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What to Do with All of Those Animation Academy Drawings?

Since we have been going to Walt Disney World, we have been drawing at the “Animation Academy” found at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. (Drawings are free and yours to keep).  Once we got home, the new found art would be either framed as our favorites or rolled up with the rest. Now that we live near WDW, we have accumulated so many that framing would be costly.

So, after we had cleaned our garage, I found that the empty white walls were too empty for me.  I pulled out the drawings, and voila, a masterpiece was born! I made a collage on two of the walls with the many drawings we had, and not only did it brighten up the space, but it is so cool to see them all up together. Some we had forgotten we ever drew, and some we didn’t even remember drawing at all. Now every time we head to Disney’s Hollywood Studios, we will know what we HAVEN’T drawn yet and hope to add to the collage. We also put up my Mom’s drawing from my Mom and Me trip, and it gave me the idea to have relatives and friends draw in the class while they are here and then add them to the wall- sort of like a wall of Memories. I know, it’s the sentimental in me, but seeing my Mom’s signature on one of the drawings makes me smile and think of her. Enjoy the pictures and I hope it inpires you to do something with your art as well. God bless your day!


  1. One thing you might consider for the drawings you really like would be to mount them on foam board. We do that with artwork all the time here at my job — much less expensive than framing but still provides a nice, clean look. Just coat the back with a craft spray adhesive (don’t go too heavy) and then place it smoothly on a piece of clean white (or black) foam board that is a bit larger than the artwork. After just a few minutes, use an Xacto-type knife (make sure it is sharp or it could snag the foam and make for ugly gapped sides) and a straightedge to trim it flush. We actually use Velcro to attach these to the wall; it seems to hold better than anything else we’ve tried AND it is easier to remove if needed. Just get some of the Velcro from Wal-Mart or your favorite craft store. For smaller pieces you can use the little round “coins” because foam board is so light. Place one piece in each corner of the board, then attach the “mate” piece to those and remove the backing. Then all you have to do is line it up where you want it and press it against the wall with moderate pressure in each corner. Ta-daaa!


  2. I like it. 🙂
    For anyone interested I have a free PDF by request to ejud2001 at yahoo dot com, Drawing At Disney. Covers some experiences there, a how to on a Mickey head drawing, and a shot of a bunch of my drawings. Favorite thing to do at The Studios- and maybe all of WDW!


  3. I’ve been looking at decorating blogs tonight and I have two words for you: Mod Podge. I’ve never used it, but apparently every other woman in the free world has. You can cover a table, a dresser top, line a drawer. The possibilities are endless!


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