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Does a Dream Have an Expiration Date?

This week, this MONTH, has been so odd to me that I don’t how to organize my thoughts on paper anymore. We DREAMED of what our first Christmas in FL would be like, and as discussed in the post before this one, you can see that sometimes our expectations get the best of us.  I know some of you are thinking, “WHAT is this girl’s problem? You got to celebrate in WDW!” Yes, I did, many, many times. But home is where the heart is, and this year my heart was half here and half in Wisconsin. Which leads me to the title of this blog, does a dream have an expiration date?

Whether your dream was fulfilled or still hasn’t been, do you ever wonder if there is a true end to it? Yes, I fulfilled my dream of living here in FL, but I have to be honest, I have my moments where all I can think about is hopping the first plane to WI and sit in my Mom’s house, and feel like everything is back to normal. Here’s the catch, when I visited WI last time, I could FEEL I didn’t belong there, so why would I think now or ever would I belong there again?  Ugh, I think my thoughts get the best of me.  I am sure you all get this by now, but this blog is sometimes a therapy tool for me. Seeing what I feel written out, exposing my soul sort of speak for the world to see is numbing and helpful all at the same time.

I feel like I have literally had a six month vacation in Disney World. I believe that’s what we all wanted, to have that magic at our doorstep, but sometimes the reality of life get’s blurred with it all. Yes, the kool-aid of denial is a sweet thing to taste, but I almost feel guilty for enjoying this all so much. I am the type of personality that starts to worry the minute everything is going great, because something always seems to be there to screw it up. Maybe that’s why I still haven’t felt settled here yet, because I can’t allow myself to just breathe and be happy.

I have had dreams before, but moving to FL was by far the biggest one I have ever had. It took so much planning, and saving, and thinking… oh my goodness the thinking involved! One day I would be stressing if Kyra would like her new school, and the next if our rental home would be as nice as the picture showed it to be.  Every dime and nickel we could hold on to, we did, and I felt closer to my husband than I had in years. We were working together on this huge goal, and not one evening walk went by that we didn’t chat about our dream of Florida. I almost feel like there should be a support group for those who were successful at something, because the feeling goes from pure exhilaration to “Now what?”

For those of you who think moving away will leave your problems and cares behind you, think again. I didn’t “leave” anything, but I “found” more drama than I cared to upon moving here.  I had these amazing friends in WI, ones I trusted and who cared about me- it’s a rare thing to find that someone that you can trust and know that they have your back at any time. Granted, I had only a handful of those types, but I wasn’t prepared for all the silliness with people during our first summer living here.  In the end it’s my own fault, I should have known better than to invest time in those who really wanted nothing to do with me in the first place.  Be careful who you friend when moving anywhere new, it can set the stage for how you feel in general with friendships in a new place, and NOONE needs that when trying to fulfill a dream.

I have come to the realization that life here in Florida is what I make it to be, no one else. If people don’t like me or my convictions, then they don’t have to know me. If people don’t like how my family followed their dream, don’t read about it. I will still never understand why some have bashed us about our love and passion for moving here- it’s not your life, so why do you care?  I believe that God plants passions in our lives to direct us on our paths. That’s why we love what we love, and it’s an awesome gift God has given each one of us. Don’t ignore your calling in life, because in the end you want to know you tried your hardest and that you got to the finish line of life with no regrets.

The cool thing is that when I have had enough of Disney for awhile, I just don’t go. When I have had enough of reality, I walk back into the Magic Kingdom, sit on a bench, eat some popcorn, and smile in the sons love.  After 6 months you would think I have worked the kinks out by now, but it is a day by day process that all four of us are learning.  Patience is something of a lesson that I deal with it more than I care too.

On a side note, I know of those who followed a dream and found that they didn’t like what they dreamt it to be. There is no shame in walking away, the point of LIFE in general is that YOU TRIED. I hope we live here forever, and I hope it works out. But I am not above saying that if things don’t work out, I know that there is a place for me and my family to turn too. You have to give it everything you have, and I mean EVERYTHING. I almost sometimes look at life now as this is how it’s always been, and that it just needs to be dealt with. I want to help people move and relocate here, but also know that I will be brutally honest as well. Living near Mickey comes with a price that sometimes is way too steep for some to pay, so it is always a good idea to think everything through.

I want to again thank you all for reading the ramblings of a mad Disney woman like myself, I am always amazed at how much this blog has grown. Maybe I have hit a nerve with people who want to move and needed someone to sell it to them straight, or maybe I bring a piece of the magic to someone who just needed that to get through their day. Whatever it is I do for you, I hope it is positive. I may sound sad at times, heck even stressed out, but it just means I’m human and that I am like everybody else who walks this planet.

Does a dream have an expiration date? I guess we will find out.


  1. Bravo Amy!!! Once again another great blog. This is the Path that God has lead you on and why deny it. Only he knows what will work – embrace it – he never steers you on path you can’t handle or that is wrong for you. I can’t understand why people feel the need to bash you – that is just wrong and plain mean. You don’t need those kind of people in your life – surround yourself with positive supportive people and you will be surprised how things just flow. You are so much like me – I worry all the time – when things are going way to smooth I always wait for the other shoe to drop. Just know you are doing a wonderful job and appreciate your blogs and the honesty that comes with it. Don’t sugar coat it – it is what is and tell just like that. Thank you again Amy! Have a blessed day!


  2. Preach it like it is girl! I love your honesty! Nothing is perfect in this life…nothing. You are making the best of your’s not over Amy. You are just getting started with what God has in store for you. Think about it…do you really think God brought you to Kissimmee so you could be close to Mickey? He doesn’t work that way. 🙂 He is so good to us and He will use the ones who are ready and willing to walk with Him. It is the same for me…I want to move to Disney for the same reasons as you and God is gonna give us that dream, but He is also gonna use us to fulfill our purpose in Him. Hope that makes sense.


  3. I don’t believe that dreams have an expiration date. Dreams tend to change and grow along with us. I am always touched that you dare to share your dream so openly with the world. The fear of failure would keep most of us quite. Your quite a woman Amy Petermann!


  4. I love reading your blog. I get so exited to see your family enjoying a dream that for most people could never come true. As a christian I see in your blog that you lack a home church. I believe if you can find a strong church there. You will start to develop. Friends that are trustworthy. Your friends in Wisconsin did not become amazing dependable friends in 6 months. It took time and trust. I would say to you don’t give up so quickly. Pray day and night as a family to find a church that makes you feel comfortable when you walk in. Not a church that is showy and you feel like you have to dress up to attend. Find a community group to be active in. You need yo make this your home not just a dream. Once that starts to happen the Magic of Disney will be there all the time for you. Hugs and prayers to you all. I hope to be in your place someday too!


  5. You said it yourself, Amy: it’s a day-to-day process, and much like my struggles with tobacco, I don’t think you (or we) will ever “lose the craving….” Where we grow up (for those blessed to have had a constant “home”) will never leave our blood, but it doesn’t mean that we’re stuck there if we’re to have happiness and contentment.

    For us, I think, we had to move back home to see that we didn’t REALLY need to be here “full-time” (much as you discovered on your trip home, we’ve found that we don’t quite “fit” anymore). I suppose it’s just that ever-annoying “grass is always greener” syndrome.

    If Florida is not where your family is meant to be, God will make that apparent in His time. In the meantime, I reckon you just do as you already are: keep fighting, keep appreciating, keep praising, keep crying when you need to, keep praying. And enjoy the hell outta Disney World! 🙂

    God bless you and yours, Amy. And remember ALWAYS: this too shall pass (and so will the next trouble, and the next).

    With all our love,


  6. I usually don’t post, but I always read your posts. In my last post I said that I refer to you and your family as “friends”. Now, I realize that if you are my friends than I should post more, so that you can get to know me as well. I mean friendship is a two-way street…right? I love the fact that you guys have followed your dreams and let the rest of us follow your story. I love that you post the good, the bad, and the ugly. There are pros and cons to anything and everything in life. I don’t understand why people post negative things. They are probably just jealous and want to bring you down. I have seen it on other sites too…negative posts…if you don’t like something and you feel the need to post a negative comment then my question to those people is why did you read the article to begin with? Any way…I’m sending you positive thoughts and hugs!!


  7. Many people who make a major move do so because they want what the area has to offer–wether it’s Disney, sunshine, or snow in the winter. Us? We moved from Arizona to Oregon ten years ago to get away from the constant sun and heat. It was great for the first 5 years or so. The last 5 years of constant, dreary rain have been brutal and we dream of moving again!


  8. I too don’t usually post things, but this one I thought I should. I agree if people don’t like the fact you moved there and followed your dream, then they don’t need to read your blogs. As for me I do read them because they give me a piece of Disney even though I can’t be there. There are days my mind and heart can’t take about knowing about Disney so I just put your blog in my Disney folder until my mind is co-operating,and then I take them out and read them. lol But I really do enjoy reading all about your adventures. And seeing things I have missed in my 22 trips there. So, Amy, keep on blogging.


  9. You’re very brave to put it all out there. The rest of us don’t. We know others will be jealous, or rude or mean to us, so we just DON’T.

    Point of your blog today is probably that we humans can’t have it all. You had amazing friends and family in Wi, but Wisconsin wasn’t that great to you…… BTDT. And you and your family needed a change. GOOD FOR YOU. You will meet great people and friends in Florida. It takes time, patience and very low expecations in my opinion. But frankly, you have all you need. You are so BLESSED.


  10. What I love & admire most about your blog~ is your honesty. Sometimes life is not as full of pixie dust as we would all like it to be, and that’s ok. We would not appreciate it as much if it was. And being honest is not something you should ever apologize for. That is how we know you are a real person 😉 If your blog was all roses & sunshine I would not be able to read it. Not only would it be annoying & fake it would make me feel like a failure at this whole relocating business. Reading your blog for me is kind of like therapy lol We were recently forced to relocate from Janesville WI to San Antonio, TX and so many of the things you talk about resonate with what I am going through right now. That feeling of being stuck on an extended vacation has been my constant companion. The strangeness that comes when you realize that no matter how much you miss family & friends home is never going to feel like home again. I was in WI in Oct and could not shake the “you don’t belong here blues”. It is so hard to find your footing after a move like this to make new connections and fiend true friends I for one am glad you are so open & honest about this. Now logically I know there are tens of thousands of others out there who are experiencing the same thing~ but it is so nice to be able to put a name & smiling face to one, thank you Amy.


  11. It is easy to say “who cares if so and so dosent like what you say or are doing” because I like u would worry and fret over every post, every sentence, and every negitive word some wrote to me. Sometimes just taking a step back and a big old breath will do you a world of good even if its just for a moment. You are living YOUR deam… the good, the bad, the amazing and sometimes the ugly, I know for myself i am SOOOO glad that you share it with us!!! I to want to move to Florida someday and if I could I would do it now, but I’m a chicken…BUT that said reading your journey has made me see that I CAN do it someday, when our time is right!!! Thank you Amy!!!


  12. I wanted to say a little something as we have a common dream that we have all worked to achieve. In the end, the Dream is about you and your family. What makes Amy, Craig, Kyra and Emily happy is what the Dream is about. The unspoken/unwritten part of the Dream is ‘and to be happy’; to move to FL and to be happy. 🙂 All that matters is what makes you 4 happy; it doesn’t matter what your readers, friends or even other family think, say or do…it’s about the Petermann Four.

    You do have much support from many of us, both those who are here with you in FL and those who are spread throughout the world.

    Follow your heart, follow God and be happy. I guess in the end those 4 words are all the advice I can give (and something I lean on as we also adjust). Follow God. Be Happy.



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