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How Our Habits Changed After Relocation

We all have our “thing.” Sometimes it’s one thing, sometimes it’s a bunch of them, that form our daily lives.  Somehow along the road of life, those things become habits- and again, we ALL have them.  The healthy ones, the not-so-healthy ones, and as much as we try to fight them, they still exist.  Now add relocation to the mix of this cocktail, and things get VERY interesting. I thought I would share with you how our habits have morphed and changed since moving to Florida- enjoy!

Let’s start with the silly ones, the ones that I miss even though I have replaced them with others.  When I found I wanted to get out of the house in WI, I would drive over to the Fox River Mall and walk around. I LOVED it! Every fun store I loved, all in one location, and I would just window shop and dream of maybe owning one of the many things I saw.  But it was the Food Court I enjoyed the most- grabbing Chinese and heading upstairs to the second level made me feel like I was eating in the Wilderness Lodge Lobby.  I don’t live anywhere close to a Mall like that one, so a drive over is a bit more of a challenge.   It’s funny how in Appleton I would go with a buck in my pocket, enough for a soda and then just walk around and enjoy- but here I feel like I have to have enough gas, and then spending the money on the gas has to make it worth it going over there. So then I feel I have to have enough money to spend on something, that I probably shouldn’t buy anyways.  I have been to the Mall here in FL only twice in the last year, so I would say that my shopping habits have changed drastically. I do miss the window shopping, but it seems that much sweeter when I DO get to go.

Speaking of shopping, thankfully my food shopping habits haven’t changed that much. If you remember when I got here, I had a sticker shock. The price of frozen pizza at Publix was RIDICULOUS, and I was quite worried that the cost of food was going to be outrageous here. But after finding a WalMart, at least for the dry goods, I was more at ease with the prices here. What has changed though is that I can’t go and shop when I feel like it, because it is just too congested at certain times of the day.  Even though my store is about 20 miles from WDW, it still is crazy busy with tourists. I have learned I have to shop early in the day, avoid the weekends if possible, and the heat is always a factor.  I now have a cooler in the back so I place all frozen items in there to sustain them for the 15 minute ride home, even with the a/c on, the sun can be brutal here.   I have ran into the store a bunch of times during its peaks and I have found that I am able to deal with a lot of the craziness a bit easier, but I try to avoid it when possible.

On a side note- when you live in a tourist area, the grocery store in constantly restocking or out of items all together. It is probably one of my biggest pet peeves about living here. You feel like that if you live here, they should be able to provide you with the everyday items at all times. But what we shop for, so do the tourists, and I don’t blame them for buying them- I just wished they kept things more in stock for the consideration for ALL who shop there.

For the good and the bad, my Social habits have changed. I went to the occasional movie in WI with my friends, to the local Arby’s, and hung out at events around town. With having a home now, we have more room, and therefore feel quite a bit more comfortable hosting parties and having friends over.  I have really enjoyed doing that and having the FREEDOM to do that.  Because Disney World is a destination of many families, I am blessed to be able to make friends with many who come here.  WDW has become my source of movies, mini-golf, boardwalk, fireworks, rides, eating out, along with many other things.

For the bad, I am not social in any church circles because we are slacking on this.  My habit of singing with my choir each week helped fill my soul, and I dearly miss it.  How I even got into that in Appleton was one person inviting me to the church and asking to be in the choir…I think secretly I hope it will happen the same way here, but I know I have to go after it as well. I think everyone gravitates towards the “easier” things in life, but I know deep down that the things WORTH doing are the ones that take some effort. I have to take the effort, and soon. God is my center, but it can become painfully apparent to others that Disney is, and it isn’t.

Thankfully all of the good has outweighed the bad. I do enjoy the new habits of swimming when I want, sitting on my patio with a drink and just relaxing, or walking during any month of the year outside.  We grill out quite a bit more too- and nothing is yummier than smelling the food cooking on the grill and taking a dip in the pool while you wait for it.

Instead of planning vacations to Disney World, I plan them home to Wisconsin. In fact, I have one coming up and I never realized how excited I would be to go and see the familiar I knew for so many years until living away from it.  I am ready for a change for awhile.

Whatever your habits may be, in some way, they WILL change when you get here or wherever you relocate too. My advice is to hold on to your positive habits and help them strive and grow in your new home. Even though you may be away from what made you and your habits happen, it is what is INSIDE each of us that can make or break us. Have a great day everyone!


  1. If you’re thinking of the Walmart down on 192 by Give Kids The World, that is the busiest Walmart store in the country (at least that is the local belief — I heard it from multiple sources). Have you tried the Walmart Neighborhood Market they just opened a few blocks further down the road? I believe that was meant to serve local residents. I’m not a Walmart shopper so I never went to either, but it seemed locals preferred the new one.


    • I guess the Walmarts in the Kissimmee area are pretty slammed! I liked the grocery selection at Target so I did some of my shopping there. Not really sure how the prices compare, though…I am used to NYC grocery prices, so even Publix prices seemed like an incredible steal!


  2. Thanks for sharing Amy. Our habits have changed greatly since we set a moving date. Part of it is due to trying to save as much money as possible for the move and the other reason is because we are trying to declutter when we have the time and sell/donate absolutely anything we do not need, do not use or can inexpensively/easily replace in Florida. It’s amazing how much stuff resides in closets, cabinets and the garage and how long it takes to sort through it. It will be interesting to see what new habits develop and whether habits we’ve now cut out here (frequent starbucks trips, shopping!, pedicures) make a reappearance in Florida 🙂


  3. Our habits have changed just because of high gas prices. They are slowly coming down, but we are still conserving because you never know if and when they will sky rocket again!


  4. All good points! We’ve moved a lot and we’ve learned that many things are up for renegotiation in the new place because things do change. We also missed normal malls when we lived near WDW – one of the pluses of living a bit further away is that we just had an awesome night at the mall – had forgotten how fun that can be – lol!


  5. We live 5 minutes from the Magic Kingdom and have a publix 3 minutes away and a Target 10 minutes away. The Wal Mart is farther at about 20 min away but I don’t shop there often. But nearly all of these are tourist free, despite being 5-15 min from all the disney parks. If the tourists bother you, which it seems they do judging from your posts sometimes, I think it would be a good consideration for you to check out windermere/winter garden/ocoee as a possible permanent location when you’re ready to settle in. I grew up in orlando and while I appreciate their money they spend, I have little patience for tourists either and have found that this location is perfect. There is also the 429 which though it’s a toll road, can get you all around town in no time flat and is not nearly as busy or dangerous as I4.
    If you have any questions about this area let me know. It’s got your proximity to Disney you want (I only like living so close because I work there) and is still able to make you feel that you’re not in the middle of tourist craziness. 🙂 Plus there’s tons of fun things to do over on this side of town like downtown Winter Garden, old Windermere, Wekiva Springs, Mt Dora, and lots of hidden places to check out.


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