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One More Disney Day… Hours 16-18

…this is a continuation of my 24 hours at the Magic Kingdom during the “One More Disney Day”. Missed the others? Click HERE to read Hours 1-3, HERE for Hours 4-6, HERE for Hours 7-9, HERE for Hours 10-12, and HERE for Hours 13-15.

Hour 16… 9:00 p.m. 2.29.2012

Our family headed to Tomorrowland for a soda first at the Launching Pad. We hung out and chatted with Korie, the kids, and Eric.  Once we were finished we headed for a ride on the TTA – which again was quite enjoyable in the evening air. At this point Craig asked me if I would like to keep my sweatshirt for the evening, and I figured it was going to be warm throughout the night, so I said “no.” Later, I would regret this.

We got off the TTA and I decided it was time to shed the backpack. I had had enough, and my back was starting to feel it. I stuffed a Red Bull in my purse, Eric took one, and I was now backpack free.  Craig and the kids left, as it was a school and work night, and I pressed on with Korie and Eric.

 Hour 17… 10:00 p.m. 2.29.2012

I knew the next couple of hours would be interesting since night had fallen and the next time I would see the sun would be after this whole thing was done. We decided on a ride at Pooh, and the wait time wasn’t too bad. Maybe 15 minutes, but we all just chatted in line. I was fading a bit at this point, but I was coming off the energy drink, so I knew it would be like this.

After Pooh we headed towards Pecos Bills, and on the way saw Lou’s group again by the Haunted Mansion.  Otis was there and waved me on over to meet Alex Wright.. an IMAGINEER!! I was sooooo excited to meet him! He looked so nice, and he was so kind… so kind that he let me get a pic with him in the gift shop since the flash wasn’t working the best in the dark outside.  Every time I am in that gift shop now I will think of him! J I gave Lou a hug and thanked him for a fun Meet, then headed out.

 Hour 18… 11:00 p.m. 2.29.2012

It was so packed in the Haunted Mansion area going into Liberty Square, that I opted to head back to Tomorrowland for something to eat instead. I said my good-byes to Korie and her beautiful kids, and headed into Cosmic Ray’s with Eric.  I craved the Chicken Soup, so I enjoyed a bowl with a nice, cold, glass of water.  I grabbed a table outside again, and I don’t know what was nicer… the food in my stomach or the fact that I was sitting again. I wound up sitting there for quite a bit because I was getting really tired.  It was nice to have another chat with Eric and enjoy the still of the moment. The calm before the storm was just that, and not a bad storm, but more high energy events were to come into the wee hours of the night.

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  1. Amy, I saw you at Cosmic Rays! I was in line and you walked by. After I got my food I lost you so I couldn’t say Hi. Maybe another time!


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