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Our Midnight Showing of “Hunger Games” at the AMC in Downtown Disney

I wanted to know what a midnight showing would be like at the AMC in DTD- would it be as busy as WI theaters, or just insane busy?!?. I have said it once, I will say it again, I try to write about everything that I have experienced personally here- and if my words help you in any way with your next movie, then wunderbar! Let’s begin, or should I say, “May the odds be ever in your favor.”

I hadn’t ordered movie tickets online before, so I was a bit cautious on it. gave me the 12:01 time and what was available to buy- my tickets weren’t cheap, but I just figured because it was a midnight show.  I had the tickets purchased before the accident, non-refundable, so I was stuck hoping to not only find a ride for myself, but the kids, AND a ride home at 2:45 a.m. in the wee hours of morning.

With God’s grace and mercy, we found a ride to get there. After a brief ride, the girls and I were standing in front of the AMC in the Downtown Disney area.  We go to all of our movies here since it is close to home and is easy to park at. I don’t know how people put up with the headaches of parking at the Universal Studios movie theater- seems like a labyrinth in there. I went inside the AMC and showed the gal my confirmation number in my email and we were set with tickets in hand.

4:00 we sat down, first in line, for Theater 1. Now, when I  booked the tickets, they didn’t tell which theater I was going to be in, just that I would be seeing “Hunger Games” at midnight.  We were alone in our line for THREE hours, no one was with us. I checked several times with the employees that I was indeed in the right line, they all said I was. So, finally I got the explanation that my Theater was the “IMAX type” one.. hence why my tickets were so expensive.  Not a big deal, just didn’t want to be in the wrong line for hours.

We were in Theater 1 line, across from us was Theater 2 line, and several Theaters had lines winding every which way- honestly, it was comical. I am betting there were more people sitting and waiting then there was watching movies. We were parked next to “21 Jump Street” and barely anyone went in or out of it in the time we sat near it- sad lol.

We had a plan in place- the food area had a “hot food” section so we could just have dinner in line, and not stuff ourselves sick with soda and popcorn. It was a great plan.  It would have been an even better plan had the “hot food” section actually BEEN OPEN. On a night where they KNEW hundreds of people would be, not only camping out, but there at midnight in droves, they decided it was a good time to train their staff. Yes, train their staff.  Not sure the genius on that one, but the remodel they had done had a CLEAR menu of what was available to order, but they weren’t “ready” yet, so popcorn and soda was dinner. I should have bribed someone to sneak me in sandwiches from Earls.

The time passed quickly, and around 8:30 p.m., I went outside to get some fresh air. After sitting in a hallway for 4.5 hours, my back needed the break. Thankfully I didn’t stay outside too long, for when I walked back in, our line was ready to go in! I showed the movie stubs and away we went, first ones in!

No running or pushing, we were able to choose the first row in the second section, having tons of leg room and no one in front of us. We lifted the arm rests to the large, red, leather chairs, and made a long type couch almost where we snuggled and relaxed for awhile.

I was more than happy to see Midnight finally come, and the coming attractions were awesome. They had “The Avengers, Spider Man, Breaking Dawn, Dark Shadows, ….. and TITANIC!!!” Yes, I was one of those people who saw TITANIC in Theaters in 1998 over 10 times with friends- I am so excited it is back and will definitely be seeing it on the big screen again.

I thought I would give you my review, from a person who DID NOT read the books, making it a bit easier to report on this as a “movie” than the “book to movie” thoughts. Possible spoilers if you haven’t read the book, so proceed with caution.

***Loved the storyline and that it wasn’t trying to survive on the romance that was suggested, but that is was a sideline to the real issues going on in the story

***I felt like the “Hunger Games” themselves seemed to only last for a couple of weeks, but the kids said they lasted for a long time in the book. To me, the movie didn’t convey it. Perhaps some sort of time line they could have printed on the bottom from time to time would have helped understand that.

***I loved Rue, but I didn’t feel I got to know her. If you read the book, you got to know who she was, etc.. but as the moviegoer she was a child who was chosen and who bonded with Katniss one evening. Apparently in the book, they hang out quite a lot together, making her death that much harder on her. For me, I didn’t shed a tear because I barely got to know who her character was, and I have to say I was shocked that I didn’t cry because usually movies will move me to tears.

***I didn’t really understand who the first guy in the movie was in relation to Katniss- is he a boyfriend, a childhood friend, a neighbor, what? Had to ask the kids during the movie, since he looked jealous later on.

***Ok, I kept thinking during the movie “Isn’t this the ‘Running Man’?” The Arnold Schwarzaneger movie about convicts in a game to survive- anyone seen it? Also it felt like the “Truman Show” too. Anyways, they reminded me of that.

***LOVED the way Katniss and Peeta came into the arena on their chariot- VERY cool.

***It bothered me that the cannon went off for certain deaths and not for others- stay consistent Directors, otherwise it makes us wonder why for really no reason.

All in all, I enjoyed it. I was there for my kids this round, while as before I was just as excited as Kyra was for the blockbusters. A sincere thank you to my ride home, Suzannah, who also went to the Midnight showing- it was much appreciated!! Was it worth the wait for a midnight showing? Well, it is always fun to be with a large crowd on a premiere because the excitement level is through the roof. I love when people cheer and we all clapped for the big events- I was more than happy to be there for my kids.  I am beat today though and I for see a nap in my future. Enjoy your weekend everyone and let me know what you thought of the film, have a great day!


  1. Thanks for the post. I have not read the book but want to see the movie. The trailers for it seems like it will be a good movie. And another cool part is that parts of it was filmed about 30 minutes from me and other parts filmed about 1 hour from me. Maybe I can get a babysitter this weekend
    and go see it.
    Hope you are feeling better.


  2. We’ve seen two of the Pirates movies at opening night midnight showings in that theater. It felt very chaotic and crowded but we had a great time.


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