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One More Disney Day… Hours 19-21

.…this is a continuation of my 24 hours at the Magic Kingdom during the “One More Disney Day”. Missed the others? Click HERE to read Hours 1-3, Hours 4-6 HERE, Hours 7-9 HERE, Hours 10-12 HERE, Hours 13-15 HERE, and Hours 16-18 HERE.

Hour 19… 12:00 Midnight 3.01.2012.. Yes, Thank you Jesus, it’s officially the next day.

I had plans to meet up with Brent Dodge again, and found him in the Rose Garden. With his friends, we headed into Cosmic Rays to say hello to some of his friends. As they were ordering their food, the Cast Member standing there was from WISCONSIN- so Brent made him WOOT WOOT as loud as he could- it was pretty funny.  We basically hung out in here for the next hour and talked to the CM, Eric.  Brent’s LIVE Ustream was still going on, so he was showing everyone what fun we were having. No, our dance off didn’t happen but it’s all good, I would dance like crazy later.

Hour 20… 1:00 a.m. 3.01.2012

It was dance time, and I had looked forward to this all day. Why? Well, I love to dance but also because I was meeting up with Kristal and Kristen again and I knew it would be fun to share this moment with both of them.  With their friend Sarah, we met in front of the Castle, and then found that they were moving all the crowds off the street. We got excited, maybe a new parade? Something special for those of us who were here for the long haul? Well, it wasn’t a parade, but the Move it Shake It parade floats. BUT they brought out Goofy, Pluto, Daisy, and Donald to dance with everyone in front of the Castle.

Goofy got off his float right in front of us, so we had a HUGE group saying “Go Goofy, Go Goofy..” while he was break dancing in the center. He pulled me in to dance too, and I got shy but I still did a small cabbage patch for him. LOL  It was surreal and SO MUCH FUN to be in this mob of Disney fans and dancing in the Magic Kingdom.

You knew it was a Disney Dance Party when they played music from THE GOOFY MOVIE- yes, the GOOFY MOVIE!! Well, our family is a HUGE fan of that movie, and have every song memorized. Well, they played “Eye to Eye” and I sang my heart out along with it, SO COOL!!! My friends had to leave early, so I stayed and danced until 1:30 a.m.  where I could feel I needed water and a break from the mob.

Hour 21… 2:00 a.m. 3.01.2012

I rushed to Casey’s for a cold drink of water, as I could feel my sanity starting to slip. I love to dance, but I think with all the energy I had used and lack of sleep was starting to work its toll on me.  After I popped 2 Aleve and drank the water, I headed down Main Street to check out the front of the Park goings on.

It was exciting to see all the Main Street vehicles out and parked, letting anyone sit in them for picture opportunities.  Here is where I started a video blog so I could show all of you what it looked like- check out that video blog HERE.  My favorite was the Goofy Candy Company truck- I felt so special to get that picture.

Yes, I was alone at this point, but I didn’t mind it. I had met so many wonderful people all day, and I welcomed the needed break.  My mind raced with how long I have now been there, and truly how long I could make it.  If I wasn’t taking pictures, I was texting someone. If I wasn’t doing that, I was trying to keep up with my FB page and my Instagram. On top of that I was trying to see how Darby was doing in Disneyland, so I had plenty to keep me busy.  It was a nice piece of time to try and get my thoughts gathered for how I was going to finish out the morning.

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