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A Look Back on our First Year in Florida… Emily’s POV

Hey guys! It’s Emily here. Can you belivive it is almost a year since we moved? I can hardly believe it!

Here are some things I miss, and don’t miss from Wisconsin.

1. I very much miss the snow. Most of my family don’t like it because it is cold and they have to shovel. I can understand from that! But since I’m a kid and I don’t have to worry about most of the troubles of snow, I Always built forts and made snowmen.

2. The seasons. In Wisconsin, Fall would have colorful leaves and in Spring it would be a nice cool temperature. In Florida, it is:

Spring: HOT.

Winter: HOT.

Fall: HOT.

In some cities of Florida, you can see leaves change colors. I guess it just feels different when all you have is heat every day!

3. The bugs! Ew! I have seen bugs here that I don’t even think scientists have recognized. The worst part is finding them crawling around in your house. Luckily, we haven’t had any of those moments yet!

I do love a lot of things about Florida, too.

1. Disney World, of course! The fact that if we want to see Wishes after school at night is truly a miracle. If I ever have a bad day, then we can just go get a Dolwhip at Magic Kingdom!

2. Being able to swim longer! I am sure most of you know that I am a huge lover of swimming. I can do a lot of tricks now! Anyways, to the point. In Wisconsin we could only swim in the Summer. And when we did, Bee’s would ALWAYS come by for a little ‘visit’ to say hello. That was not pleasant. But here, we can mostly swim any time except in December through February! And we have our screening that covers our pool!

3. The friends! Even though we had the Blog in Wisconsin, we wouldn’t be able to say hi to fans because it is very rare that somebody would take a vacation down to Wisconsin. But here in Florida, I get to meet so many Friends that are my age! I got to meet a lot of my new best-friends including Halle and her brother Dairen, and soon Tom Farley! (Tom- I am very eager to meet you!)

Ok, enough of naming things! I will just talk about what I think-  I guess!

Well, I love virtual school. The only bad thing for me is that teachers aren’t always there so if you need help with something, you will have to email them and then wait a day or two for a response, which puts you off track.

I am getting much better at swimming as I mentioned once before. When I first moved into this house, I couldn’t even swim! Then after a few months I could swim at the shallow end (Which is 3 feet) And then about a month or two ago, I finally am able to dive into the deep end which is around 5 or 6 feet deep! I can even jump in! Now that it is summer, I will be learning so many new tricks!

I have also done a lot of things in Florida besides Disney! I got to see the Hunger Games midnight showing, which was AMAZING! I get to go to the AMC and see the new upcoming movies for Disney like BRAVE! I can’t wait.

I already have a plentiful of brave books, and Merida’s bow and arrows! I’m very excited for it to come out this month!

Well I guess that is all!

It has been such a pleasure being able to meet and Email some of my new friends! You all have been so kind this year, I couldn’t thank you enough. Thank you for being my friends, and being here this whole time!


Emily :3


  1. Great Job!!! Em – you seem to be adjusting well!!! Mom will have to video tape you doing some tricks in the pool!!!! 🙂


  2. Wonderful post, Emily!!! 🙂 I’m glad you are enjoying Florida and adjusting well. My daughter, Hayley, talks about you all the time. She can’t wait to meet you in person…hopefully this November. She thinks it is so great to have a friend in Florida, especially someone who not only loves Disney but lives so close to it. Have a magical summer, Emily!


  3. Great job, Emily! Thank you for sharing your life with us. You are so happy and beautiful and upbeat that it makes me smile every time I see your pictures or read something you have said. I aspire to be more like you and your family. Thanks, again! Happy one year anniversary!


  4. Hey honey, fab blog, well done on your success in learning to swim…..and Tom can’t wait to meet you either. See you in 3 months xx


  5. Great post, Emily! Thank you for sharing your adventure with us! I too love the snow and winter! I live in southern Illinois and we don’t get a lot of snow, but what little we do get I LOVE! I love building forts with my 6 year old. Missing the snow is one of the things that makes me wonder if Florida would really feel like home to me.
    Thanks again for your wonderful post and sharing your point of view!


  6. good to hear how you’re doing it sounds like fun so far. Im so glad that i had a mention also, i cant wait to meet you too. have you thought which attraction we will do together, i loved reading your blog xxxxx


  7. Awww, Emily that was great! You sound so excited to be there! Seeing wishes after my kids come home from school is something we have talked about numerous times! Also just going to the parks to grab a bite would be awesome! I’m glad you’re lovin’ it!!


  8. Emily, fantastic post!! You made me laugh with #3 – about the bugs! Thanks for sharing your point of view about your year you had. You are a beautiful young lady, and have so much in store for you!


  9. Emily you are such a wonderful writer. Keep it up. You have talent. I’m so glad that you love being near the Mouse and all the princesses.

    As far as the weather, Florida does have winters. It might not have real snow but it can get cold. I worked there in 2001 during the winter on the college program and it was cold. Then again, I do live 4 hours away and the weather is pretty much the same. As far as leaves changes, you can always see the colors at the Flower and Garden Festival at EPCOT.

    I remember I used to do tricks in the pool. Time flew by. My friend and I used to come up with water shows with tricks and all. I

    t’s pretty amazing that you get to live 5 minutes away from the park. Wow. I would love that. Keep that most radiant magical smile up. You make me smile when I see you in pictures and on chat.


  10. Emily–Wonderful post! I can tell how happy you are and how much you have enjoyed your 1st year in Florida! Keep up the great work with school and keep that positive attitude and beautiful smile on your face always!!


  11. This year has gone by so quickly! I found you guys just a few weeks before your big garage sale. You have adjusted so well – new school, new friends, new activities. And your attitude is terrific! You’re a doll, Emily!


  12. Emily wow time flys when your having fun ! You are a amazing kid …did you know that ! Stay strong in your faith …everything moment embrace it !


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