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Party of One

Like the awesome song in the new Muppet Movie, I was a party of one today at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. By choice, I had a meet up with a wonderful woman from the Islands, and I was NOT going to miss the opportunity to get a hug. So, there I was, up early and at the gate at 8 a.m. Hooray for Hollywood!

So if you have been following the crowd calenders this week, or any type of social media, you have heard about the parks reaching capacity this week. Now, I already had made plans with my gal pal Thadine, so it was game on. Craig dropped me off, so I didn’t have to deal with the parking nightmare. At that early time, it wasn’t too bad yet. I was surprised at the endless people that were filing into the Parks turnstiles, but again, at that early hour, they were working beautifully and the lines were moving in.

The coolest thing about being on your own in the Park is that you have the world at your feet, literally Walt Disney World. There is no need to be sad for the lonely and only, for we have a secret that only some may ever share- We. Love. It.  Why? Because we aren’t driven by others choices, by screaming and crying children, or a spouse who doesn’t like Disney to begin with. On your own, YOU get to make all the choices, and it is an AWESOME thing. Don’t get me wrong, I love being there with my hubby and kids, but when I am with them or anyone else, I am more focused on their happiness and needs. In a nutshell, it was a day of Amy that I needed.

I headed to Toy Story Mania and grabbed my Fastpass, having the attitude that if the time was too late, I would just find something else to do. Is it awesome to be able to do that, so I enjoyed that peace of mind. Since the time was reasonable, I grabbed mine and walked away surprised that the line for the fastpasses was incredibly short. I remembered seeing you tube videos with the lines reaching all the way to the Little Mermaid show, which honestly was what I was expecting. Sometimes it almost entertainment in itself to see these “huge crowds” you have heard so much about.

The Backlot Tour was open and empty, about 12 of us were on the tour. The special effects show they put on had no volunteers, like usual, and it seemed very… sad. I hope they can do something with this first show, it just seems to be lacking something… possibly a plot. Anyways, we went through the props warehouse, which is really cool. I remember the good old days where they would strap the kids to the large bee from the Honey I Shrunk the Kids set and film that scene, or the Dalmatian scene which Craig actually did way back when. I wished I had more time to putz around in this area, but the tram is awaiting for everyone to board, so they don’t give you much time to do so.

The tram seemed so empty with our small group, but we pressed on and enjoyed the backlot. Catastrophe Canyon was in its prime, and you can catch the video blog today in the video blog section. After they drop you off, you get to see the American Film Institutes Villains collection- and I was really blown away. I don’t know why I was so enamored with it all, but the music they had playing, and everyone had left, it was just me by myself. I felt like I was in a Museum, reading every plaque and soaking it all in. Since the groups are pretty far  between, I was by myself for a good 20 minutes. Seeing the original costumes for Darth Vader, the Queen of Hearts, Enchanted, Pirates of the Caribbean, Alien, and more were so cool. The large pipe organ that Davy Jones plays in the Pirates movie is there in all its glory, and it is GORGEOUS!!  I was in movie heaven for a small moment of time, and the peace it brought for my morning set the tone for the entire rest of my day. Don’t miss out on this cool attraction- and if you don’t have time for the Backlot Tour, just go through the store and it opens right into the Villains Exhibit.

It was closer to the time I had agreed to meet Thadine, so I chilled out by the large blue hat and people watched.  The crowds just grew, and grew, but it was fun to see the excitement of those who had never been there before. I truly believe that the excitement and energy of visitors to the theme parks are what fuels the Disney magic itself,  for without the people, where would the magic be?

Thadine and her lovely family came around the corner and I ran for my hug. Excited to finally meet, I was so impressed with how kind she was, and how open her family was to chatting with me.  The Meets with myself are meant to be a personal time for my readers, followers, and fans to get to know me more, and I of them. Some are nervous, some are excited, and some are just happy that they found me at all. LOL I LOVE the Meets, and seeing Thadine again was food for my soul today. We rode the Great Movie Ride together, laughed a lot, and hugged her goodbye.

Since I was in the Park, and I didn’t have my car, it was an opportunity to putz around. No agenda, no plans, just me.  I hadn’t drawn in awhile, so I headed for the Animation Academy ready for anything. “Party of 1” I told the Cast Member in the long stand by line, and boom, I got in- sweet! Maybe I’m onto something here, party of 1 seems to get me into things faster!  I drew Dopey, a first, then Pluto and after a good chuckle at my sad attempt, so I will share them with you so that you may also have a good laugh.

The stomach was grumbling and growling, so a brief walk to the Backlot Express was where it would find relief. A kids chicken nuggets meal, probably my last one with cookies and fries for awhile, was enough to satisfy me, along with a Jedi Training Academy show across the way from my table. If you time your lunch right here, it’s a great way to have your kids eat and see the show without having to fight the crowds in front of the Jedi stage.  I charged my phone with my new Zagg, and watched those around me look somber at me. I said it on FB, Ill say it again, I am OK alone, and yes, this chair is not being used.

My Fastpass for TS Mania was almost ready, so with time on my hands I strolled along and saw the Comedy Warehous was open. WHAT?!? Yes, some of us don’t follow Twitter or other blogs because we are too busy with our own, so it was actually a really cool find for me. The old “Sounds Dangerous” theater was decorated with holiday galore, and it was just exciting to be In it again.  I think what was confusing for me is that the Comedy Warehouse was in Pleasure Island/DTD area before, so having it in Studios was just confusing.  A show was ready to begin as I walked up, so I got in line, and scored a first row seat… party of one!  If you get the chance to see this show, it is hilarious! I felt it was family friendly, nothing off colored, just silly stuff that occasionally adults would only understand. They had our attention for that 30 minutes, maybe more, and everyone seemed to be laughing and loving it. I hope they keep it after the holidays and just make it a regular show,  but we shall see.

I left the show thinking “I got to be a part of a movie set, see the real movie costumes, watch Jedis battle it out, visit Munchkinland, and then see an awesome Comedy show” – what a cool day. And it just got better, as I headed into TS Mania to see how good I could get my score, the Fastpass line was moving fast. As we got to the merge with the standby line, I clearly made it known I was “Party of one” where I was whisked away too the right stairwell, with no one in it. As I ascended the stairs next to everyone else, I almost felt like a VIP. No one in front of me, no one behind me, I almost felt a bit guilty for my luck. From the time I handed over my Fastpass, I was on the ride in 5 minutes. On a crazy and busy day like this, it felt like I had struck oil.  With a score of 187,000 and the best in vehicle pat on the back, I proudly left the ride with a huge smile on my face.

I ventured to the back of the Park next, giggling to myself at the huge line now at the Backlot tour- happy I had done it when I did.  The Cars area was alive with excitement, and found new treasures had arrived for the Christmas season. A small Italian food cart had made home there along with a movie theater open with Disney Christmas movies playing all day long. The food items offered were limited to pasta dishes and minestrone, btu they looked really delicious.  With how cold it was today, the soup would have been a welcome sight before I had already had lunch. But, it is a great option to have back there since the other is Pizza Planet.

Since the Muppet Movie, I have felt like I need to see Kermit and give him a hug. Since he wasn’t really around, the next best thing was the Muppet Store. In there I found a ton of new merchandise along with Walter, so I had to grab a picture. Gotta love the Muppet family! On a side note, if you haven’t seen the Muppet movie yet, GO SEE IT- it is awesome!!!

It was almost time to head out, so after a look at the enormous Star Tours line, I followed the stream of people to the parade route. After ditching through a couple of stores to get to the front of the Park, the Cast Members were starting a flash mob for the heck of it.  It was really cool, a great song they did it too, and it was like being a part of a big musical number in the heart of Disney World. Check out the video blog of the flash mob- I dare you not to smile and sing along!

I left Studios with a huge smile on my face, happy for the day I was blessed with. Enjoy it by yourself if you ever get the chance, because I promise you it’s something totally different. Thanks for tagging along my adventure!


  1. Sounds like you had an awesome day. I would love to be able to explore the parks by myself with my kids. I do believe I would see so much more. I hope they keep the comedy show. I would love to see that.


    • So happy to hear you had a great day! I have often wondered what it would be like to go to the parks alone. It makes me feel better hearing that it was a fun time for you. I think someday I may be doing that too. I love your blog!!! If your still in Florida the next time we go, I hope to meet you. It will be at least two years till we can save enough to go. Thanks for all you do !!


  2. I’m glad you had a magical day! I would love to go to the parks as a “party of one”. I think it would be a blast! I’m just like you, when the husband and kids are with me I worry about their happiness above my own.


  3. Love being a Party of 1! I’ve been doing that ever since I was 9 years old, in my long-time-ago days at Disneyland. I’ve grown very accustomed to enjoying Disney parks that way and I really enjoy it. There’s so much freedom. And I like to be able to enjoy the simple things for as long as I want to, or change my mind at a moment’s notice and go a different way.

    Of course, enjoying the Parks with dear friends is a very nice way to go, too. 🙂


  4. Hi!! I just Kindof stumbled on your blog, and wanted to say, I guess, thanks! I’m actually a cast member at the Studios, and I love doing the parks by myself!! It’s fun for me to enjoy them on my time, at my pace. Anyway, I’m enjoying your site! Take care!


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