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It’s All About the Timing

Sometimes you can plan, and plan, and plan some more and still hit a brick wall when it comes time to making that big move, or you may sail right to the end and wonder why you were ever worried in the first place. It’s all about timing and how the biggest thing you have on YOUR side when it comes to relocation is how much you want to give yourself. Take it from me, it is precious, it is imperative, to know WHEN to make that final move. Let me explain…

If you have read the blog from the beginning, you may have read a post about our indecision on whether to move 2010 summer, or 2011. Originally the plan was 2012, when Kyra graduated High School. But as life shows you, planning sometimes is just another means to make the time go by.  Craig was faced with job possibilities here in FL, but in WI they weren’t looking good. We could have packed up what we had, the little savings we had, and left for our dream… but what would it have cost us in the end? Kyra would have missed out on having one more year at a school she loved, and so would have Emily.  Facing a job crisis, as many of you probably know, is the scariest thing to face head on. We had to make a decision fast- stay in WI and hope we didn’t sink, or move to FL and hope we didn’t sink. With family, friends, and familiarity in our home town, it was easier than we thought on what to do.

With prayer and a lot of chatting back and forth with loved ones, we decided it was smarter to stay in WI for one more year and hopefully he would get a job soon. Not long after we made that choice, Craig was offered a job where he still works currently today. My point is that holding on and giving yourself the space, no, the PERMISSION, to wait is OKAY! Noone has a rule book on YOUR dream, so you have to give yourself the chance to live the highs and the lows. It is ALL a day to day experience that WILL make you stronger if you just give it the time it needs.

Now looking back, sometimes I wish I had waited until the original plan of 2012. More for Kyra’s sake of graduating with her class, and Emily having one more year of her school she liked. But when you are living in those moments, you can’t see the future ahead of you. You just see today and usually tomorrow, but I couldn’t see what it would be like for either girl. They are both thriving, but I wish Emily had more friends and I know Kyra misses some of hers as well.  If we had moved in 2012 though, Kyra would have missed out on her family taking the big step without her, as she would have been in college. All in all, I feel we made the right step at the right time.

With that said on schools, I do need to address something with timing for that. Everyone has a different child with different abilities. But if you have a child that needs special attention, for whatever it may be, and you LOVE the school you are in now- leave them there. Let them enjoy that school, because trying to introduce schools to children with special needs can be so hard on them and the family. If either of my children were in such position, I can guarantee you I would have waited to move out here until they graduated.  It’s hard enough for kids with zero disabilities to try and get used to the schools down here, I can’t even imagine someone trying to adapt with special needs. Again, you can’t see what will happen in a crystal ball, but if staying put means you keep your same jobs and life goes on as normal UNTIL you can relocate to FL, then I would highly encourage that. Following a dream does not mean interrupting a structure that is very important to a family’s survival- it means taking a chance, a step of faith, which in your gut you will know is right or not.

Relocating is not only a huge step, but it is literally changing your life on every level known. What you knew of the familiar stores, friends, church- it’s all wiped away and you now stare at a clean slate. For some, this can be incredibly painful. But you ask yourself, how can a dream be painful? Well, any step worth taking in life can bring on the craziest feelings you never thought imaginable. One day I will wake up and feel so blessed to live here, and the next all I want to do is head to Green Bay and have lunch with my Mom like I used too. It’s surreal, and sometimes I still don’t believe it’s happening. We are blessed that Craig’s job is doing very well and that he can work from home and was able to take it with us when we moved here- I know many are looking to move here for a better life and job opportunity. With that said, if you have a strong and well paying job where you live and you are hoping to move here and find “something” I would strongly advise waiting to find a job just as evenly paid before stepping foot in this state.  Why would you want to move here and then struggle to stay afloat? I would think it would be torture to see WDW all the time, but never have the money to go inside and enjoy it.

Its really simple if you think about it. Ask yourself are you ready for a new home, a new city, a new state? Are you ready for new laws, new ways people do things here, etc.? Are you ready to LEAVE your famliar city, friends, and family to explore what you hope will bring you joy? Are you prepared for a possible higher cost of living, or tourists when you head to the grocery store?  It’s sometimes so basic that we all make it more complicated than it really is. EVERYTHING we do has to do with timing, and relocation especially is one of the highest ones on that list.

We all have our reasons to want to move to Florida. For some it’s for a better job, some don’t want to ever see snow again, and some want to live near the magic of Walt Disney World. No matter the reason, I pray, and I BEG of you, to stop and think about what it will take for you to do it.  There will never be enough talking about it, never enough lists, to make sure that it’s the right thing to do, but in the end, you will know if the timing is right or if God is whispering in your ear “Please just wait…”  I promise you that if you give the time that is needed for it, you will come out the other end smiling, happy, and satisfied with the choice you made. God bless your day!


  1. Very True! Listen to God – he will let you know when the time is right. We dream of moving to florida and someday we know that dream will come true. But it’s all about timing. I come from a very close knit family and see and talk to my friends and family constantly. I love being able to call up my sister and say hey want to come over for dinner? And I know I would miss that terribly. But when it’s time – all will fall into place. Until then I just keep dreaming but hey it doesn’t cost me anything to dream and I can dream as big as I want!!!

    Thanks Again Amy – for keeping everything in perspective


  2. OOOO. But Amy, if you had to do it all over again, what WOULD you have done differently? If you could go back in time, would you really wait until the end of HS for your daughter?

    If you had stayed in Wisconsin longer, you never know what may have happened.

    Example, we were planning our big move last year and were procrastinating it since we were basically —-scared. Then, my husband got hurt and we couldn’t move at all. Delaying things, and signing new leases and keeping kids in school, and a total domino effect ensued. Now I don’t know when it will happen.

    I’m not sure there’s ever a perfect time for stuff like this. You just have to take that leap and tell yourself it will work out. As I think it has for you.


  3. Very poignant post, Amy. Keep praying and God will watch over you and your family and guide you down your proper path.

    Thank you for your honesty in your blog. Your readers and I have got your back!

    Stay strong!


  4. Needed to read this blog today as I am going through HUGE Disney withdrawals these days.
    So much that I want to pack and leave without thinking what or how.
    But you are right, everything will happen when they are supposed to happen, and if they don’t happen there is always a reason why. So I will keep praying and planning and hoping that some day my dream will come true.


  5. Such good and heartfelt advice. And I love that you see the good in your decisions even if you would make them differently now.

    After a previous post you wrote about making decisions on Emily’s schooling, I started to comment on it, hoping to give you encouragement and maybe some suggestions for finding a circle of friends for her and you, too, perhaps. But even after doing a little internet research, I deleted it all, thinking I was horning in where I shouldn’t.

    I guess you could say I’ve changed my mind! =0) My encouragement to you would be to try and find a homeschool group in your area. As a homeschooler myself, it’s wonderful and important to have a group of friends who have this particular thing in common with us. We not only share a common philosophy of education, but we share a common faith as well.

    My friends’ kids are my kids’ friends. (Did you get that?) We share many things in common and we have differences, too. We share ideas; we do things together; we vent to each other. All that to say, finding a homeschool group to be a part of would make the day-to-day seem less isolated and you’d make some new friends. There are all kinds. You might find there’s one at a church you’ve visited. Just ask around and look for one that’s a good fit.


  6. Thanks for your post Amy! You are so right timing is everything and you have to have God right there in the middle of it all to get through it! My family and I are in the midst of moving to Tampa, FL from Arkansas. In the beginning we had no idea what we were going to do. This move has been in the works for over a year and finally we are just about ready to make it a done deal. I have 3 children: a 14 yr old daughter and 2 sons ages 21 and 19 yrs old. We actually were supposed to be moved last June and things didn’t work out like we thought they would. My 19 yr old was just fininshing his senior year and wanted to stay and go to college in AR but was torn at moving with us to Florida. In the end he was able to decide to enroll in school here for his first semester this spring and so far so good. My oldest is already established in school here and their universities aren’t but 45 minutes away from each other. I am homeschooling my daughter so she is good and really getting adjusted to this new life. God has blessed me to be a stay at home mom while my husband is a otr truck driver so we are hoping that our move goes smoothly and we get there and settled by the first of February!! So ready to get down there. Thanks again and I look forward to reading more of your posts.


  7. Thanks for this post Amy. My fiance and I are considering moving to FL. I’ve been trying to move down since HS! I applied to all FL school except one, and somehow ended up at that one. At one point I was going to move down with my parents but then my fathers health declined. Now, after both my fiance and I losing our jobs and our place to live as innkeepers we are evaluating the benifits of looking for perminant positions in Maine, or finding “good enough” jobs to tide us over till I’m done with my MFA in writing and we can move down in two years. My fiance works in the restaurant business and I work in lodging so the Orlando area has lots of jobs in those areas.

    But you are so right. Obviously the timing has not been right for me in the past, If I had moved down right after HS who knows if I would have even met the man I am about to marry. If I had moved with my parents we may not have had the famiy support that we had this past year dealing with his passing. So maybe two years from now is the right timing for us? Who knows. All I know is that I see my new family growing in a tropical place. I dream about doing my writing out on the lanai in the middle of January and taking weekend trips to the Keys and all the other beautiful places in FL which are too far away now to enjoy.

    Anyhow I just wanted to say thank you for this post. I’m always feeling like I’m “putting it off” again. It is all a matter of timing. When the time is right, my family and I will become Floridians.


  8. This post is SO interesting to me! I moved here in 2009 FOR my daughter to get access to a school that was AWESOME for her special needs–I was stuck in Georgia and the DREAM of moving to Florida really was about getting my daughter to HER dream school in Florida–sounds a bit opposite of your situation, but reading about your situation was very interesting and made me remember my own feelings about the timing of moving. We got to Florida just in time for her to begin high school at the BEST school for her–here in Florida–we just HAD to get her here! And, btw, I ended up getting a job at Disney–still working there, getting all of the free Disney time I could ever want. Just a quick view from a very different perspective–but still looking at some of the same important issues regarding our children and their educational needs. Maybe other people are in the same boat–maybe moving to Florida is the BEST thing for the educational needs of their children–you never know! 🙂


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