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Putting My Best Foot Forward

Most of my stories these days start with “When Craig and I would walk..” well that’s all about to change.  Granted, we will still walk to lose weight and have our time together, but marathon fever has hit our house big time.  I can’t even tell you how impressed I was watching all of my friends, and even strangers, run the half-marathon this past month. I just kept thinking to myself “Why do you let your weight Amy keep you from things like this?” So the idea seed was sown, and Craig and I are moving towards our goal of the 10 mile run this coming October in Walt Disney World.

Where do you start? I know there are a million programs out there for training, and everyone has an opinion, so seeking out the correct and right information can be somewhat of a challenge. I talked to a lot of my friends who have run marathons for advice on shoes, clothing, and training.  Craig and I headed to the New Balance outlet last weekend to find clothes and shoes.  They didn’t have Craig’s size, but I was happy to find a great pair, along with running shorts, shirt, and cooling socks. Who knew there were such socks? I didn’t! Craig found his perfect running shoes in the Nike Outlet, and I found a critical part of my training which was a sports bra at the Champion outlet. For all my ladies out there, I can’t tell you how important it is to have the right, and correct fitting sports bra. I know “I” don’t want people seeing mine flop around, nor does anyone else.  Because I have been blessed on top, I went for a bra with a criss-cross on the back for more support, and a wire lined cup.  The “Ye Old Cotton Kind” wasn’t going to do it for me, so this seems to be working for now.  I chose the flesh colored kind because then I could wear it with anything. For $35 it was worth every penny, we will see how it fares over time.

It’s funny, the world of running is its own entire thing. I feel like I have never known it before, yet I did run a 5 mile run in Milwaukee for the Children’s Hospital when I was 17.  So now let’s do the math- I am now 37, 20 years later I have the running bug again. The issue right now isn’t my joints or my pace, it’s my weight. Last time I ran I was 60 lbs lighter. My hope is that by training, I will lose the weight. In losing the weight, my running will improve and make any run I do that much easier and better.

We tried running on Sunday morning for the first time, since we still haven’t found a church we are comfortable with yet. In my pink, and Craig in his white, we headed out into our neighborhood. We started to run first, and then I had to stop. Was I this out of shape? So sad- my shins were burning after just a couple of minutes.  We walked for awhile, then ran again.  We mostly wound up walking, and in my mind I was thinking that this may have been a big mistake. I can understand why people get frustrated being bigger and trying to exercise- you are trying to better yourself but having the extra weight on makes everything so difficult. I was happy we tried and put it on the books for the day.

Monday was attempt number two together. We decided to run after 5 p.m., and not in the morning this time. A little more running this time, but shins were still burning. I was trying to talk while running, to keep my mind off of the pounding pavement, but all I could feel was the pain. Was I supposed to ignore it? Did it mean stop and walk? We decided it meant to walk instead, so we walked and talked. I was happy I again tried.

Now we are up to today, Thursday. I woke up with determination running through my blood- today I would run SOMETHING, ANYTHING that made me feel like I had made some progress.  Since my wonderful hubby had to work, I decided to do it on my own today. Got my running gear on, and then flipped through my IPhone to see what would be my running music. Since I didn’t want my motivation to disappear with an hour of putting a playlist together, I just chose my favorite one and I was out the door.

It’s an amazing thing what you start to think about while you are running. Remember, I am brand new to this world once again. First I thought about the pain in my shins, which eventually went away after about 5 minutes. Then I thought about why I was running in the first place- I want to lose weight and feel great. I pictured my thin body, and all my family and friends in WI seeing me this summer, shocked at what great progress I had made. I thought about everything in my life right now, and how I still couldn’t believe I was running among palm trees, in 70 degree weather in January.  I found after awhile I found a rhythm and that the pain I was feeling from anything slowly faded away. The key to it all was to not focus on the running, but something else. Almost like putting your feet on auto-pilot and letting your brain roam free.

The booty shorts, I lovingly call my running shorts, no longer bothered me. The first time I ran in them I felt like they were going to creep up so that running past anyone would scare them. After awhile though, it’s like many things in life- you just don’t care. I ran in loose shorts on Monday with Craig to see the difference, and even though I felt more covered up, I was constantly pulling them down. So the booty shorts were perfect today- along with the Body Glide. Never heard of it? Body Glide is like deodorant, and it’s for preventing chafing. Since I am 200 lbs, I need it to stop forest fires from happening between my legs while I run. It’s also helpful for walking, and I use it at the Renn Faires when I am sweating with so many layers on.  You can buy it at most Sports Stores- I highly recommend it!

Even though my miles were 14 minute miles, I was happy with running the entire 1.75 mile circle of my neighborhood. I can only get better from here, and my goal is to run it Saturday, then walk it for time #2. I WILL do this, I HAVE to do this. I am so sick of being fat. I am tired of buying size 14 clothes, and I am tired of worrying about taking pictures of myself.  I know my family loves me for who I am, but I don’t love me for who I am.  I want to enjoy clothes, and I want people to see that when I set this goal, I did what I said I would do. THAT is why my blog is so successful, because we said we were going to move here, and WE DID IT. Noone is more surprised than us, but if you believe… you can do the most amazing things with your time on this earth. I plan on being an Author, a Business Woman, and I plan on doing it as a size 10/12. Want to see me do it? Follow the blog, I am going to blow your socks off!


  1. I too want to run a Disney Marathon but haven’t been able to knuckle down and train. There is also the 3,000 mile trip down which is very expensive. But enough from me, I do have a suggestion. If you go to the Run Disney website they have a training program by Jeff Galloway ( ) that I have heard many other rave about on the podcasts. It is interval training where you walk/run specific time periods, building up to more running. There is even an app that takes your music and sets up whatever routine you are on that day. Might look into it.

    Good luck with this!! I saw you last night on Lou’s walk down Main Street! What fun you all have living there!



  2. I love your passion and determination. You’re such an inspiration Amy!! I can’t believe the progress you’ve already made and cannot wait to hear about you reaching your goal very soon 🙂


  3. You are so motivating, positive, and uplifting! I love it! I feel like getting up right now and running. You have motivated me to return to my weight loss goals. I can do it too! Please continue to post your progress and experiences here because I am not on facebook to follow your other weight loss posts. Run, Amy, Run!!!


  4. There are so many great resources out there. I caught the same bug last year. I started with Couch to 5K. You can find so much great information on the program, then I slowly switched to finishing my 1/2 marathon program this week, then onto Galloway for the Marathon bug. I found the running community just like the Disney community – open to all no matter who they are.


  5. I started running last March. I began with Couch to 5K. I basically did this twice, as I went from treadmill to running outside in May and it was much harder.

    I then progressed right into Bridge to 10K which starts you off where the C25K program ends.

    I then went on to my 1/2 Marathon Novice program.

    I lost 40 pounds in the process. I have a lot of my journey posted at my blog at

    My next goal is to loose the remaining 60 pound of the 100 I set out to loose. I’m planning on tackling the 1/2 again next year, aiming for a much better time than the 3:48 that I turned in this year.


  6. (Besides the posts about me of course :), this is my ultimate favorite post of yours!!! This is so motivating!! It really helps me to know that the hurting stops too. I’ve tried running a couple of times and it just hurts and I stop. It helps to know…even if you are skinnier then me… that running is still a possibility even starting at my weight. Thanks for your motivation and good advice!!! Now I gotta make sure you’re not TOO much skinnier then me! LOL! Love you Chica!!


  7. Good luck Amy – you are right, running is it’s own world – kind of like the Disney geek world! It sounds like you are off to a good start and you will find what is right for you! I just feel compelled to warn you though – it is very, very difficult for women to lose weight by running. I trained hard for a half-marathon 3 years ago and lost about 9 pounds over the course of about 9 months (I need to lose about 60 – still). The only time my weight moved down while I was training was when I was watching my diet. So if you really want to lose weight, do it to help your running – not the other way around! This isn’t just my own experience -it’s been studied. I’ve had various health problems since that half-marathon, but I just did the 5K a couple of weeks ago in Disney and had a great time. I keep hoping I can get back into distance running since I loved it so much. Keeping my fingers crossed! All the best to you, I love your blog – have fun out there!!!


  8. You will do it! I can attest to the weight loss and running, I truly had to watch my diet while training for the Disney marathon this year. I did lose weight but not as much as you would expect for burning thousands of calories in one training session. I did gain muscle however so it definitely tones you. Keep an eye on your shins, I had shin splints training for the 1/2 a couple years ago and found that inserts cured this for me. Also as an alternative to Body Glide, you may need some heavier duty lube as your mileage increases, Aquaphor works great as well as Queen Helene cocoa butter. Hopefully your bra will stand the test of time but if not Moving Comfort has some awesome comfortable “no move” bras. I also tried on a Lynks, I think it was at the Disney expo and there was like no movement at all, a little pricier but worth it if you need it. Keep it up, there will be ups and downs but if you keep that attitude happy and positive it’ll keep you moving in all directions!


  9. Amy, let me reiterate what a couple of other posters have said: Couth to 5K (C25K) is an amazing program. It’s 3 30ish minute “runs” a week for 9 weeks. My first run (after getting all of the necessary clothes and shoes) was a nightmare. Even though you run (jog, really) for only 60 seconds at a time with a couple minutes of walking to refresh before jogging again, I was ready to die after the third rep. A few months later, I finished my first 5K. And, a few months after that, I finished my first 5-miler (8K). I’ve unfortunately not been able to get out to run in over a month (weather, health, etc), but I’ve already signed up for a 7-miler in June.

    And, of course, I’m *definitely* looking forward to finding a Disney less-than-marathon run to participate in at some point in the future!!


  10. Amy, you’re totally going to do it!! I’ll send a care package out to you with some recovery goodies from the company I work for (Hammer Nutrition). Recovering right is half the battle so that you can go again the next time. 🙂

    You’re an inspiration!!


  11. Marathon Fever?! Not you, too? Of my friends who run marathons, they are indeed crazy about it. I’m not a runner – for many of the reasons you stated. Ugh. It’s exhausting. But you look adorable! How great that you and Craig are doing it together. I was already jealous of your evening walks together, now the running! I’m excited to see your progress and thank you for taking us along!


  12. Good luck to both of you. My hubby started running 2 years ago and ran the Fox Cities marathon for the first time last year. now he wants to get me to run with him. We went and got me some running shoes at Fleet Feet and when trying them on they have you run to see how they feel. I tired on 4 pairs and by the time I got to the 4th pair my shins were on fire too. Crossing my fingers that it will only get better.


  13. Many things can cause pain in shins and that can end the desire to run. It is most likely poor running form – leaning forward or landing on your heal. You tube running forms to see examples of good running form.


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