Attraction and why?

So tough to answer but I’d have to say Pirates of the Caribbean. It’s just has fantastic detail. And it’s a classic.

Who is your favorite Disney Character?

Have to go with Mickey Mouse. You can’t think of Disney without him.

What is your favorite food on WDW Property?

We always have to visit Pecos Bills. Best burgers on property.

If you could work for Walt Disney World, what would be your dream job?

It would have to be Operations Manager. That would give me access to every part of the World. Disney has given me new ways to improve my customer service skills. I’d like to put it in action in the place that epitomizes customer service.

Do you collect anything Disney, and if so, what?

Other than memories, I’d have to say anything Mickey Mouse. Nothing too specific. We have lot’s of Mickey Mouse items in my house.

Did you ever consider moving here to FL? When and why?

Yes. We would like to wait until my daughter graduates high school. Which is in 7 years. Seems like so many years away. Besides the cost of living being very high here, we’re an addicted Disney family. I’d love to try to get into a management position with Disney.

Do you stay on WDW Property, and if so, where?

We always stay on property. To us, it just adds to the Disney magic. We’ve mostly stayed at Coronado Springs but have also stayed at Old Key West and Beach Club Villas. Looking to stay at the Wilderness Lodge next.

What is your favorite WDW Memory?

It would have to be in 2005 when we first took our children. My daughter was only 5 and terrified of all the characters. So she would give her autograph book to her older brother to collect all the signatures. We have a great picture of the two of them holding hands while heading to an attraction.

If you won a million dollars that could only be used for WDW, what would you do with it?

I would match what Lou Mongello’s Dream Team Project has raised to date. Then the rest would be spent on some fantastic WDW vacations! There’s some nice artwork at The Art of Disney I’d love to get my hands on too.

Are you involved in any Disney Communities, Groups, or Websites? Which ones?

Most of my time is spent on (Disney05). And following Lou Mongello on Facebook and Twitter. And of course following the continuing adventures of The Relocated Tourist.

Anything else you would like us to know about you?

Trying my hand at blog writing.

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