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Fridays with Friends… Meet Beatrice Feeney

What is your name and where do you live?
Beatrice Feeney / Winter Park, FL
Where did your love of Walt Disney World come from?
I always collected stuffed animals growing up & still have my Pooh Bear that my Dad got me as a baby.  I always DREAMED of going to Walt Disney World, but didn’t go until I was an adult in 2000.  During that trip, I actually had tears dropping down my face as I checked out to go hom.  That day I joined the Disney Vacation Club and the rest is history.
What is your favorite WDW Park Attraction and why?
EPCOT – World Showcase.  I was born in Germany so that country reminds me of my childhood trips to visit family.  I also love the culture, talents and FOOD from all over the world.  It shows us that we ARE a small world after all and brings us all together to learn our differences and enjoy new things.
Would you like to move to FL? When and why?
YES!  I dreamed about it for years – but my dreams came true in 2010. 

I have 2 former coworkers that transferred to Orlando.  They both knew my deep LOVE (or some say addiction/obsession) with Disney.  One day I got an Email saying “MY JOB WAS OPEN” – it was the same job title & description of the job I did for the same company in NC.  With my references already in Orlando + my background….a couple of interviews and the stars aligned for our move.  My former coworker even allowed me to stay in her spare bedroom until I found a place to live.  God paved the way for us and it felt completely meant to be!

Who is your favorite Disney Character?

Pooh will always be close to my heart…my first stuffed animal (and a tattoo literally close to my heart)


What is your favorite food on WDW Property?
Nestle Tollhouse Ice Cream Cookie
If you could work for Walt Disney World, what would be your dream job?
I would LOVE to sell the Disney Vacation Club to help many other families have years of enjoyment with their loved ones in magical places!
Do you collect anything Disney, and if so, what?
Snowglobes, Disney stuffed animals – especially Pooh & Friends Disney Beanies
Do you stay on WDW Property, and if so, where?
Yes – staying at Saratoga Springs Resort in December…even though I only live an hour away.  Old Key West is our Home Resort.  I also LOVE the Animal Kingdom Lodge & Beach Club!
What is your favorite WDW Memory?
On my birthday one year I had breakfast booked in the castle with the Princesses before park opening.  As we walked out, I got my pic with Fairy Godmother & she said “Happy Birthday!” –  I asked how did SHE know it was my birthday?  (We were in a long line of guests waiting for pics)…Her response was “Bibbity Bobbity Boo” – I was truly amazed!  She told me to go to City Hall & tell them that the Fairy Godmother sent me there for a birthday button.  I went & told the Cast Member the whole story of how I was just eating breakfast with the Princesses in the castle & the Fairy Godmother sent me to get my Birthday Button.  To hear that story sounds SO CRAZY – but they seemed to love hearing me tell it…and asked if I would like to be the Grand Marshall of the parade in the Magic Kingdom that day.  I cried!  He proceeded to tell me that they’ve had entertainers, athletes, etc – but today was MY day if I would like to have the honor.
We rode in WALT DISNEY’s PERSONAL VEHICLE with a nice plaque inside to prove it.  MY BUTT sat where Walt sat!  Usually that car would be behind ropes so I couldn’t touch it, but it was MY DAY…so they said.  The Main Street Band led the way & we got to hang out with them before the parade.  I got a certificate & picture to preserve my MAGICAL MOMENT + Disney gave me a set of Mouse Ears with my name embroidered on the back.  Hearing my name on the loudspeaker as I was riding down Main Street USA in Walt’s car gives me goose bumps right now as I type this & is a moment that I can’t imagine being topped by many things in life.  THANK YOU WALT DISNEY WORLD!
If you won a million dollars that could only be used for WDW, what would you do with it?
A LOT!  I would love to reserve a room in Cinderella’s Castle & book a Disney Cruise…but I would truly love to donate a bunch to the Walt Disney Radio Dream Team to help Make a Wish families enjoy a week of Magic.  I have been truly blessed by being able to have many Disney experiences.  I would also love to help the Give Kids the World organization – two of my favorites!  I would hope to inspire others to check out those charities.

Are you involved in any Disney Communities, Groups, or Websites? Which ones?

Yes – WDW Radio, WDW Today, All Ears, Hidden Mickeys Guide groups, MEI Moue Fan Travel, Touring Plans, Inside The Magic, RADP, Dis Boards – among many more groups that I pop in and out of.  Disney groups are always filled with wonderful people!


Anything else you would like us to know about you?

I’m a little bit obsessed…but ya know – there could be worse things.  🙂  Have a MAGICAL DAY!


  1. I had the pleasure of meeting Beatrice (and her dear husband) on her birthday this year at her impromptu birthday party on the “English Channel bridge.” She is a delight and has the most infectious laugh and giggle!!!


  2. still want to hear more about your new home, your neighborhood. The schools, the kids nearby, the sports , the kids activities. the shops and restaurants.


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