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What’s all the Hyperspace Hoopla about?

Let me preface this by saying this was my first time, EVER, seeing this show. I didn’t watch it on You Tube or anywhere else because I wanted it to be something I could experience for myself first. Yep, I got that wish. Here is my take on this show and how you can experience it at next years Star Wars Weekends.

Craig, Emily, and myself left the house after 5:00 p.m. knowingly and willingly ready to find a spot for the 8:00 Hoopla show. Now I had been in DHS all day, then ran home for some much needed rest and a/c. So I knew how hot it was out, and I was a bit concerned that Craig and Emmy may not do so well. Those fears were realized when after only holding our spot for 20 minutes, Craig was sweating buckets and Emily looked like she was going to be sick. Alrighty, take two.

So they left to draw in the Animation building, and I decided to hold the spot until they got back- IF they got back at all. As I was settling in for the next 2 hours in the heat, Cedric Ching was right behind me and said hello. We are FB friends, so we hung out the whole time and chatted while we waited out the sun, sweat, and crowds.

The crowds. It may be the highest thing on my pet peeve list. Why? Well, I LOVE when you get somewhere early and stake out a spot and then the inevitable happens EVERY time. The three people that started off being in front of you invited 10 of their closest friends to join them, oh, and about a half hour before the show starts. Why should it matter the rest of us had to stand, wait in the hot sun for 2 hours, by all means, PLEASE cut in front of me, cut my view almost off, and then not even feel sorry for it.

What are the manners on this? Very simple. If you are in a line, or in a crowd waiting for a show, you tell those behind you FROM THE START, “I have some friends/family coming later, I am just giving you the heads up.”  People may not still be happy about that, but at LEAST you have been polite enough to inform. Or the more obvious is to stay with your group, but in situations where you are waiting for a free for all show, there are bound to be people coming and going I guess.

By the time the show started, Craig and Emily were out for the count and decided to play in the Park while I watched the show. A plan that seemed all to well to work, until the storm clouds rolled in. While I watched the end of the show, Craig was madly texting me trying to come up with a plan to get me to the car as soon as it was done. I wouldn’t make it to the car dry, but thankfully they did.

Back to the show, it was great! It was very loud, but we were also quite close to the stage, maybe 4th row of people in (we started 2nd or 3rd though until all the people came in last minute).  I loved the music, the dancing, but I will say that I was THRILLED my Emily was not there to watch it. It was like a mosh pit where we were standing, people with beers in their hand surrounded us and a very party atmosphere. It was almost sad because kids who may have wanted to see it would have never been able to unless they stood far back.  I would have NEVER wanted my small kids in the area I was in, we were crammed in like sardines!

The show lasted a good 20 minutes, if not more, and I loved the energy of it all. All but the last 5 minutes of the show, I was really enjoying it. Then the texts came in from Craig worrying about me, and Cedric turned to me and warmed me storms were coming. It came up and over the stage like a hand, the clouds were black and the wind just picked up from out of nowhere. The show ended, and it was like a movie scene LITERALLY out of a disaster flick. People were running out of the Park, it was pure chaos. I was actually scared, the storm didn’t feel safe at all and the lightening was everywhere. When it comes up on you that fast, it is quite terrifying.

I said bye to Cedric, and ran to my car where Craig and Emmy were waiting for me.Poor thing was upset because they couldnt get a hold of me, and I of course was just happy to remember row 42. We sat there for another half hour and watched the storm roll through. We got home safely, I took a hot shower, and went to bed with a horrible headache. But all in all, the night was worth it to see the last show and hang out with Cedric. I encourage you to see the show at least once, and I hope to see many of  you next year at the next Star Wars Weekends!


  1. This same thing happened to us last year. We were watching and enjoying and then out of no where the storm clouds where there. We were hanging out with Todd and Cheryl Perlmutter who came to the park to hang with us. It was an abrupt end to a our visit with them. We made it to the bus stop just ass the clouds opened up.


  2. Fortunately the worst my wife and I ever had was a bit of drizzle beforehand but nothing major. The squeegee guys wiping the stage up before the show started were getting cheers.


  3. Great blog! Since the show is so popular and the crowds so massive I really do not understand why Disney does not offer this show more than once a day?!?!


  4. You’d never seen the Hyperspace Hoopla??!! Obviously I’ve never seen it in real life but LOVE watching the videos online each year 🙂
    And yep, those crowd people and their ‘friends’…great aren’t they? They normally turn up for us just before a parade starts, spreading themselves along the pavement, using that invisible space they’ve apparently saved!!!


  5. Amazing show! I watched it on YouTube, then showed each of my kids and now they watch it all the time!! 🙂


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