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How Do You Know that Your Plan is the Right Plan?

I have been wanting to write on this topic for awhile, because the question I am asked the most is “How did you know it was the right choice to move?” And as simple as it is, and sadly for some it will be incredibly difficult, we knew it was the right choice because God was, and is, always in control. Let me explain and maybe you will all understand where I am coming from on this-enjoy!

It all starts with a beginning, simple, right? Well, even that first thought of the biggest adventure of your life can be the scariest thing on the planet. So, we prayed about it. We took the idea to our family and friends and they prayed about it, and as the time began to pass, things started to fall into place.

With every step we took towards our dream, came careful thought, endless conversation, and continuous prayer. I don’t think Craig and I took one decision lightly, which I believe is key to ANY relocation.  When not only you and your spouse are on the right page, but family and friends are as well, it is a HUGE deal. How many times do we all say “I don’t care that they don’t like it.” Deep down, we are human and we DO care. Now strangers, we don’t need their approval. But the family and friends who have loved and supported you over the years, you may not need their approval as much as you will need their love and support. Unfortunately, all three kind of go hand in hand. It doesn’t mean those who love you won’t be sad with you moving away, but if they truly love you, they will be there for all of your choices in life.

Talking about the relocation is key in realizing if this is the right plan. Sometimes just the words, hearing you say them or your spouse is enough to know if this is truly what God wants for you. I never felt like the choice we had made was something I was ashamed or scared of. You know those choices you make and you hide them from people because you are scared of what others may say or do? You know you have made the right choice when you want to shout it from the roof tops, not keep it to yourself. If you are reading this, then you know that the blog was our biggest statement of how proud we were with our decision.

Job is always a huge thing- no job, no money. Craig had been looking for a great job to suit our family’s needs, and what were the odds he would find one that could be done from home. Not only from home, but home anywhere in the great U.S.  For those who relocate, I think jobs are the biggest stressors and we thankfully didn’t have that at all.  Once he started, it was like our dream had the biggest green light I had ever seen. I think we both felt at that point that NOTHING could stop us but ourselves.

Finding a place sight unseen. Craig looked online almost every single day at rental homes and apartments. It’s a chore, as there are so many sites now out there, and to top it off, you have no clue what city from the next.  We prayed again, and then he found one out of the blue. I remember going to Choir that night, my last choir rehearsal, and everyone had surrounded and laid hands on me to pray for our move. I got home that night exhausted and tired from the emotional evening I had had, and Craig met me at the door saying “Ready to move to FL?” I almost passed out- who knew good news could knock you over like that?!? We saw what the home looked like online, but we gave our deposit and took them on what they said it was, completely on the faith that God would not lead us all the way to FL to put us in a bad home.  We have lived here 6 months now and loved it. God is always in control.

The Epic Garage Sale.  I had planned that sucker for months- making signs, writing tags, cleaning, gathering tables… it never occurred to me about the weather. Most of the time in WI, May is usually nice and in the 60s. I prayed that the weather would hold up, and not for ONE day, but for the ENTIRE weekend. We had great weather, we sold a ton of stuff, and we had family and friends help us with the sale. Again, having them there meant they supported our continued choice- it meant the world to us. Again, he was always in control.

The act of the relocation itself. Imagine packing everything that really matters to you, in the material sense, in two vehicles. We had done test runs before the move, and we always hoped it would all fit. Well some things didn’t, but instead of making the hard choice of trashing it, our parents took items to store so we could have them after we settled. Then once we were on the road, our van started to give us real problems in Kentucky. Here we are, on the way to our biggest dream, and we are having car problems. We pulled over, we posted it on twitter and FB, and some of you offered to pray for us. Craig got back in the van and it ran beautifully until we got to FL. God hears all of our prayers.

For us, I couldn’t get it out of my head how much could go wrong. We had so many obstacles to overcome before we left Wisconsin, that at times we thought maybe it was just too much. Here’s the thing, the biggest indication, to us, was that everything went off without a hitch. Our home could have fell through, his job could have been given to someone else, the van could have died while in WI, the weekend we had our garage sale it could have poured, and anything could have happened to us on our 3 day trek to get here.

My point? We don’t believe in coincidences, but that Christ is King and he is always in control. I have always noticed in my life that when I make the wrong choice, it seems everything falls apart around me. But when I make the right choice, the choice that God’s plan had in store for me in the first place, everything works out beautifully.  The only way you will know if your plan is the right one, whether it is relocating or any other big adventure in life, is praying about it, talking about it, and trusting in God that he will be with you every step of the way. I guarantee that if you keep HIM the center of your plans, you will know if it’s the right step to take or not.


  1. Wow! That was awesome! God surely does order our steps. When God is the center of your life, everything falls into place! I’d be so lost with out Him and in my moving process now, He’s directing my path and making the crooked paths straight. He’s got His hands upon you, and your family definitely!!


  2. Thank you for this Amy! I needed to hear this. In fact, I think I will read it everyday until we move, LOL! I am in a scary place in my life right now, but I am holding onto Jesus. I know He has reasons for all this, but it truly takes faith to get through each day right now. I can’t wait until the day that He finally opens that door! I trust it is soon!


  3. What a great post! Thank you for sharing today and everday. I hope He will help us align our stars in the next few years, so we can follow our dreams too. Our biggest hurtle is the one you listed…finding a good job in the area we want to live. Hopefully WDW will be our neighborhod in the next few years. God Bless!


  4. This is an awesome post. I’m at a point where I have to make a big decision and it looks like things are leaning in a certain direction. I will pray on it.


  5. Wow! What an amazing blog post. Thank you for sharing this amazing story with us!

    God is definitely on your side and your family and friends love you more than you know, You, Amy Falk Petermann and family, are very, very blessed.

    God be with you!


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