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One More Disney Day… Hours 22-24.. The FINAL Hours

.…this is a continuation of my 24 hours at the Magic Kingdom during the “One More Disney Day”. Missed the others? Click HERE to read Hours 1-3, Hours 4-6 HERE, Hours 7-9 HERE, Hours 10-12 HERE, Hours 13-15 HERE, Hours 16-18 HERE and Hours 19-21 HERE.

Hour 22… 3:00 a.m. 3.01.2012

At this point I was in Tomorrowland looking for Phineas and Ferb, and after I couldn’t find them I bumped into Cheri Lord who walked over with me towards Frontierland. We chatted for awhile and then we parted, she was looking pretty tired and there was an open rocking chair which she said she may try. I would find out later she headed home, and even though I was committed to staying, going home sounded wonderful at this point.

I thought, “I have to keep moving” so I headed to POTC and got in line for Captain Jack Sparrow. I was so excited to finally get this picture crossed off my bucket list. I got in line just before they closed it, and then we all had to wait about 30 mins until he came back. Thos 30 minutes were excruciating to my feet and back… all I wanted to do was sit or lay down. I kept standing though, I WOULD do this, and soon enough he was there at 3:30 and the line went quickly. When it was my turn, I was in shock at how much he LOOKED like the real deal. I actually got star struck and told him I was so excited to finally meet him… he pulled me in for a big hug and said “Lovey.” Yeah, I have to admit, I melted. LOL Sad, I know. I left there with sore feet, but a happy heart.

 Hour 23… 4:00 a.m. 3.01.2012

My feet hurt, my back hurt, and I was trying to stay busy. I went to the Main hub and watched the dance party for awhile.  I then realized I hadn’t ridden Haunted Mansion yet, so I booked over and got on right away- and I fought my eyelids the ENTIRE RIDE. I had been so successful at avoiding all the shows so I wouldn’t fall asleep and I hadn’t thought about the dark and what my own doom buggy would do. Thankfully, I stayed awake, but I was fighting it.

I walked around for awhile after that, pretty much like a zombie from “The Walking Dead.” I knew where I was, and who I was, but I felt like I was in a complete daze. I went back to the Dance Party and videoed for awhile which you can see HERE. 

Hour 24… 5:00 a.m. 3.01.2012

“Could it be? My last hour? Oh sweet mercy, I am so glad it is here.” That’s all I kept thinking as I walked to the Partners Statue where I found Eric again, and then Otis as well. Before the Magic, Memories, and You show.. the DJ had us sing Mickey Mouse song and it was very touching to hear so many people singing along. I think the feeling was that we all were almost done and it was a great feeling to come too.

The Magic, Memories, and You show went on at 5:30 a.m., and sadly, nothing different about it. I didn’t see any of my pictures up there, but they did play the Valentines version which I am SO in love with.

After the show, many of us hung out in front of the Castle to see if they were going to end the 24 hours with something special. We waited, and we waited. I documented the last 5 minutes in the MK on video, and you can see that HERE.  Yes, I am VERY tired in the video, but I thought it would be fun for you to see and hear the end of a long journey for myself and many others.

Nothing happened at 6 a.m., except for A LOT of cheering all over the Magic Kingdom. I looked at Eric and Otis and said “We did it.”  I said goodbye to Eric, and then walked down Main Street with Otis one more time. Many Cast Members came out and cheered us all on, like we had just ran a Marathon, and it was AMAZING!! Thanks to all the CM’s who did that, it made the ending special for me.

So that’s all of it in a nutshell. I hugged Otis at the turnstiles, fist bumped him and said “Mission Accomplished.”  He walked away and I walked up the to the Monorail headed for the Poly. Craig picked me up there, and as I walked through the lobby, all the CM’s who were at the check-in desk asked if I did the 24 hours, and I said “Oh yeah” and they all clapped for me- very cool.  I got in my car with hubby, and stayed awake enough to crawl into bed and then with a brief lunch, I woke up around 3:30 in the afternoon on March 1st.

Now, was it worth it? Tune in this coming Monday night for our LIVE Chat and I will let you in on other thoughts I had, the pros and cons of doing 24 hours straight, and all sorts of other chat about it.  I will see you all there this Monday, 8 p.m. Eastern, search for The Relocated Tourist on  Thanks for enjoying the journey with me, have a great day!


  1. Amy you are awesome! Loved reading all the details! I had so much fun keeping in touch with you during our 24 hour Marathon and that is JUST what it was… a full on Disney Marathon! I have loads more pics and will get my blog post up tomorrow and share with you and anyone that wants to know what was going on at Disneyland (it was insane)! 🙂 Way to go girl!!!!!!


  2. I really enjoyed reading your 24 hours of Disney fun!! Could you comment on the crowd levels for the day?? I’m wondering how many people had good intentions to stay til the end but ultimately pooped out lol 🙂


  3. Amy, I saw you that morning (near the Partners statue, IIRC), knew I knew who you were, but just couldn’t place your face at the time. Probably didn’t help that I was preoccupied with photography and going on about four hours of sleep. And that last part meant there was no way I was going to last for 24 hours. I left about lunch time and came back just after Wishes and left again at about 11:30. It was clear that my hopes for a sparsely-filled park in the wee hours weren’t going to happen — and I had a full day at Epcot and the Magic Kingdom planned on the 1st. So I didn’t return after that. But I did get the limited-edition ears (the $20 ones, not the free ones)!


  4. Wow. What an awesome read. We really did have a wonderful time during the 24-hour festival. It all went by in such a blur. But I really wanted to thank you, Amy, for hanging out with me and having such a blast. Sorry I kept disappearing. I’m a wanderer always looking around the corner to see what’s there. Anyways, there’s no way I could have done it without you, Amy. Especially since I didn’t sleep the night before. I ended up being awake for 46 hours and 45 minutes straight. Yikes! But it was sooooooo much fun. Thanks again! And, it was wonderful to see the family for a spell too. As always!


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