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The Disney Distraction

Well as most of you know, we moved our family to Florida over a year ago because we wanted to enjoy the magic whenever we wanted too. I love my Disney, so does Craig, so do both my girls. But something seems to keep reoccurring with every email I receive and with more of the people I speak too. And here it is… Disney is a distraction to many people.  But what you may not realize is that it can be a healthy one, or a negative one.  So today’s post is more of a food for thought, to make each of you think about what it is that you truly want out of your Disney passion and if it is helping or hurting your life. Read on.

I am thankful for each email, phone call, and correspondence I receive. I read EVERY SINGLE ONE of them, and I reply as often as I can.  But what seems to be repeating, quite a bit these days, is how many want to move here in the hopes of leaving something behind.  I am here to tell you the gut honest truth…what you are dealing with, whether it is internal or external, unless it is a physical thing or person, you WILL bring it with you.  That feeling we all feel when we are on our Disney vacation is JUST THAT, the vacation feeling. No one is capable of having this feeling, 24/7.  We hope we can capture it, perhaps bottle it up somehow, but it is unrealistic to think we can feel that at all times during our daily lives. And seriously, who would want to? It would be come mundane and eventually boring, to the point that we would go looking for the next “high” in our lives.

Yes, I have a point, which is this.  If you are currently struggling in your life, and you want nothing more than to live in the land of Mickey, there is nothing wrong with that. Goals are healthy and expected. But I IMPLORE you to understand that if you are dealing with storms in your life right now, I encourage you to deal with them where you are, before taking such a huge leap into the unknown. Thinking it will all “go away” because you moved somewhere else couldn’t be further from the truth. Carl and I had several mountains to climb before we could even ENTERTAIN the idea of moving here.  I can say with my whole heart that several of my local friends have all had to overcome something to get here- no one wants to deal with the uglies in life, but if you don’t, how can you truly enjoy the good stuff?

If you enjoy your support system where you live, that goes away when you move across the country. Yes, Social Media makes it easy to stay in touch, but it isn’t the hug or someone’s face to face contact you need at that crucial moment. Deal with what ails you now, so you can move on to your new chapter without having the “What If’s” haunting the rest of your life.  What if you had apologized to that person, what if you had made things right with another, what if you had stayed to save more so that you were more ready for this? Yes, there will always be something that isn’t completed or finished in our lives, but moving to a completely different life means letting go of the old and finding closure and peace without losing who you are in the process.

I titled this “The Disney Distraction” because I have seen many people use Disney as a way to distract themselves from life’s problems.  Trust me, I am one of them. But where it becomes unhealthy, is when people put it above everything else. Do you know how many times I have to fight the urge to get upset when someone says “Oh you live in the world of fantasy near Disney, you have no idea what life really is.” Are you kidding me?!?  It may come off to my readers that I put Disney high on my priority list, but it is so far down on my list because I actually do know better.  It is great to have it nearby to enjoy when I want, but I have kids in school soon, I want to be volunteering once school is in place, and I NEED to make church my priority again.  It isn’t the end all of any day here, again, it is nearby for my enjoyment and that is a great feeling to have.  But I don’t feel the need to be in it 24/7.

I didn’t move here because I am obsessed with Disney, I moved here because I wanted to enjoy it when I wanted too- that was clearly not possible in WI. But people, that’s not the only reason. The job market, weather, and lack of snow here was a HUGE plus in our books.  The things to do, opportunities to be had- another HUGE positive. But it hurts when people feel that I live in the land of fantasy, which couldn’t be further from the truth.  I show you want I want to show you, my happiest moments with friends and families.  I still cry, I still have my bad days, but you will never see those pictures on the blog or on FB.  I am human, and I followed my dream, our dream, to live here.  And for those who enjoy judging us on it, find your own dream and stop worrying about ours.

Disney IS a wonderful distraction from our daily problems, but I have to remind myself that when I leave Epcot for the day, that problem still exists and I have to take care of it.  Keeping the passion, not obsession, healthy and realistic makes living here balanced and awesome. Keep it real in the fantasy folks and it will all be fine. Have a great day!


  1. Dead on with this one Amy. I did move someplace to escape what was going on in my life, and it was still with me and haunting me. The bad part was, I was then all alone with that problem. That is not good. I went back home after 8 months. I’m still here. Council and guidance was what I needed and got it. Now I am happier than I have been in years. Won’t be moving now for about 5 years when we retire.


  2. AWESOME blog!!!! Amen Sister!!! You speak the truth and from experience. The problem you had when you relocate is still there just in a different atmosphere. Yeah reality sucks sometimes but it is just that Reality and sometimes everyone needs a good slap in the face with it. Reality is just the one to do it. You are person not a character ( well you are a character too 😉 ) this is real life just because you live near Disney life’s problems don’t go away. It’s just nice to be able to escape every once in awhile. Kudos to you Amy – You are an amazing person! Love you girl!


  3. Amy,
    Very well put and excellent logic. We will always have trials and tribulations. Your blog over the past year has offered insight into Disney I did not have before. You explain the ups and downs and not just one or the other, even billionaires and CEO’s have problems, you just take the good with the bad, trust in Gods plan and enjoy the ride.
    God bless
    Dizneydad Paul, Indiana


  4. Well said, Amy. You cannot escape the problems in life by going to Disney World. It’s just like going to sleep to escape reality…you still wake up to the same life.


  5. This is a great post. I have wanted to move to Florida since I was 14 years old (without even stepping foot there! LOL). Now it is me and my husbands dream to end up down there. Not just because of Mickey, but because of the warm weather and being close to the beach, ect. Mickey is just a plus. Keep doing what you are doing! Hope you all have a great week! 🙂


  6. You managed to say a lot here in one little blog entry! I’ll be the first to admit I’ve felt I know you far better than I do. That’s a compliment to your writing and the way you share with us. I feel badly that that leaves you open to being judged.
    Having moved recently I think you’re dead on about finding closure with your old life. I’ve really appreciated you sharing your process with that. I am still quite new at it and your thoughts on it have been helpful.
    As far as Disney being a distraction, for me it still is. That’s why I’m not ready to explore moving there. I know my problems don’t really go away for the 10 days a year we’re there but it’s an escape. My chronic pain issues are hardly noticeable when we’re there. For me, the magic is real. I know if I was there every day that wouldn’t be the case.
    I do, however, enjoy updates on the magic from you!
    But I also enjoy getting to know the non-Disney side of you a bit better as well. Thanks for another great blog


  7. Totally agree Amy, even going on vacation doesn’t make your problems disappear at home! And we all must remember that relocation brings a whole new set of problems and issues, you don’t want to deal with those when you’re still fighting ghosts from the past.


  8. You hit the nail on the head with this post Amy. Real life cannot be avoided and the past always catches up with us. I admire your ability to balance family, life and your time with all of us and our love of Disney. Keep striving to find a church that will serve your needs and God will answer.


  9. Very well put! We own a summer business so we have a lot of free time during the off season. People always ask us why we don’t buy a place in FL (we go to WDW for a week in late Oct, 10-days in Dec and 10 in March) and split our time between MA and FL. Well I don’t want to live in FL. I want to live in Disney World. Not really, as you have explained what I mean. When we go to WDW we are on vacation. You can’t live your life this way! I might give it a try for a while:)……No you just can’t! LOL I think that is what makes WDW so great you can kind of escape “real” life for a few days! Thanks for another great blog!


  10. Well said … I wanted to move a few times away from the craziness that is our lives here . I know that it will only follow us where ever we go . Here is where our family , jobs and friends are and here is where we belong for now . I do hope one day to enjoy the summer breezes of FL as a home but not before our time here is done because right now here is where we need to be ! .. ❤


  11. Yes, yes, yes! I’m not nearly as close as you are to our favorite place (we’re on the Space Coast, about an hour away) but you’re right. While we can go to the Magic Kingdom just about any time we want (read: weekends and holidays, because hubby and I work full-time), we can’t constantly play hooky from the laundry, yard work, tree trimming, school stuff, visiting with friends and family, etc. It’s a great distraction and mood lifter (I hit the parks on a rainy October day when I got my mom’s panel rejection email to make myself feel better) but in many cases, the issues are still there when you get home, no matter how many times you ride Dumbo. Love your insight!!


  12. This is a very thoughtful and truthful entry in your blog. Before any of us makes choices such as relocation or any major life decision, we really much look at the real reason – are we just trying to escape from reality?

    Another thought…. a good side business – bottle that “disney vacation feeling” and sell it!!!!


  13. What an amazing blog post. I am going through this with my parents now. I am a 34 year old woman with a family. It’s been our dream for some time now to move to FL (my husband’s home state) but my parents and family say we are living in a fantasy world by wanting to move to FL. We know in our hearts we want to move there because of all the pluses of living in a southern state: beaches close by, no snow to shovel, can do anything outside all year long, quality time with our kids is better because we aren’t couped up inside all winter, living in the beloved state my husband grew up in, and disney is just the bonus. So when they say, “You live in a fantasy world” time will tell and show them how much we will love living there and enjoying the quality of life in a realistic way. Isn’t that the point in life?

    We almost moved last year and we regret it every day for not taking the opportunity then. Knowing it was in our grasp but we chickened out at the last minute made us realize what our true hearts desire is. But this time we will be smarter about it by taking all the baby steps each week packing, getting rid of things we didn’t need like you guys did. Then we know it is in our grasp because we did the homework and the upfront work to get us closer to our goal. You are an inspiration!! Keep these honest and genuine blog posts coming. They show what incredible people you and your family are!


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