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Happy 2nd Birthday to The Relocated Tourist!!!

On August 8th, 2010, I posted a blog about the 300 things (it was 300 days till we moved) we wanted to do once we relocated to Florida. To commemorate our 2 Year Birthday of the Blog TODAY- I thought I would comment on those I had listed and if we had done them yet, plan to do them, or have dropped them completely. Enjoy!

  1. Shop all of the Disney stores and outletsWe have done this!
  2. Have lunch with Lou MongelloWell, I have hung out with him several times.
  3. Attend the “Food and Wine Festival” at EpcotWe did and it was DELICIOUS!!!
  4. Split a funnel cake- Haven’t had one yet- stupid diet.
  5. Ride Splash Mountain with our family- Not yet, have to gain some courage for it still!
  6. Meet “Mike” and the “Be Our Guest” crew at some type of event- We did- at Beaches and Cream and it was awesome!
  7. Give my Mom, Dad, and Brother a tour of our new home town- Mom and Bob have gotten to see our city, but still waiting on Dad and Ryan to come out.
  8. Buy new furniture for our new place- Done and done!
  9. Visit the Kennedy Space Center- Not yet!
  10. See the Atlantic Ocean- Saw it on my first trip to a FL Beach- very exciting!
  11. Get our Florida Driving Licenses- Less than 24 hours of living here we had them!
  12. Buy our Disney Annual Passes- Again, less than 24 hours of living here, we had them!
  13. Apply at Walt Disney World for employment- Not sure if this will ever happen.
  14. Check out Miami- Not yet, but we got to Tampa Bay and Sarasota.
  15. Visit Lou’s family restaurant in Naples- Hopefully in the near future
  16. Meet Bill from “Mousejunkies” in WDW-  Not yet.
  17. Make friends with someone from the Disney Mom’s Panel- Hopefully some day soon!
  18. Go back to the Titanic Exhibit- I am excited to do this again.
  19. Visit Busch Gardens- No rush on this 
  20. Go to a special event at Sea World-  Saw the Polar Express Exhibit there this past Christmas
  21. See a band concert in Orlando- Well I got to see Richard Marx, my crush in High School, in Epcot
  22. Volunteer at “Give Kids the World” Village- It’s still on my TO DO SOON list
  23. Find every Renaissance Faire in FL and go to it- Visited the Sarasota and Bay Area Renn Faires so far
  24. Drink Florida orange juice- Done the minute we stepped foot across the State line
  25. Put Florida license plates on my vehicles- Done a couple weeks ago
  26. Visit “Gatorland”- Still on my list
  27. Flick off my first ‘lovebug’- Done and done
  28. Attend Halloween Horror Nights at Universal StudiosEnjoyed it with my guy friends Ken, Anthony, and Joe- such a fun night!!!!
  29. Have an adult beverage on the balcony of the Animal Kingdom Lodge- Had one at All-Star Movies instead- with several people at different times
  30. Eat at the T-Rex Café- Ate there and wasn’t a fan of the Ice Cave
  31. Buy lots of goodies at “Basin” in DTD- Not one item yet
  32. Sun bathe on a FL beach- Done this past summer!
  33. Ride “Soarin” with anyone who will ride with me- First family ride, and rode it with about a hundred friends since we got here
  34. Build a sand castle with my kids near the ocean- this summer hopfully
  35. Help clean up any of the oil spill- Not yet
  36. Dress up as princesses with friends- Um, I have acted like a Princess with friends instead
  37. Hang out with Craig Duncan somewhere in WDW- Not yet, but HOPE TOO!!
  38. Have an in-depth conversation with Beci Mankhen- Finally met her October 1st at the 40th Celebration
  39. Attend the “Flower and Garden” Show at Epcot- buy Dad something- Coming up- can’t wait!!
  40. Ride “Peter Pan” with my hubby any time I want- Many times and I love it!
  41. Enjoy “It’s a Small World” with my Emily- Many,  many times!
  42. Find a house of worship- Found First Baptist of Orlando and really liked it
  43. Get kids ready for their new schools- Well, I did do that, the result just wasn’t what I expected for this school year
  44. Greet and meet neighbors- Done and I love most of them!
  45. Help at a local shelter- To be happening in the near future I hope!
  46. See a Disney movie opening night at the Movie Theater in DTD- No opening night Disney movie, but Kyra did see the last Harry Potter movie opening night there.
  47. Attend a Sunday worship celebration at the House of Blues- Again, hope to do this in the near future!
  48. Ride a Hot Air Balloon in DTD- I have looked at it, does that count? LOL
  49. Meet a Disney Imagineer- I did meet one, and he had heard of our blog, so win win!
  50. Draw every character possible at the Animation class at DHS- this could be close to happening, we have ALOT of drawings.
  51. Shop the IKEA- the first couple of days we lived here we shopped at IKEA and fell in love with it.
  52. Swim with the Dolphins somewhere- Another one happening in the Spring.
  53. Drink while blogging around the World Showcase- LOL, what was I drinking when I wrote this one?
  54. Visit the Florida Chamber of Commerce- Nope, believe it or not, never got there yet.
  55. Send out my first mail from my FL address- Of course- I finally have my return address memorized.
  56. Make my first phone call from my FL home- It was very exciting- called my Mom.
  57. Find my local Redbox- Found one in Reunion, score!
  58. See my first Gecko- First day we lived here we saw one on the patio
  59. Ride the boat from Port Orleans to DTD- A couple of times now
  60. Finally play in Disney Quest- Oh my goodness, I am hooked on Fruit Ninja and Pengo at Disney Quest… I am going to need a support group soon.
  61. Check out a Cirque De Soleil Show- Still want too see one.
  62. Take a Segway Tour at Epcot- Yep, still want to do it.
  63. Buy perfume in Italy at Epcot- Once I win the lottery I will buy it.
  64. Have tea at the Grand Floridian- Another Lottery one.
  65. Find the local Wal-Mart- Clermont is our closest one
  66. Play at Blizzard Beach- Enjoyed it with friends this past summer.
  67. Burn all of my winter coats- I am sad to report that I had to WEAR one this past January IN FLORIDA- ugh.
  68. Take the kids to the Disney parks after school- all the time.
  69. Call Mark Vitek in WI and tell  him how great FL is- Talked to him on FB.
  70. Ride a city bus to get used to town- Not a chance in hades will I be doing this, no thank you.
  71. Hang out at the MCO Airport- Love being at MCO, its such a cool airport.
  72. Enjoy a Dole Whip in “Bawb’s” honor- enjoyed several now.
  73. Ride “Pirates” while texting someone how cool it is- Nope, no texting on rides unless I get stuck on them. LOL
  74. Go Hidden Mickey hunting with the family- All the time.
  75. Feed the Sting Rays at Sea World- Craig has done it.
  76. Enjoy the Christmas décor In WDW- We enjoyed the heck out of Christmas in WDW this past year, it was amazing.
  77. Tell anyone I want to that I am a FL Resident- Yep, in line in the Parks I am very happy to let people know I am a local.
  78. Find the fastest way to cool myself off in the FL heat- Yep, I found it, stay inside when its hot out LOL
  79. Watch “Illuminations” anytime I want too- All the time
  80. Brave “Space Mountain”- I actually did it, rode it with Kelly last month for the first time.
  81. Drink a Butter Beer at the “Wizarding World of Harry Potter”- I did and it was delicious!!
  82. Have a picnic under a palm tree- I would if the crab grass wasn’t so hard.
  83. Taking Kyra to College- Soon enough, lets not rush it.
  84. Go to a FL dance club and have a girl’s night- I have done this at Atlantic Dance Hall with many gal pals, so much fun!
  85. Meet Disney Celebrities- Funny enough, Emily met Zendaya from “Shake it Up”
  86. Attend “Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party”- Twice, once with Mom and Bob and second with Liz
  87. Run a Disney Marathon- Maybe next year, they are super expensive!
  88. Read our first copy of “The Orlando Sentinel”- First week we were here.
  89. Be a part of the televised “Walt Disney World Christmas Parade”- We were a part of the Justin Bieber song that started off the parade on tv
  90. Visit the campus of Full Sail and see where “The Daily Buzz” is taped- Kyra did with Criag.
  91. Check out Daytona Beach- Did this past summer.
  92. Take a drive down International Drive- Did and found it wierd now that we live here.
  93. See palm trees when I wake up in the morning- Every morning since we moved here.
  94. Have Sunday breakfast after church at a Character Meal- Ohh, I love this one and haven’t thought of it until reading it again. LOL
  95. Get picture with Mickey and my FL License- Oh, another good one I have to do.
  96. Make lots of FL friends- Done and done.
  97. Drive under the Walt Disney World arch every week- Love that I get to do it all the time.
  98. Celebrate Christmas in WDW- We did that week and it was great.
  99. Graduate from FIT and walk across the stage to get my diploma with hubby- Didn’t go back for a 2nd semester, wasn’t liking it. Onto new things.
  100. Find a new character each week to get our picture with- Every month I would say I have done this.
  101. Go to garage sales in my area- I have unfortunately- not a fan of them here yet.
  102. Get a Marketing job with Disney- I would love that, but I feel that the blog has bigger opportunities for me right now.
  103. See Craig get an IT job with Disney- all in good time.
  104. Go to Victoria and Alberts for my BirthdayHmm, this could still happen this year. Last year’s birthday I would like to do over.
  105. Renew our wedding vows in the Disney Wedding Pavilion or on the beach- We hope to do this for our 25th Wedding Anniversary.
  106. Have professional family pictures taken in front of the Castle- Not yet, but I have a friend who says she will take our family’s photos when she comes.
  107. Collect sea shells by the ocean- I did this past summer!
  108. Camp at Fort Wilderness- Not yet, but hope too!
  109. Collect more Disney pins for our collection- Have collected lots of fun sets.
  110. Finally eat at Le Cellier in Canada- Did for my 37th Birthday.
  111. Take the “Behind the Seeds” tour at Epcot- Once my Dad comes, we are going to do this.
  112. Learn how to garden- Maybe some day on this planet I wil learn how.
  113. Go on a Disney Cruise- one day, but in no hurry, not a huge Cruise fan.
  114. Spend a night in a room at Concierge Level at WDW- again, one day
  115. Retire in Florida- Ummmm Im about 30 years from this.
  116. Walk around Caribbean Beach Resort after work- Lots of date nights we have.
  117. Read in a hammock on one of the beachesI see it in the near future.
  118. Lose weight and fit into a tiny bikini- Again, some day, maybe on this planet.
  119. See a Broadway play in Orlando- Eventually, no hurry
  120. Perfect  my score on Toy Story Mania- I am getting better, lots of practice
  121. Enjoy a Mickey bar in the shadow of the Castle- Done and done.
  122. See something launch from Kennedy Space Center- Craig saw the last shuttle launch from our back yard.
  123. Visit a Disney spa for a massage- In the future.
  124. Play with Emily in our first FL public park- Done and it was awkward with the Spanish moss trees.
  125. Watch the 4th of July fireworks in the Magic Kingdom- Well we watched the 4th of July fireworks from the Poly beach on July 3rd.
  126. Enjoy New Years Eve on top of the Contemporary Resort- Nope, we enjoyed them in Epcot instead, front row and center.
  127. Buy into DVC- No, no thank you.
  128. Find the best local restaurants- We have found some fun places to eat.
  129. Bike around town- Need bikes for that… sooo, until then..
  130. Eat dinner at ”The Crystal Palace” in MK- Ate breakfast there with Kelly instead.
  131. Try school bread at Norway in Epcot- Did and LOVED it- now Im craving it.
  132. Dress up for Star Wars Weekends- No thanks, not interested anymore.
  133. Open up a bank account at a bank in FLI did !
  134. Adjust vehicle insurance- Done before we got here.
  135. Find a family doctor- Still looking for one.
  136. Eat a yummy Mexican lunch on the water at Epcot- Done and enjoyed it, but the shells aren’t the best anymore.
  137. Play video games at Pizza Planet with my kids- ate there, no game playing yet.
  138. Shop at “Mousegears anytime- I do and I love shopping there.
  139. Sit by the “Fountain of Nations” at night and just relax- Done and it is as great as it sounds.
  140. Ride “Test Track” with my hands in the air- Yep and yep.
  141. Walk slowly though the Nemo queue… I love the music and atmosphere- Many times now.
  142. Craig will take Emily to see the Nemo Musical anytime she wants- Done.
  143. Ride the TTA at night while SpectroMagic parade is on- Done many times.
  144. Dress up for “Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party”- I wore my special Halloween Mickey ears that Mom bought
  145. Watch Kyra get to enjoy “Grad Night” at WDW None this year, she may go to Universal instead.
  146. Attend the DIS parties at DHS- Not yet.
  147. See the newest Pixar Character each year in the Animation Building- Opening soon- can’t wait!
  148. Get to know Cast Members by name- I am happy to say I know several I know by name now.
  149. Help out any Disney Podcast or MagazineI have been on podcasts and in a Disney magazine and 2 books.
  150. Invest in sunscreen- Yep, you have to in FL.
  151. Buy our Christmas ornaments each year from the Disney Christmas store- Bought our first ornament from Germany instead this year.
  152. Attend the Candlelight Processional at Epcot- Did to see Michael W.Smith narrarate.
  153. Do a character breakfast at Universal Studios- Not interested yet.
  154. Go to a WDW Radio Meet- Have attended several.
  155. Enjoy an entire morning of watching the Gorillas at AK- one of my favorite things to and I have lots.
  156. Get used to FL drivers and tourists as well- LOL Well, people drive insane here.
  157. Start a new hobby- Not yet, just keeping adding to my old ones.
  158. Have a big dinner with my friends at “Boma’s” at the AKL- Not yet.
  159. Hold our first “Relocated Tourist” Disney Meet- Some day soon, I would love that.
  160. Eat at  Joe’s Crab Shack anytime I want- I got to eat there with Craig and my best friend Kelly when she came to visit.
  161. Visit Celebration, FL- I did, cute town.
  162. See the opening of the Fantasyland expansion- Next month it starts, I will be there!
  163. Ride the Ferry over to the Magic Kingdom- Best at night or early in the morning, a great view of everything from the Ferry.
  164. Eat yummy rotisserie chicken with sautéed mushrooms and onions at Cosmic Rays- All the time, I love them.
  165. Try riding “Mission: Space” again- Good grief, maybe never on this one, no desire.
  166. Do every Kim Possible Mission- Eventuallly.
  167. Enjoy a Hot Fudge Sundae at DTD- I did first night we got here with my family.
  168. Try a Carrot Cake Cooke at the “Writer’ Stop” at DHS– One of my favorite desserts here.
  169. Go to any special event held inside “The Great Movie Ride”- I am there when they have one again.
  170. Finally ride the “Tower of Terror”- Done.
  171. Learn to surf- Heh, maybe, not really interested anymore.
  172. Shop “Tren D” with Kyra- many times.
  173. Stay in Cinderella’s Castle (somehow)- Again, the lottery would need to be involved.
  174. Vote for the first time in FL- Still need to register, Kyra too now.
  175. Take the Backlot tour- I did and I really enjoyed it.
  176. Meet a Disney Animator- I have, he worked on Mulan.
  177. Play cell phone tag- not interested anymore.
  178. Four Square myself everywhere in FL- Don’t care, and not interested.
  179. Show Kelly and the family around Walt Disney World- I did get to show Kelly!
  180. Have the girl’s birthday parties somewhere in WDW- Kyra celebrated in Via Napoli!
  181. Make up my own WDW Scavenger Hunt- Some day when we have our Meet.
  182. Get all prettied up and go on a night on the town in Orlando- Done several times.
  183. Locate the nearest Sephora- Found it at the Florida mall
  184. Find the local Barnes and Noble for the girls- Found one and a Books-a-Million
  185. Bottle sand from the first time I visit a FL beach- I will when the kids visit for their first time.
  186. Get to complain about traffic on I-4 with everyone else- Done LOL
  187. Spend time with my Dad in WDW- Hope to some time in the future.
  188. Dance down Main Street with my kids- Done so many times, so many different dance moves.
  189. Write a book about our story- Hmmm, we shall see.
  190. Scrapbook our journey- Its called the blog.
  191. Buy a wand at “The Wizarding World of Harry Potter”- Emilys wand chose her, we didnt have a choice! LOL
  192. Sing along to the Little Mermaid Show- Did tonight with Wendy
  193. Have dinner at Planet Hollywood- No interest
  194. See the “Blue Man Group” at Universal Studios- Hope to eventually
  195. Do nothing but tube the Lazy River one Saturday- Did with the family
  196. Watch the Cloud Writer- Saw him and he always makes me smile
  197. Shampoo a squirrel- Yeah, again, I had to have been drinking when I made this list. LOL
  198. Watch the “Tour de France” at the EPSN Club- Craig will eventually
  199. See how many Brazilian groups I can upset- LOL Easy one
  200. Eat at “Via Napoli”- Kyras 18th Birthday dinner was there
  201. Take an air boat ride through the Everglades- in the future.
  202. Have family pic taken in bug glasses at “It’s Tough to be a Bug”- Done.
  203. Find every animal on the “Tree of Life”- Haven’t spent time on this one yet.
  204. Ride the tea cups seeing how many times I can spin- LOL nope, no thank you.
  205. Attend a pin trading event- Have been to several, they are fun to see.
  206. Walk into the All-Stars Movie lobby anytime we want- We do and it’s the best feeling.
  207. Attend the Campfire movie at Fort Wilderness- Some of us did with the Aiken Family.
  208. Take the kids to “Hoop Dee Doo”- Not yet.
  209. Don’t ever have to hear Brett Favre’s name again- Thankfully, this has been spot on here.
  210. Attend a Comedy Club- Well, I went to a Improv one at Studios.
  211. Ride the monorail anytime- All the time.
  212. Enjoy a Diet Coke on the Poly beach- Done and done.
  213. Ride “Journey into Imagination” with my girls- Check.
  214. Watch Emily play with the jumping fountains- yep, still enjoy that.
  215. Taste every soda at Club Cool- Except the Beverly, I am not up for that.
  216. Take Kyra on the “Keys to the Kingdom” Tour- in good time.
  217. Enjoy a dessert with my Craig at the Kona Café in the Poly- Nope, haven’t been there with hubby yet.
  218. Eat a yummy salad at Cosmic Rays on the balcony- Many times, love it out there.
  219. Sing along with the Pooh ride as we ride- done
  220. Dinner anytime with friends- blessed to have had so many wonderful meals with new and old friends.
  221. Sit in Tomorrowland and just listen to the awesome music- its the best.
  222. Have lunch with Justin- Um, I have to meet him first.
  223. Meet Lisette Torano- Still want too.
  224. Shop the Test Track store for something new for our vehicle- Em bought me the people stickers for our car.
  225. Visit the Swan and Dolphin fountains- Done.
  226. Eat at Wolfgang Pucks- kids and I shared pizza there.
  227. Go back to the Sizzler we ate at on vacation- Ate at a different one near home.
  228. Just wake up any day and go to a Disney park- Done
  229. See WDW Billboards when driving around Orlando- Check.
  230. Do “Pick a Pearl” in Japan- Not yet.
  231. Eat at “Coral Reef”- Hope too.
  232. Learn how to scuba dive- In the future.
  233. Try on different Mickey ears- All the time.
  234. Buy new art at the “Art of Disney”- Bought a Goofy print by the artist who was there to sign it.
  235. Collect more WDW candy tins- Have enough.
  236. Buy more monorail pieces- Nothing new yet.
  237. Drink hot chocolate on Main Street during Christmas time- Just drank Diet Coke instead.
  238. Buy Florida oranges to send back to WI- Do they really want them?
  239. Purchase a new Disney sweatshirt ever year- Eventually- its usually hot here.
  240. Have photopass pictures taken anytime we want- I have a stack of photopass cards to prove this one.
  241. Listen to my iPod as I walk through Epcot- Not yet, Im usually using my phone for pictures instead.
  242. Enjoy “The Kitchen Sink” at Beaches N’ Cream- had ice cream with Shelley Jones there, no sink yet.
  243. Get to swim in the pool at the Beach Club- Not yet.
  244. Kyra and Craig ride “Rockin’ Rollercoaster”- not yet.
  245. Chase a monkey- all in good time. LOL
  246. Ask Crush if he has ever been to WI- haven’t asked him yet.
  247. Watch the divers in the “Nemo and Friends” Pavilion- Done.
  248. Find the Neenah Foundry Man Hole Cover outside Nemo Ride- Done.
  249. Wear every Disney World T-shirt I own to WDW- Check.
  250. Find every pressed penny machine and collect the rest- No interest anymore.
  251. Fight Captain Hook and Jack Sparrow at the same time- LOL Not yet.
  252. Hug Stitch- Several times.
  253. Find all of the Hidden Mickey’s at the Conservation Station- Not yet.
  254. Swim in our pool- All summer long, Em was our little fish!
  255. Get new cell phone numbers- Check!
  256. Visit our Relocated Tourist fans while they are on vacation- Over 100 meets now.
  257. Attend Jedi Training Academy- I have several times, cute show.
  258. Visit the Gulf of Mexico- Not yet.
  259. Check out the Florida Keys- In the future.
  260. Batten down the hatches during our first hurricane- Thank God, not yet.
  261. Watch the Penguins at Sea World all day- Watched them several times.
  262. Hang out with Shamu- Well there are many Orca Whales now, so I may have seen him, not sure.
  263. Attend “Night of Joy” at the Magic Kingdom- So mad I missed this, this year I am going!
  264. Watch ‘Yee Haw Bob’ at Port Orleans Riverside- Did it with Maureens group, lots of fun!
  265. Go to our first Dessert Party at WDW- Hope to soon.
  266. Get a “Tables in Wonderland” card- Again, need to get this.
  267. Plan Disneyland trip- Down the road..
  268. Find a new hidden Mickey for Steve Barrett- LOL I met him, thats all that matters.
  269. Have Fish and Chips in the UK at Epcot- Not yet.
  270. Hang out with my brother, Ryan, in Epcot- Hope to in the future.
  271. Celebrate when the Stitch ride is someday replaced- LOL Amen and not yet.
  272. Go to “Philharmagic” after dinner anytime- Done.
  273. Attend Lou’s 24 hour show- I was there!
  274. Make a wish at the Snow White Fountain- Done.
  275. Put Christmas lights on our palm trees- Done.
  276. Attend the opening night of the Osborne Lights- Watched the opening night of Castle lights for Christmas instead this year.
  277. Play with Emily in the “Honey I Shrunk the Kids” Playground- Done.
  278. See Captain EO for the first time- Done.
  279. Take the Sunset Safari ride from Animal Kingdom Lodge- Hope too still
  280. Be the family to open the Magic Kingdom- Not yet.
  281. Ride an attraction with a Disney Character- Not yet.
  282. Make our own Boom Dee Ya Dah Video at WDW- Soon.
  283. Try something new every time we walk into a park- Every time.
  284. See the “Kiss Goodnight” at the Magic Kingdom- Check.
  285. See the Main Street Electrical Light Parade- Check.
  286. Shop the Main Street Emporium- Too many times to count.
  287. Enjoy Walt’s presence at “One Man’s Dream”- I do and did and love it.
  288. Get pictures taken with our hands in the cement in DHS- Not yet.
  289. Update our blog with our daily adventures- All the time 🙂
  290. Wake up every morning and realize we aren’t dreaming- Every day.
  291. Send postcards as often as we can- Done.
  292. Help others who wish to relocate as well- Done.
  293. Start up official website with chat forums- In the works.
  294. Extend the monorail track to our home- I have tried LOL
  295. Dig in the Boneyard with Emily- not yet.
  296. Ride “Dinosaur” over and over again with Kyra- DONE
  297. Give our fast passes away each day- have done it, just not every day.
  298. Offer to take family pictures around the park with their cameras- all the time.
  299. Take a sleigh- ride through Fort Wilderness- Did carriage ride for Valentines Day instead.
  300. Be thankful every day we live there that we made this decision- Done, done, and done.

It is surreal to think that we started this journey 2 years ago… sometimes it seems longer, and other times I feel like its only weeks old. I have met so many wonderful people and it has been a true blessing in my life to get to know you all. No matter who has crossed my path, or what we have done, I have learned from every experience which has helped the success of this blog. Bigger and brighter things are coming our way, and it’s exciting that you are all a part of it. A sincere thank you from the bottom of my heart, love to you all, and God bless you for your loyalty and support. Have a great day!


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  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO THE RELOCATED TOURIST :)!!! Thanks for all the joy you’ve brought us these past two years… looking forward to what the future holds for this wonderful blog and your wonderful family!


  2. Happy 2nd Birthday to The Relocated Tourist blog! You guys rock, and you are so good at giving me a little Disney fix every now and again, I love it.
    If you are up for it, me, Stephen, Emily and Tom would love to treat you, Craig, Kyra and Emily to No. 269 when we visit in September – fish and chips in the UK at Epcot. Tom would love to ride Splash Mountain with you guys too, as it was his favourite ride last time. He has even decided to ride Aerosmith’s Rock n Roller Coaster, but I know that’s a no-go with you, lol…it was the only one he chickened out of last time 😉


  3. Oooohhhhh, please allow us to cross one off your list……No.269 The Farley family hereby invite the Petermann family to join them for fish and chips in UK at Epcot in Sept – our treat for you guys of course! Tom would also like to put us forward for No. 5 too, because he loves Splash Mountain 🙂

    Happy 2nd Birthday to the blog, long may it continue to give us a Disney fix every now and then xx


  4. Love this blog! Amazing all that you have done already! I can not believe you have not ridden Splash Mountain yet!!! PLEASE do this!!! The drop is not near as bad as you think and the ride up to that point is well worth the drop. You MUST MUST MUST do this. It is my favorite ride of all and I can’t imagine it won’t become one of yours, too… Please….. I want to hear your report of it. Happy, happy birthday! Keep being you.


  5. Great list. How about riding Splash Mountain with me and my mom on Feb. 29th? My mom is also not a big fan of rides like that. LOL Her favorite ride is Soarin. I am so glad I found your blog. I really enjoy reading every post. I also like your honesty in them. I was so excited to meet you last September and can’t wait to meet up with you on every Disney vacay we have. Happy 2nd Birthday to The Relocated Tourist!


  6. I’m so glad that I found your blog. I LOVE it and your family! If I made a list like this my number one thing would be to meet you and your family. This year we are going on the Disney Fantasy, so it will probably have to wait until next year. My hope is to become GREAT friends with you guys when we relocate!! I think we have so much in common. Happy 2nd Birthday to The Relocated Tourist!!!!!! And Many, Many More!!


  7. I loved reading this and …
    “Have professional family pictures taken in front of the Castle- Not yet, but I have a friend who says she will take our family’s photos when she comes.”

    Hubby’s new job just might have us one step closer to making this happen sooner! 🙂


  8. 1. Meet Amy. Done 🙂

    Glad to be part of the Relocated Tourist family!
    Congratulations and lots of blessings for many more years!!! **HUGS**


  9. Congrats on 2 years! Looking forward to many more. Of course to echo the others, we’re hoping to be able to meet you too one day! The blog inspires not only those who are contemplating moving to FL, but those who are thinking about making any big change in their lives. Keep up the good work! God bless!


  10. CONGRATULATIONS,,,,,,,,love reading about your trip,,,your beautiful Daughters….your visit to the parks…..thanks for sharing your hopes..dreams and your family with us..and i will never forget waiting with you in the Chat room for Craig to bring your your diet cokes home from the MK…….



  11. HB and thanks for many days of enjoyment. You make the world a brighter place Amy. BTW, Snow white ride closing…… grrrrrrrrrrrrr


  12. Congrats Amy, you have one heck of a list there. I see you have been to Sarasota, great place isnt it. I used to live there and my brother still does. You have started a great site not many can say that. But can anyone really go wrong with Disney, I dont think so.

    Gob Bless and heres to many more years of fun.
    Dizneydad, Paul, Indiana


  13. Amy, number 258 is visit the Gulf of Mexico, you were in Sarasota, and Siesta Key Beach is one of the best beaches in the world, you need to so there next time, you were only a couple of minutes away in Sarasota. I have been one of those scuba divers in Nemo and friends, or the living seas whichever. I have dove there 3 times. Wow rockin rollercoaster, that is an awsome ride one of my favs just like Expedition Everest. Wolfgang pucks is excellent isnt it.. I could comment on many of your to do’s but I will save room for others.
    Once again great post
    Dizneydad Paul, indiana
    Dizneydad Paul, Indiana


  14. Happy, happy birfday! And thanks for all the time you’ve poured into this site. I’ve spent many hours here. (Your Epcot ball photo looks a little like tilt-shift photography.)


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