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One More Disney Day… Hours 1-3

After a wonderful evening the night before, it took all I had to calm my brain down and get into a deep sleep. I KNEW if I didn’t sleep well, it would reflect in the next day, and I wanted to avoid it all costs.  The adrenaline started early at around 3:30 a.m., and I even woke up on my own before the alarm.  With a shower to wake me up, I was packed and ready for “One More Disney Day.”  Here is how it went down, the lows and the highs, so hold on and enjoy!

Hour One- 6:00 a.m. 2.29.2012

Driving onto WDW Property was a bit scary to start our day- heavy and dense fog had me very nervous. He dropped me off near the gate of the Contemporary so that all I had to do was walk over to the Magic Kingdom.  Disney Transportation was running for the early morning, but I didn’t want to chance a monorail or ferry breaking down.  I remember listening to my shoes on the pavement as I walked towards MK, and thinking “this is it, I can do this.”  It was surreal to walk in and know that the next time I walked out would be 25 hours later.

I arrived at the turnstiles at about 5:00 a.m. and they directed those with a “voucher” to the left and those who without to the right.  I asked what the voucher was for, and the CM said that Annual Passholders got them- I told her I didn’t receive one or an email for one. She said they selected only a certain number to get them, so I guess being a Premium Passholder means nothing to them. Oh well, I got in line.  I wasn’t a fan of standing there all alone, but I figured Otis would be along soon, along with Ken and Anthony. A CM was walking around the lines with buttons for the day, so I grabbed one right away. For the “40th Anniversary” they ran out of them, so I wasn’t going to be without.

With my button, they opened the gates and the mob moved in. Cast Members were handing out free ears, which there was a mad dash for. I didn’t get one, so I went to find Otis who was already in, and found him hanging out with Lou and Suzannah. He told me the left side of the turnstiles had lots of ears left, and sure enough they had a HUGE bin of them. I got my ears and happily put them on- this day was looking to be a great one. I hugged Lou “Good Morning” and watched the opening show with Otis. See the video of the show HERE. I was a bit a disappointed that they didn’t do anything different in the show, but they did at least have the banner in the front to recognize the celebration.

The masses filed onto Main Street U.S.A. and the energy was just crazy- people so excited to be there, you couldn’t help but smile at it all.  I found Ken and Anthony and we headed to the Emporium. I had seen the TShirt art the night before, and I WANTED one if I was going to be staying up all day for this special event.  The mass chaos in the Emporium was something of a Black Friday at an Old Navy. Everyone looking, searching for the special shirts to commemorate they did it. Now granted, we were in the first MINUTES of the MK opening, so no one really knew who was staying all night, but it was very packed.  I opted for the guys shirt because the colors were a lot more fun. After finally finding my right size, I got in line that stretched into Main Street itself. Thankfully the CM’s were quick, and I only spent about 45 minutes in line.

Hour Two- 7:00 a.m. 2.29.2012

After I left the Emporium, I looked for everyone else since we got separated in the madness that was the T-Shirt grab.  Otis and Suzannah were having a free breakfast for the Press, so I enjoyed watching all the Characters in the front hub. Snow White had a small line, so I got right in it and grabbed a picture with her.

With granola bars for me in hand, Otis found me and we headed to the Partners Statue for a picture. We ran into the Deb’s from AllEars, Amy K, and Emily so I got to take pics with them and have a chat. Nice ladies, and I thank them for their time they spent with us.

The fog was still heavy, and at one point you could not see the Castle from the front of Main Street.  We had to document this strange journey we were all going to be on, so we got our group pic in front of the Castle.

Ken and Anthony enjoyed a waffle sandwich and then found us for a ride on the Jungle Cruise.  The Park with all of its energy and excitement was proving to be a fun playground with wait times of only 5 minutes.  No matter how packed it looked when we walked in that morning, when everyone spread out it felt very empty.  We walked right on and enjoyed our first official ride of the day.

After we had a good chuckle that they thought they were all going to get me on Space Mountain again, not happening again, we headed for Buzz Lightyear Space Ranger Spin.  The crowds were still pretty light, so we again walked right on.  Otis and I rode together, and I found that when  someone else steers, you are more focused on the targets. He was turning us every which way, but I still tried to hit where I knew the big ones were.  Low and behold, this day of all days, I would FINALLY hit the 999.999 points- I was ESTATIC!!!  After I got off the ride, Suzannah told me to go and get a button for hitting the highest score- I didn’t know such a thing existed. So now I had 2 buttons on all day, but, I wore them proudly!

Hour Three- 8:00 a.m. 2.29.2012

We said goodbye to Suzannah and the four of us, like the Wizard of Oz foursome, went to play in the Park. First was an attempt to ride Astro Orbitor for the first time ever… until Otis and I tried to ride in the same rocket. Yeah, it didn’t work LOL, so I had to sit out, and I was ok with it. The CM did give me a Fastpass to use on any other ride for the rest of the day, all was well.

Onto the Speedway where I had Otis drove this time because the last time I rode it I stalled out the car, so I was more than happy to be a passenger.  We cracked up as we drove against Ken and Anthony in their car, which made fun pictures as well.

As we were walking to the Winnie-the-Pooh ride, I got a Facebook private message from Edward Owen saying that his Radio Show wanted to interview me about the 24 hours in the Magic Kingdom. I was honored and excited, so I watched my time as I would be called at 9:30 to give my take on everything. It gave me a big smile on my face on the Tea Cups.

I had always seen those pictures of people’s shadows in their Mickey ears, so today’s celebration warranted at least one picture like it. Here is Otis, Ken, and I in our ears.

We rode Snow White’s Scary Adventures, especially important since it’s officially closing June 1st, then headed to the AllEars Meet at the Pinocchio Village House.

Click HERE for HOURS 4-6


  1. I love the pictures and this information is going to be very helpful to people going for the Monstrous Summer Celebration in May 🙂


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