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The Tusker House Experience

After a hard Sunday, I was more than excited to meet Eric Golden and his lovely family for lunch at the Tusker House in Disney’s Animal Kingdom Park. So after I made sure the family was well enough to leave, I headed towards my happy place with a smile on my heart.

It had just rained, in fact it had poured quite a bit so the ground was very wet. I boarded the parking tram worried that I didn’t think to bring an umbrella, and for some reason I get soaked the most at AK. With hope and prayer on my side, I rode into the Park and was well on my way into the Park towards the Safari Fastpass

  I found Eric and Dannelle with their boys by the Safari entrance and was happy to see their smiling faces.  Since I was born a hugger, I gladly gave my new friends a warm hug and we got the meet under way. After grabbing our fast passes for Safari, we headed to the Tusker House for check-in. The African Dance troupe were out in full force, banging all their drum all day in front of the Restaurant. With our minds full of music, we checked in and were escorted to see Donald for a picture. I was pleasantly surprised that this was a Character Meal, I thought the Donald breakfast was the only Character Meal in the Park.  Photopass is available here, and this is the family picture they take for the $31 price tag, delivered to your table during your meal. A heads up that they WILL take your picture with your own camera, so neither of us opted to buy it.

We were called in on time, and were given a tour of the buffet area, the restrooms, and the dining room. There are two dining rooms, one smaller one near the restrooms and then the larger one with two areas inside it closer to the buffet. I had not been in here since it was Counter Service, so it was neat to see how they changed it. The structure was nothing different, but obviously the registers were gone along with the food windows.

We were seated in the larger dining room, and were seated quite comfortably.  Our table wasn’t on top of others, so it made the dining experience manageable. I have been at places where you can barely move your chair out (Chef de France) and it just doesn’t feel “relaxing.”

After they take your drink order, and the little guy of our group has his high chair, we headed to the buffet.  It was a wonderful delight to my senses as the food wafted in an out of my nose. I took pictures of all the food as I salivated over the meats and potatoes section, and found it wise to take a snapshot, then load my plate.

With my plate filled, an my stomach growling, I headed to the table. I was so happy about the food and my company, I completely forgot about the Characters coming by. We met Goofy, Mickey, and Daisy- I LOVE my Goofy. Once he walked up to our table, I told Goofy I had a secret.  He came up close to me and I whispered “You are my favorite.”  I know, it was silly, but when I see Goofy I can’t stop smiling- thus making him my forever favorite.

After we got the hang of eat, pile more, take a picture with a Character…. Repeat… we got pretty good at it. I think once you do your first Character meal, you are prepared for any others you have in the future.

I didn’t write down the food choices, as you can find those on menus online, but I took plenty of pictures of what I saw on the buffet and what our plates were full of what we chose. I would have to say I LOVED the BBQ Park Tenderloin, the steamed African veggie blend, and the fruit cobbler was to die for. Do you remember having a Hungry Man meal growing up and that small fruit cobbler they had in the dinner? Well, this cobbler was like that and it was REALLY, REALLY, good!

Do I think it’s worth it? Yes! I actually kept thinking while I was there “I can’t wait to bring my family back here.” If you like buffets, a large variety, and characters to boot- this is a great meal to book. I was more than impressed with the selection than anything, and I definitely feel it is worth the money you will spend on it. Compared to the Akershus Royal Banquet, this buffet blows it out of the water.

I so enjoyed the time with the Golden family, as a believer meeting other believers, it is such a wonderful feeling. I thank them for their time and the opportunity to meet- I hope to see you again soon. To check out the action in the Tusker House, watch the vlog HERE. Enjoy!


  1. I remember eating there for a breakfast buffet when we did the Sunrise Safari – it was the bomb diggity! Food looks delish!


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