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The Soft Opening of Storybook Circus

I was so excited Monday morning as I had recieved word that they were going to be having a soft opening at Storybook Circus, located in the Fantasyland expansion. To see ANYTHING back there would be exciting, so off I went and then I got to the TTC.

The TTC was a nightmare!! I have seen it busy at Summer and Christmas time, but this was a whole other level of insanity. As I walked around to the ticket area, a Cast Member who looked to be a Monorail Pilot, said it was crazy in the MK. He said it was at about 70,000 people when he left, this was around noon, and he said they may possibly reach capacity. WOW. I thought it sounded like the 4th of July or New Years, but I had no clue Spring Break would be anything like this.

I got in line for the Ferry, not sure why. I saw the Monorail running, but I have always come to believe the Ferry carries more people, and with the large crowds, I figured it would be the safer bet. Nope, lines were long and people were definitely cranky. They pulled out another Ferry, so the crowds before us gathered onto the first one, and we were guided to the second. You know I have always seen that extra Ferry sitting there, and now I know how bad it has to be for them to use it.

Finally, after getting out of my car, I was heading into the Magic Kingdom about 45 minutes later. i made my way down Main Street, avoiding every school group, cheer group, and multi-matching T-Shirt group I could. Soon I was upon the Tea Cups, and there I saw the walls had been moved.

Gasp! It had finally happened, I was going to get my first glimpse of Storybook Circus. It felt almost naughty walking back into the new area, like I wasn’t supposed to be there. The red walls lined the path, and I loved seeing the animal footprints below mine in the cement. Peanuts were scattered among the walk way area surrounding Dumbo, LOVED how cool that looked.  Below are my favorite pictures of the day, enjoy!


  1. great pics of the new area. I took some over the wall shots when I was there in Dec. Looks like it is going to be a fun but I will miss Toon Town. Thanks again
    Dizneydad Paul, Indiana


  2. That is so exciting! I love all the details! But that is what makes Disney so magical and different from other parks. Thanks for sharing, Amy.


  3. thanks for sharing all these fun pics. I had the fortune to get to see the area the day after you did and it sure is pretty. I can’t wait for the rest of Fantasyland to open up. Thank you again for sharing!


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