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Our First Candlelight Processional

After getting great seats, again a huge thank you to our friends, we were so ready to see one of the greatest Christian artists out there to date. Yes, Michael W. Smith was in town and was our narrator for the Christmas story. He was on the top of our list to see this Christmas season, so we were beyond excited for this evening to happen.

The orchestra starting, the trumpets going, and the bright colors of robed singers walking in was just an incredible sight. Voices of Liberty sang center stage with the choir, and then Michael W. Smith walked out. It was hard not to scream “Hello Smitty!” like a crazy fan. Craig and I listened to so much of his music in our dating years, so he is very special to us.

He read the story, then the choir sang in between the readings. I got goosebumps more than once, and I so wished I was up there with all the singers. While I listened to the Christmas music, I held onto my little Emily’s hand. It was so special to share this moment with my family, and I am glad we were blessed to do so.

I feel that God has been speaking to me quite a bit these days, and it’s usually quiet things that are reminders of getting myself back into a church. Not only did the CP make me think of my choir, but also my church. I miss the worship time, and I miss feeling that charge I need for my week.

Yesterday at Epcot I had seen a gospel choir called “Joyful.” They sang a song called “Glorious” which my own choir had sung at some Christmas years ago. I sang along, I had my hand in the air in worship, and for that moment in time… I forgot I was in Epcot. I was WORSHIPING my God, my Prince of Peace in my happiest place on Earth. It was almost too much for me to handle, I had wished in that moment that ANYONE I knew could share that joy with me at that precise second. They spoke of Christ so freely and wonderfully, I couldn’t get enough! The only reason I left was to pick up Kyra from school, or I would have stood there for every concert. If I could get in a gospel choir here… oh baby, watch out!

I want to say this with all the conviction I have in my heart… I LOVE that Walt Disney World allows Christ to be celebrated through this Choir, in the Candlelight Processional, in the Nativity Scene at the Osborne lights, and on their Night of Joy weekend. Kudos to the WDW Company for recognizing the importance of his name!!

I would like to leave you with this, the reason we wanted to see Michael W. Smith was because we knew he would speak the story with his heart and soul. Not that others don’t or won’t, but his love for Christ speaks through his music and ministry, and it just makes it that more special. After the show was over, he took a moment to speak to the audience and his message was simple. “Jesus loves you, and remember that he is the reason for the season.” I had a tear running down my cheek, because for some reason, hearing it from him was just very powerful. So I want to share that with you, please, remember the reason for the season. God bless each and every one of you!


  1. I so truly love that event. How blessed you and your family are tohave been there for the performance with Michael W. Smith. I agree with you that I am thankful WDW still allows us to worship our Christ in what is my families “happiest place on earth.” Truly God is always there for us. Have a blessed holiday and as for me and my family “we will serve the Lord.” Merry Christmas!


  2. Amy,

    I just read what you wrote and it was beautiful. It made me remember the time my sister and myself seen the Candlelight Procession.You are right it does bring tears to your eyes. Also what has brought tears to our eyes is the fact that many children today do not even know what the true meaning of Christmas is. My sister and myself are foster parents and I would have to say that all the children that we have had in our home in the last eight years did not even know what Christmas truly means. That is a real shame when you think about it that some children only see it as presents.


  3. Absolutely LOVE this blog! I would have loved to be by your side sharing this experience and my love for Christ. Faith is a HUGE part of my life and gets me through each an everyday. Thank you sooo much for this amazing blog and have a super blessed day.


  4. We were at Candlelight Processional Sunday night and Mira Sorvino did the same thing – in fact she had to stop several times during the narration to compose herself. She had tears running down her cheeks and stated at the end that because she was a Christian this story and presentation had so much meaning for her. We have heard the Candlelight Processional 15-20 times and this was by far the most moving and meaningful presentation we have EVER heard.


  5. Excellent blog, It is truly a blessing to be able to attend such an event at WDW. I will be at the Candlelight Processional Dec 11th for the D23 Magic and Merriment event. My daughter and I are so excited. I am glad that you got to experience that as well. We are going to have Neil Patrick Harris reading at ours. I am also looking forward to the Micky’s Very Merry Christmas parade that evening.

    God Bless
    Paul Barger, (Dizneydad) Indiana


  6. Amy, I am a huge fan of the Candlelight Processional and have had the fortune to perform in it for 8 years in the Cast choir (green robes). Actually, for 2 separate shows, I was the very top of the Christmas tree. The music is so special and being up there with all those singers and orchestra players and the Guest narrator reading the Christmas Story is something that I will always treasure. Thank you for sharing your special night with Michael W. Smith.


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