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One More Disney Day… Hours 10-12

…this is a continuation of my 24 hours at the Magic Kingdom during the “One More Disney Day”. Missed the others? Click HERE to read Hours 1-3, Hours 4-6 HERE, and Hours 7-9 HERE.

Hour 10… 3:00 p.m. 2.29.2012

After a wonderful first Relocated Tourist Meet, we all decided to head to Tom Sawyer’s Island to play.  Otis, Ken, Anthony and I brought Charlie and Lindsay along to hang out, and we LOVED getting to know these awesome people better.

The sun was now high in the sky and it was getting hot out. I could feel myself starting to wind down in the heat, but I pressed on because the more I moved, the more I would keep moving forward.  We didn’t have to wait too long for the next raft, and soon we were playing in the caves.  Anthony tried to scare me, but alas, it didn’t work.  I have to tell you how much fun it was enjoying Tom Sawyer’s Island with people who wanted to “play” and be a kid- made a world of difference.

So as we got on the raft to head back to the dock, I put my head back, and I feel my free Mickey ears fall down my back and PLOP right into the Rivers of America. Yes, my free ears I was so proud to have found and grabbed, were now slowly fading into the River.  Anthony, one of my bestest buds here in Orlando, offered his to me which I gladly accepted.  I did tell the Cast Members at the dock, coincidentally from Green Bay, WI, but they didn’t say much about it. So with new ears, I pressed forward to the Train Station.

Hour 11… 4:00 p.m. 2.29.2012

We fought the masses to get to the Train Station in Frontierland, which I have to say seems like THE most congested area of the Park. Even with Big Thunder down, it was still chaos back there and made it difficult to get to the stairs to the train. After waiting a small while, we were all aboard and enjoying another sit. I wasn’t too tired, but I definitely was a happy camper to finally sit for a spell.  We passed the new Fantasyland expansion, but couldn’t see much but of what they had done so far with the Dumbo area.  We rode to the front of the Park and said a goodbye for now to Lindsay’s dad who had to check-in to their room and I heard later enjoyed a well deserved nap.

It was time to eat something, as I had only had an ear of corn and a Nutri-Grain bar since this 11 hour journey had started.  Since the Ice Cream Parlor is closed right now, the next thing we found was in the Bakery.  Anthony told me about this Ice Cream Cookie Sandwich, and since I was sincerely starving, I opted for that. Two LARGE oatmeal raisin cookies with rich and yummy vanilla ice cream in the middle. I actually ate the top cookie first, then the ice cream, and gave Ken the rest of the other cookie… it was soooo good, but I couldn’t eat another thing.  I enjoyed my food coma for a few sit down minutes, then we headed out to Main Street.

Hour 12… 5:00 p.m. 2.29.2012

Craig called and said he and the girls were getting ready to come into the Park. I parked it on the curb in the front hub with the rest of the group and sat for awhile to catch my breath for the hours that laid ahead. I knew Craig and the kids would have energy to burn when they came in, where as I was starting to fade just a bit. As I was waiting for them, Chris Toffer walked by and chatted with us for awhile. He helped Emily with her fear of Soarin when we first got here, so we have always had much love for him.

After he left for work on Main Street, another friend found me. I chatted with Ryan for awhile about his movie career and how he was doing.  It was very relaxing to chill out among the magic and know that I had so many wonderful friends to share it with.  After Ryan left, Korie Aiken and her kids came in and so did my family- her kids love to play with my kids, so it was fun to watch them all interact.

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