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Live in the Moment

Whether you are relocating to Florida, or just preparing for your next big step in life,  it’s those moments in between the big ones that you have to really stop and enjoy.  A conversation with a wonderful friend inspired this post and how important it is to live in the moment- enjoy.

When we first had the idea to move, I remember very distinctly feeling like I was going to have a panic attack. It was getting real. Very real. All of a sudden I went from the life of the everyday ins and out to this major goal ahead of me, and it seemed like all of the “everyday things” became HUGE things in a blink of an eye.

Before you move, those moments that you may have taken for granted before seem like gold in your hands-at least they did for me.  The normal lunches with Mom turned into “One of the last ones” and the trips over to my best friend Kelly’s house turned into the same kind of countdown in my head. People, it can simply drive you mad.  So, one day I woke up out of the countdown mode and said to myself “Enjoy the moment, live in it, because one day these are what you will look back on.” Sounds simple enough right? Here is what I have found, MANY of us are too busy preparing for the NEXT moment that we completely skip over the awesome ones that happen every day to us.

I was in my own world yesterday, getting out of the house and having an adventure in Animal Kingdom when I got a text from Shelley she wanted to hang out that night.  Not only do I LOVE something that was unplanned, but the unexpected times I get to share with any friend or family member makes me so incredibly happy.  We enjoyed cupcakes on the Boardwalk, sitting by the water and just chatting away.  I was so in the moment, it took everything in me not to burst into tears about how happy I was to hang out with such a great friend, but at a Disney Resort none the less. Could this really be our lives?

To live in the moment, you must put everything and everyone else away.  To really enjoy and BE in that moment, you can’t be sitting on your cell phone texting others for the next moments, playing games that don’t matter, or simply just giving it zero attention.  There is a time and place for everything, but if you are always giving your attention to the NEXT big thing, you will never really know what life’s enjoyment is all about.  I have really started to make sure that when I play on my phone, it’s when I am all by myself and with no one else.  I think it is entirely rude to sit on your phone in front of someone while you are spending time with them.  It’s a distraction and I try to live by the “If I don’t like it, then probably someone else doesn’t like it too.”  Like I said, we all need to learn there is a time and place for everything.

So it is my challenge to not only myself, but to all of you. Don’t take any of your moments for granted- LIVE in the moment while you read this, LIVE in the moment on your way to work, and LIVE in the moment that you simply have breath on this planet when many are just fighting to stay on it.  Enjoy every single one, because you never know when it will be your last. God bless your day everyone!


  1. Amen. Beautifully said.

    I don’t understand why people go out with their families and friends but always seem to me more interested in everything going on elsewhere. They have to be texting or on Facebook instead of enjoying those around them and really being present. All anyone really has is right here and right now so you might as well enjoy it and appreciate it.

    It sounds wonderful to go and have a cupcake with a friend on the Boardwalk. What could be better?

    Take Care!


  2. I must say I am not one for certain “unplanned” events in my life but this blog got me thinking. We plan and plan and plan again …and God just laughs. Thanks for the reminder to “live in the moment”, I honestly forget to do that and life is passing by.


  3. Well said! I always hate it when we are at Disney waiting in line and it seems like everyone is messing with their phones. They are standing there with family and/or friends and they are not talking or anything. We always use that time to talk with our kids about what to do next, what has been there favorite part anything and everything. For us it is all part of the bonding of the family vacation. (It might help that we don’t have smart phones…we don’t even have texting on our phones, but we also aren’t talking on phones.)


  4. So true. But no one seems to be able to turn their phone off when we’re together! It rings or texts and we think it’s one of the kids, or our mom….. Damn it.


  5. Amy, your articles always make me feel better. We’re planning to move down there w/in the next few years, and your posts are always so helpful.


  6. Your blog is so very true and something I personally need to remind myself of every day. Work, daily tasks and things can be overwhelming and take over your life if you let it. A year from now am I going to look back and remember that I spent Saturday cleaning the house or that I spent the day with my best friend hanging out. LIVE IN THE MOMENT!!!!!


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