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One More Disney Day… Hours 7-9

One More Disney Day… Hours 7-9

…this is a continuation of my 24 hours at the Magic Kingdom during the “One More Disney Day”. Missed the others? Click HERE for Hours 1-3, and HERE for Hours 4-6.

Hour Seven… 12:00 Noon 2.29.2012

We were playing the Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom with Ken and Anthony and basically taking it easy. I had no real plans until 1:45, so I had time to just putz and take it all in. I tried to pay attention to the guys and their game, but my mind wandered to what my day held. Yes, I will admit to you all that I was extremely nervous about my own Meet. I had been to so many Disney Meets of those who were of high standard in the Disney Community, and I just never held myself up there with them, I still don’t. My Meet was just for a ride on POTC together and to spend some time with fans and friends.  So as my group chatted, I started to get a tad nervous about what was to come.

Hour Eight… 1:00 p.m. 2.29.2012

It was time for lunch, and sorry, no pictures of this either, but it was really yummy as always. Otis bought a chicken waffle sandwich at Sleepy Hollow and I scored a free corn on the cob for letting them know they forgot to put their sign out. Woo hoo for free stuff! With my FIRST COKE of the day, and not even a Diet one, we took our food goodies and headed upstairs in the Columbia Harbor House. It felt AMAZING to sit down and chill… I was more nervous to sit because I was scared I would get tired. But with the new found caffeine, I was feeling great- especially with food now in my system.

I promised Brent Dodge of that I would make an appearance on his LIVE Stream of the One More Disney Day.  A great guy, and great friend, he walked up and I was more than happy to see him. As my fellow Wisconsinite, I feel like I am home when I see him and it’s a great feeling to have. We chatted and I even danced the cabbage patch for the viewers.  If you have a moment, check out his website HERE– he also has a book out as well!

Hour Nine… 2:00 p.m. 2.29.2012

It was time for my official FIRST MEET of The Relocated Tourist. I figured, hey, who comes, comes… but I secretly hoped I had a good turnout. I had seen many people already, so I thought maybe they wouldn’t because they had already met or seen me. BUT, they came, and I had around 27 people total. For a first Meet, I felt it was a great success.

We chatted a little bit, but my main goal was to get everyone in one POTC boat. My great friend, Alicia Roth, came in to the Park to help us get our own boat. (She works at POTC).  We almost got everyone in, but missed Brent and a couple others who made it in the boat behind us.  While we rode it here in MK, Darby and her friends were riding it in Disneyland (shown below). It was great to have a boat full of Disney pals, we screamed, we cheered, and we sang. Thank you, THANK YOU, to everyone who came to my first Meet…. You will never know how much it meant to me.

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