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2012 Graduation from Celebration High School

I found a quiet moment to write, and since it is still fresh in my mind, I wanted to touch on how Kyra’s Graduation went. So grab your cap and gown and enjoy!

The day started off with decorating for Kyra’s Graduation celebration- and many of you who saw my FB page saw that the party decoration manufacturer made an oops on one of the signs I hung up. Of course, all day we said “Congrats RGAD” to Kyra.

The funny and odd thing about such a life moment as we were all about to partake in, is that when it is scheduled for the afternoon, it seems to lose its momentum. Everyone was dressed up, and ready to go by 11 a.m. and we wound up sitting around the house until we hit the road after the noon hour.

It was at the Silver Spurs Arena in Kissimmee, nope- NOT the High School- which I feel loses some of the nostalgia of it all, but oh well.  We left early enough to get her there in time, on top of being in such a high traffic area, you just never know what it will be like. We arrived at 12:45 and got in line in the sun…yes, the hot, 90 degree sun this past Saturday.

I knew we were in for an experience when they were SELLING water bottles outside in the waiting line to get into the arena. Yes, that’s right, at a GRADUATION ceremony they were selling water bottles! This isn’t a hockey game, it’s my daughter’s commencement… ugh, I guess when a buck can be made, someone out there will.

After a half hour in the heat, we finally were let into the arena. Again, it was like going to one of the parks- there was a security check! LOL I couldn’t make this stuff up! Once we finally got in there, it was a free for all to get the best row. Because it was an arena, they had everyone sitting up in the second level, no one except staff was allowed on the ground level. This did make taking pictures a bit of a challenge since we were above it all, and not close, but it gave a great view for everything going on.

Kyra gave us a heads up that she would be stage left, so we made sure we sat on her side. As we waited for everything to begin, no joke, they were selling FOOD at the concession stands and bouquets of flowers at tables near the entrances. I just giggled as someone walked past me with pizza to eat at a Graduation ceremony…maybe it’s just me.

Once it hit the 2:00 hour, the Class of 2012 started to scream behind the stage, and it got everyone excited to see them. Then the bagpipes came out to start it off..yes bagpipes!! It was so cool, and it really sounded amazing in such a large arena. I got so emotional seeing her walk out with her class, it hit me all at once that this was the end of the school days. The little girl whose hair I braded before school, the backpack that I filled with her school books, and all those school moments were now officially a thing of the past. It was hard to swallow, but I knew in my heart that these moments come, and I don’t feel any of us are ever ready for them.

They all sat, and as each speech came and went, the swelling up I was trying to keep in so desperately was starting to come out. Then the Senior choir sang “You Raise Me Up” which coincidentally is a song my own Mom and I share, and saw Josh Groban perform together.  I recorded the moment, but I shook the whole time…the tears finally got the best of me and I just let them fall. You think about all the moments you have shared with your child, and everything you dream they can be and it really gets the best of you. But, that’s what this day is for, isn’t it?

It was finally the moment to hear the names called, and being in the “P” of the Alphabet, you wait awhile to hear your name.  As soon as her row got up, the butterflies multiplied in my stomach. This was it, her moment, it was right in front of her. I told her that when I was waiting in the wings for my graduation, I made myself say out loud “Remember this moment Amy, you get only one.” And as my 20 year reunion approaches this summer, I can STILL remember standing and waiting for that moment.

Craig looked at me and mouthed “You ready?” I watched as she ascended the stairs, and then the moment came… “Kyra Petermann.” To me, even though we were all cheering for her… time stopped. Baby Kyra popped into my head and I just started to cry.  Even as I type this the tears begin to flow, because it was just such a moment that I felt a feather could have knocked me over. I knew if I looked at Craig I would start to bawl, so I just kept staring at her. She smiled at her diploma, got her yellow carnation (class flower), and descended to her seat. The moment is so quick, but it is such a mark on your life that you almost want to freeze it in time.

As the names came to a close, they announced to everyone the class of 2012 and they threw their caps in the air… so cool.  The bagpipes started up and they were escorted outside to where family could find them.  It was done, it was over… and we were so proud of her.

In the 90 degree heat, she found us and we took a few pics before all of us melted. Over 350 kids were in her graduating class, so the mass outside was a bit overwhelming. Add the heat and we all decided to not stay very long. Speaking of the kids in her class, 92% are going to College. Isn’t that awesome??!?!

We came home, and cooked out next to the pool. As Craig and his Dad grilled out, Kyra opened all her goodies from her family and friends, and it was very cool to see how many of YOU, our readers, cared enough to let her know how much she is loved. I knew it would be a hard time for her since her WI friends wouldn’t be here for it, and you all made the difference in her celebration so from our family to yours- THANK YOU.

The day was everything I hoped it would be, and I could not be prouder of Kyra. We love you Pookie, now go find YOUR dream!!


  1. Congratulations Kyra!
    I joke about being just 5 years away from being “done” with my son’s childhood, but reading this really put it in perspective that maybe I’m not as ready as I thought I was… Sniffle, sniffle, smile.


  2. What a lovely day. I have read your blog and recently “joined”. I enjoy reading and keeping up with your family. Congratulations Kyra. Best wishes to you – you have a very bright future ahead of you! 🙂


  3. All choked up here. You must be so proud of her. You are truly blessed to have so much love in your life and these experiences. Good for you and your girls. NEVER STOP DREAMING.


  4. Amy,

    Watching your family go through the move & transition to FL has been an awesome experiance! As a mom I do have to say that no matter what our life holds our childern are our greatest investment in life. Knowing you and meeting your girls several times that are amazing young ladies! They are very kind, considerate, thoughtful & beautiful, You & Craig are amazing parents. So that time of seeing how Kyra has grown will pull on any mom’s heart seeing the great person Kyra has become.


  5. Congrats Kyra on the first big step in your your as. Amy I remember my firstborns graduation and I also cried again with number 2 and three.College graduation for DD was another teary event as you realize that they are now off and on their own, except she is at home and in grad school. Get the tissue out for Aug. and she leaves for school. Enjoy the summer with her home.


  6. Thanks Amy – I am crying – I was good all day yesterday and did not cry at my son’s own High school graduation – I don’t think it has hit me yet and as I type to you now it sure has hit home. Our babies are grown up! I am not ready for baby to be a man but I guess I don’t have a choice. Congrats! Kyra I know you will go far! Amy & Craig – Job well done – you a raised a beautiful and smart young woman and you should be so proud of not only her but yourselves – you done good! Love to the Petermann Family! ❤


  7. It is a surreal feeling having your first child graduate high school. My son graduated 2yrs ago and we have 6 more yrs before my daughter does. So congratulations Kyra! The next chapter in your life will be an exciting one!


  8. Cried from Start to finish…… brings back so many memories,,,,,, I
    .remember the day well AND the Day our son got his Masters Degree was even harder,,,its not OVER yet Amy…..proud moments for sure!!!!


  9. Kyra, I hope all your DREAMS come true!! 🙂 Thanks for letting us know how this important milestone went…it brought tears to my eyes.


  10. Congrats Kyra! That day will be forever in your memory.

    Amy, loved this post. My oldest will be 12 in June and I get emotional just thinking about him graduating. I am sure you are so proud of Kyra. And I love the last sentence, “…now go find YOUR dream!!”


  11. Congratulations Kyra!!!!!!! I’m so proud of you!!!!!!! Wish I could have been there with you to give you a big hug!!!!!!!


  12. Congratulations Kyra! Sorry I missed these pictures when they were posted. My all your dreams come true…..”If you can dream it, you can do it.”


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