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Keeping Dreams on Track- Disney’s The Magic Behind Our Steam Trains Tour

A good friend who was going to be in town asked me what I hadn’t done yet since I moved here. After going over my list, the Train Tour sounded really interesting to try, so she booked it and made it happen. Here is my experience and if I felt it was worth it or not to try- enjoy!

Yes, not many gals think trains and then think about Disney, but I associate the train whistle with every Magic Kingdom memory I have. It’s a very important part of the Park, and of who Walt Disney was himself. His love of trains, and their association with many of his life moments is why it is a great tour to enjoy to begin with.

Let’s start with the fact that the only down side of the tour is that you have to be up pretty early for it. We had to be at the MK turnstiles at 7:30 a.m., which we worked out with having Craig drop us off near the Contemp and walk over- if you need to park they have you do so at the Contemporary lot.  It was beautiful out, not hot at all, and with the sun just peeking up over Space Mountain, it was simply magical.

We checked in with the Train Conductor standing in the front, and then once it was time, we entered the gates. You DO have to have an admission to the Park first before taking the tour, so keep that in mind if you are interested in doing this.  My favorite part of the day would be in these first few minutes, where Bethany and I were the first into the Park- not even the breakfast people were allowed in yet. So I did what any normal person does in that situation- I danced. Yes, I danced in front of the Mickey flower head- skipping to the music and sincerely drinking in the awesome opportunity. It’s not every day you get it to yourself- it was pure heaven.

We all were inside now, and headed to the front hub where, again, no one was on Main Street. An EMPTY Main Street? Could this day get any better? He started the tour here, and even though he was speaking, we managed to get some shots on Main Street before it opened up to the public.

I am not going to give away the details of the tour, because that is for YOU to personally enjoy- but I can tell you what I thought was VERY cool.

I loved the fact that they took us back to the place they work and house the trains- it was very “behind-the-scenes” and you felt like you shouldn’t be back there. We were standing right under the Monorail base as well, and I soooooo wish we could have gone up there- I would have got my geek on for that.

I loved all the facts, information, back stories, and just explanations of things that you always wonder about when riding the train. It took a good three hours, and they gave us a break with free water bottles and coffee towards the end.  You even get a small token to remember the tour by at the end, a very cool keepsake to cherish.

The tour is only $40 and I feel it is totally worth it! You really don’t even have to be that into trains to take it, but if you are, it’s your heaven for a few hours. I enjoyed the laughs and giggles with Bethany, and it was a great time to share with such an awesome friend. I even made NEW friends on the tour, and I got to take my picture in the train with the conductor hat on- HOW COOL IS THAT!!?!  I encourage you try it once, it is very much worth it.

If interested in this tour, check it out at


  1. We love trains and did this tour last year and like you, LOVED every minute of it. Also, like you, hearing the train whistle is the signal of something magical about to happen. One really “strange” memory we have of our tour is when we came under the train station (at 7:30 AM) and looked down toward the castle, a car was parked on the hub and shortly after we got there came driving down Main Street. It’s not something you usually see. We would like to do this tour again as so much is “thrown” at you, it’s difficult to take it all in.


  2. Trains are great and love hearing about all the behind the scenes information. That was so neat that you saw Main St. with no one there. When I worked at Hollywood Studios on the college programs, I rode one of the studio bikes through the park with no one in it. Wow. What a experience. If you have a chance, you need to see the Ultidor. It’s incredible. Got lost down there with my now husband and wound up in the Hall of Presidents rotunda. Oops.


  3. Sounds like a great time. I bet that was great being in the park by yourself. When I was at WDW for the D23 Magic and Merriment in Dec we did about the same thing. We were there early before it opened and the streets were empty. We also got to be in Animal Kingdon until about 10p. We had a dinner in Camp Mickey. It was erie walking along a darkened path through AK with no one there, We stopped and took a video walking through the park,the Tree of Life and the Christmas tree at the front of the park. You got a special treat being there by yourself, that is so cool.
    God Bless
    Disneydad Paul, Indiana


  4. This is great! Thanks for sharing!!!..we were thinking about doing this tour, and maybe next trip we will. We opted for the Wild Africa Trek this time instead……


  5. I am so into steam trains, you have no idea. I would LOVE to do this!! Did you have to do anything special to get to go into the engine and get your picture there?


  6. We have been wanting to do this, but we have been waiting until both our kids are old enough. Our son has always had a love of trains…and still does. We can’t wait to experience someday. Glad to hear that it is well worth it.


  7. I have never heard about this tour before. I’ll have to tell my friend’s son about it. He’s taking a Behind the Scenes tour and might enjoy this, too. I’ve also never seen a picture of the train station quite like yours. I think it’s because there is no one in front of it, but you can really see all the architectural details and it kind of reminds me of some of the architecture at the international Disney Parks. Thanks for that perspective!


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