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Touring the Monorail Resorts during the Holidays

Craig, Emily and I decided that we would enjoy our Saturday afternoon with a tour of the Monorail Resorts and all of the Holiday goodness. One of the best perks of being a local is that you can take the time to go and visit the Resorts at your own pace- no rushing, no worrying.  So after a full morning at Animal Kingdom with friends, I came home to pick them up and head out to the MK area.

We parked at the Poly, and informed them we were coming to tour the sights. Security was fine with that and let us in. We visited the Polynesian Resort first, admiring the wreaths and bows of evergreen that lined the walkway to the lobby. Inside Christmas lights and garland were hung over the check-in area, and around to the back of the lobby was one of their large Christmas trees. We grabbed a pic and then headed to the 2nd floor to see the other Christmas tree by the Monorail entrance/exit.  After a look, we headed to the Grand Floridian by way of the Monorail.

A 5 minute ride, if that, and we were dropped off at the Grand Floridian. The smell of gingerbread filled the Resort, and it was just inspiring to smell it with the sights of Christmas lights and trees. At the bottom of the staircase was a bridal party, with the beautiful bride getting her picture taken- the Resort was ALIVE today. We were drawn to the Gingerbread house where Emily was more fun to watch then the house itself! Her eyes were huge with wonder, and I could feel her soul smiling. We decided to buy a shingle, which is gingerbread with chocolate on one side- yummy! We split it while we walked around, and I have to say it was cool to see so many families taking their Christmas card picture in front of the large tree in the lobby- great idea for us next year!

Off on the Monorail again, we passed the Magic Kingdom and headed to the Contemp. It was so cool to see the large Mickey wreath on the side of the Resort- I can’t wait to see it lit up sometime! We headed downstairs from the loading area and walked right in front of the Gingerbread tree. I think Emily’s head was going to explode with excitement! She freaked, so we took her picture in front it- plus she LOVES anything to do with “It’s a Small World.” We enjoyed the eye candy, then headed outside to the balcony to show Emily the large Mickey wreath up close.  If you have the time, check out this balcony for an incredible view of the Castle, the Monorail, and of the Contemp.

I would say it took about an hour and a half to see everything, including time on the Monorail. So if you interested in taking the tour while on vacation, I definitely think it is doable. We brought Kyra home some of the shingle we had left for her to try, since she was home not feeling so well.  She enjoyed it too, and I think we have found another tradition we will enjoy for more years to come.

We introduced our “Atmosphere Adventures” this evening, which are small video clips of the Disney atmosphere around the Parks and Resorts. I am SURE we will be taping the holiday happenings around WDW, so check back often to see what each day brings. God bless your day!


  1. I absolutely love touring the Disney Resorts during the holidays. The Disney crew does such an amazing job decorating everything and it’s such a joy to discover all the wonder around each and every corner.

    And your descriptions of Emily’s fascination and delight is just priceless! Thank you so much for sharing these adventures!


  2. Love it! When we stayed at the Poly last December I took the monorail to the Grand Floridian to snap some photos of the decorations and then just rode the monorail through the contemporary. I got a picture of the wreath lit up – it is very cool!. Love Disney at christmas!


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