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Be Unapologetic

Ok, there are times we all need to suck it up and say sorry when we know we have done wrong, I am all for that.  But what seems to come up in several conversations with those who want to move down here is that they are sorry to those who they have to leave, sorry for the choice they are making for what it may do, sorry that they love Disney so much…. ok people, listen up! We are ALL going to STOP being so apologetic for what we LOVE and for what our dreams and goals are. Read on my friends.

Do you have any clue on the number of times I would feel “bad” for having to tell my boss I wanted my own paid time off to go to Disney World, only to hear those dreaded words we all have heard “You are going there again?”  Excuse me, WHY do people care? I have written about this years ago, but it bothers me to the core when I HEAR people judging others for following their dream of not only vacationing here, but LIVING here. Again, why does ANYONE care what YOUR dream is.

First off, it is a courageous step for ANYONE to take when they take their own dream head on. Whether it is going back to school, or like we did, relocating to a new state, and essentially a new life. It is scary, it takes guts, and just because people are passionate and verbal about it doesn’t give anyone the right to put it down.  I have heard some crazy dreams that people have, but it is THEIR life, not mine, and I am in no position to judge someone else. When you have a dream, you MUST look at it straight in the eye and say “Let’s do this.”

Second, just HAVING a dream is something beautiful and awesome. It sounds cliche to many, but many are jealous. Some are content to sit the rest of their life in the same old, same old and never go for what they really want.  Again, their choice, their life. But when you have something you are passionate about, and it eats away at your soul… it is GOD whispering in your ear “Here is your purpose, now go get it.” LISTEN to that voice, it could mean the difference in the most wonderful life you ever dreamed of or just coasting and never knowing what that burning is like inside your soul.

Third, stop apologizing for ANYTHING you are passionate about. If you love to draw, draw.  If you want to be a writer, open up a notebook and begin tonight! But please, do not let the haters of the world get to you because they feel that their words seem to have more merit than your own.  I am so completely guilty of this, where I let someone’s influence on me create a hole inside a beautiful thing I had going. Because I didn’t have the guts to say “Enough, this is my dream, you are not going to ruin it” or “This is MY life, MY dream, and you don’t have any hold on me or what I want to do with my life.” Let your voice be heard, it is one of the best things that God has given us!

Fourth, OWN it. Own it all. Own your dream, yours words, your choices, and your path.  Be responsible with that dream, but don’t be apologetic. Own the decisions you make, whether it is by yourself or with your family. I can’t tell you how many times I have heard “If only we had done this instead…” but you didn’t, you can’t change it because it is past and this is the present.  Own the future for what it is, and make the best of whatever you want your path to be moving forward.

When someone apologizes for wanting to move to Florida, I actually start to feel upset. I want to shake the person and say “Why?” Something IN YOU says you want to move here, so WHAT are you waiting for? Yes, I know life situations have to fit like puzzle pieces for it to work, but just the fact that ANYONE is working on a dream means they are half way there to achieving it. Take a hold of it and DO NOT let go!

Don’t feel sorry for wanting to move, for wanting a new life, for wanting a change, or for wanting to experience all that Florida or somewhere else has to offer.  Be proud, be happy, be courageous, and be brave.  Any life choice is just that, a LIFE choice, but folks you only get one life… so please enjoy it and stop apologizing.


  1. I think those of us who love it, GET IT. Those who question us don’t and never will. I look at it as one less person in line in front of me. LOL! So happy you are enjoying life!!


  2. Here, here!!!! Well said!!! Each & EVERY time I put in for vacation & we are heading to WDW, I get the eyeroll from most of my co-workers… even Mom’s at Maddie’s school were starting to comment about it. But yet when they go to the Shore year after year, I never say anything! 🙂


  3. Wow could this post come at a better time? Probably not! As everyone knows Im going on a Disney Cruise on the Fantasy!!!! Yay!!! I had to make a quick decision to go but Ive been struggling with going while Im still looking for a job and waiting for possible interviews. But I think Ive decided I can’t just sit around waiting for the phone to ring. Unfortunately theres no cell phone reception on the ship…uh oh…. I just kind of assumed Id have a job by now and everyone would have made their decisions so these teachers can enjoy their summer vacation!


  4. I heard the song Courageous by Casting Crowns in my head as I read that. To echo mickey225: Here, Here!!! Well said!!


  5. Wow, this was just what I needed to read today! i was starting to feel really guilty about the decision my family has made to move to Orlando by July 2013. This totally reminded me why we were making the right decision and is motivating me to work harder to get to moving day (and possibly even trying to move it up). Thanks for sharing your stories.


  6. Not only do I understand this……it was great! I am very very guilty of this. Apologizing for what? Why should I? But, I do. It’s our life, and if we want to move we are going to move. And, we are leaning to 1 winters in FL, and then the rest of the year in TN. But….if I have my way it will be 1/2 and 1/2. Anyway, I just experienced the vacation thing again today. My Father in law did the “head shaking” thing when we were talking about our trip to my sister in law. He said “What are you going there for again?” Well, #1, it’s where we want to go. #2, as I am a travel agent I need to go more often now as to give my clients educated information. #3, it’s none of his business. He says, “nothing ever changes there!” I laughed when he said that, and told him ” there is one thing about Disney ..and that is the fact that it is “ever changing!”
    Tired of explaining my choices to a closed minded individual. Sorry I am not.
    Thank you for putting this into words as it is always in my brain!!


  7. You go girlfriend! Tell it like it is. LOVED it and you made lots of sense. (Why should anyone care? It’s YOUR dream not theirs.)!!!!


  8. This is great–I just had to comment… One of the nice things about being here is that my husband and I have had family and friends come down for the express purpose of seeing us, so we’ve taken them to Disney as part of their visit. Some of them have fallen in love with it, too, and don’t ask what the appeal is anymore… they can see it :). Not everyone, certainly, but some…

    My best friend back home calls me out on apologizing for things that require no apology. She stops me and says, “Are you hurting anybody?” Hmmm… I guess not! I love that she looks at the world that way–before she judges anyone, or allows us to judge ourselves too harshly, she has one simple qualifier: “Does this action/thought/feeling hurt anybody?” If not, then it’s time let people love what they love and move on. It’s been a life lesson.


  9. Bravo! What more can I say. Terrific post! It’s so funny how we all have the same thing to say about what others say about our love of Disney. They act like we’re breaking the law or something. I am sometimes guilty of telling people “I’m going to Orlando” instead of “I’m going to Disney” just so I don’t have to hear their opinion. My own parents question why we go every year. By the way, they never took us. As I’ve said before, “For those who get it, no explanation is necessary. For those who don’t, no explanation will do.” Disney is one of the best things that’s come into my life. It’s the one thing my family really comes together for. We love going as a family. Put your name on that!


  10. I hate hearing “your going again .” Grates on my nerves ! Then I say “have you ever been ?” When they say ” Its just another amusement park.” I laugh ! Bravo your stories are an inspiration to many of us !


  11. Such a true post. As I’m getting older I am doing more to please me and my family vs. doing things to please my parents. They don’t always see things my way, and I don’t always see things their way. I’m doing more to follow my heart and dreams. Moving to Florida is something me and my family want, but I don’t think my parents will ever understand. It is still scary at times. You and your family has been such an inspiration to us. You seem like us, and it makes it seem possible. We have learned so much from you guys. Thank you!


  12. Thank you for this post! It is just so timely for me. I have planned our family vacation to Disney World and I have not told anyone except my husband. I was informed last Tuesday that my sister and parents want us to vacation with them for 9 days. My sister won a condo stay anywhere and they made it very clear that Disney is not an option for them. I didn’t have the heart to tell them it just wasn’t going to happen because I have everything booked for us and we only have enough money to do one big vacation every other year.

    I see a huge family disagreement in my near future and right now I just don’t care. I am soooo looking forward to getting back to Disney and having fun for an entire week! It recharges me to go and I am certain that anywhere they are going to choose to go would not compare for me or my husband and son. It is the one place we can all have a blast and that is not an easy task with a 15 year old boy!

    At some point, very soon, I will have to tell them. I am not going to apologize for it. It is what we work hard to do. It is a small part of our larger dream and they will just have to deal with it.


  13. Sometimes those daily daydreams aren’t enough to get us through the times in between our trips and sometimes we actually start to think what it would be like to move to Florida and live that ‘Disney’ experience everyday.


  14. Well said, I to went back to school at 50 years old to finish my degree. I always planned my Disney vacation well in advance due to my low salary, sometimes 2 years or more. People would say Disney again, take your kids someplace else. Well that was our passion and that is what we loved, maybe me more than them sometimes, For those that have not been it is hard to describe what all Disney has to offer. You took a great step and are living your dream, to me that is the ultimate bravery. Some just “wish” but never do. Life is too short for that. I will be back down there in about 10 years. You told it like it is , great job!!!!!!! Maybe we can meet up on one of our travels down there.
    I am very envious of your chance to walk daily through one of the parks. I was on top of the world last Dec when my D23 group got to be in Animal Kingdon by ourselves until 10p. Nothing to ride but the dinner and views were fantastic.
    God Bless
    Dizneydad Paul, Indiana


  15. Thanks and well said!!! As someone who vacations to WDW every year (almost 20 times now!), I get the “You’re going there AGAIN??? Don’t you ever get sick of THAT place? What’s left to see there???” Blah, blah, blah from someone EVERY TIME I go. Really, why do others care how I chose to spend my time and money? So happy to see so many folks that do actually “Get it”!


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