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An Evening of Studios Bliss

We are still getting used to the fact that we can have dinner and then just head on over to the Parks whenever we feel like it. Because of the holidays, we are trying to fit in all the Disney Christmas magic this week while the kids have off from school. Our first night of joy was at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, and we were all very excited to see the lights again.

We checked the Park hours online and they said that Studios would be open until 8 p.m. Since we were just getting there at 6:45 p.m, we thought we would have a good hour to take in the goodness of the lights and maybe grab a treat before leaving.  The family headed in while I took a vlog for my special project that will be posted this weekend.

As I walked down Sunset, I took it all in. The Christmas music, the lights, the people on vacation- it was just such a fun environment. Craig and the girls were already at the Osborne Lights, but I was still taking my time looking at everything. Each Park has a different feel at night, not only is the sun gone for a brief relief for the day, but something magical seems to happen at night.

Due to the large crowds going to the lights, they were directing people around the back, along Star Tours and Muppets area to enter, and leave through the Writers Stop area or the Nativity area.  I didn’t feel they were any busier than they are as usual- and even with the busiest day back there, it doesn’t matter. You just have to plant yourself and watch, stare, enjoy.

I found the family by the globe with the angels, and we were on a mission. Tonight was the night that this family was going to find that darn purple cat. Don’t know what I’m talking about? Well its been tradition that each year the Imagineers hide the purple cat among the lights, to be found by patrons. Why is a purple cat in the lights at all? Well from what I have been told, Osborne accidentally sent over the cat with his Christmas lights to Disney, when the cat was for his Halloween collection. Since then, the tradition has played out and we were game for it.

With one clue, thanks to our good friend Anthony, we stood between buildings and looked up for about 15 minutes. We looked around windows and doorways, and then Craig said that someone said that they weren’t “Lion” about where the cat was. THAT is when Kyra found it! Since I obviously need to let people know when I’m about to spoil something- SPOILER ALERT- because here is where we found it! It is located under the Lion King Broadway billboard that is high above the buildings. Look below that and it’s hidden far back in an ally way, and had to be looked at from a certain view or you will never find it.

Happy with our success, we decided to head to the Animation Building to see if any new Characters had made it home yet. I understand Pooh was the last movie released, but for such a common character that can be found anywhere else on Property, I truly feel they should make that area for exclusive characters only. OR bring back unique characters like Carl from UP, or bring Wall-E in period.  Just my 2 cents. Anyways, Pooh was out for the night fighting crime with the Incredibles, so we decided to hang with Mickey. Noone was In the area at all, so he was out and about playing with the games near his area. We walked up and asked for a picture, so he led the girls in the line, weaving in and out, it was ADORBALE! See the VIDEO blog HERE. We grabbed a picture, then were hoping to go and draw. Due to the SMALL crowds, the drawing classes were over for the day- wow- that was a first for us.

We walked out into the courtyard area near the hat and listened to “Mulch, Sweat, and Shears” for a bit. They have made them a much bigger stage in front of the hat right now, and man, they sounded AWESOME! Since we only got the last few songs, we decided to stay for their next show and find a treat to tick the minutes by with.

Sweet Spells was open, and by this time, we noticed that several people had made announcements, including the band, that the Park was staying open and extra hour- HOW COOL! So we enjoyed a Chocolate dipped strawberry and carrot cake cookie while we people watched for awhile. It was relaxing and filling, but we can never sit too long- especially with that sugar rush! We headed to the Great Movie Ride where it was empty, and walked right on- in fact we had a car all to ourselves. It was fun, but I have to mention something about the Alien part. It’s actually a warning for those of you who are sensitive to light- the 2nd Alien who comes to life on the right hand side of the wall has flashing lights that are quite alarming- just take note of it if you are.

After another show of “Mulch, Sweat, and Shears” and rocking out to Beatles hits, we took our time goofing around as we made our way out of the Park. As we got to the car, we saw that Illuminations had started at Epcot, and you could see the fireworks clearly from where we were parked. So what do the Petermanns do? We sing and dance out the music for it to the fireworks, and the kids had a blast acting out what you see on the globe. We stuck around so we could see the Christmas tag, and it was SO COOL to be watching them with no one around, in the Studios parking lot with just the four of us.  That’s what the magic is, being with your family in these unplanned and silly moments. Best night ever.


  1. When we were talking with some of the cast members (when Clayton got to flip the switch 🙂 ) They told us there is a pattern to the cat….Kind of like a roller coaster~last year he was down~so they told us to look up (along with some other clever clues) Next year we will be seaching low again! Never knew that after all these years!


  2. Amy,

    I love hearing of you and your family going out and enjoying the Parks, just because you can. It’s very refreshing. Thank you for sharing your adventures with us.

    Uncle Scott


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