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Relocation Tips

Relocation Tips

The following tips have been shared in The Relocated Tourist newsletter, and are being compiled here for those who do not receive it. This list will constantly be updated after the current newsletter goes out. Enjoy!

-When checking out a potential neighborhood, make sure to do so during the weekend, and not during the week. Potential neighbors are more active and out during the weekend, giving you an idea of the activity you would possibly be living near.

-Any Doctor or Dentist needs you may have, attend to them before your relocation. That way you have what you need wrapped up and you won’t have to worry about finding another during the first months you live here.

-Make sure to go over the lawn care agreements with your Landlord…pruning palm trees and dealing with more sand, than grass, is a new thing to many who move to FL and should be discussed.

-Your problems don’t disappear because you cross the Florida border line.

-You can never have enough money to relocate with. Save wherever and whenever you can, and when you think you have reached your goal, double it just in case.

-Don’t be afraid to meet neighbors of a potential home you may want to buy here. They can say a lot about how your daily life will be in not only that area, but who you will be living near in your new home. Also most of the time they have the “inside” on the home that you are looking to rent or buy that Realtors and Landlords may forget to disclose to you.

-Be prepared for life’s celebrations and how you plan to handle extended family when you now live somewhere else. It’s an important thing to discuss before ever moving so that expectations are reasonable and understood by everyone involved.

-Buy a Styrofoam cooler for your trunk so that when you pick up cold items at the store you can stick them in there for the car ride home. Once it is covered, and out of the sun, you are good to at least get your items home without them melting.

-Buy one folding chair when you arrive so you have SOMETHING to sit on until either your stuff gets here or until you are able to purchase your furniture. Trust me, the floor is hard on the back.

-Once you have your new address, order business cards or postcards with the new information and send out to extended family and friends. It is easier to contact others in this manner so that you don’t have to repeat the information over and over again in the coming year after your move.

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