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Interview with a Relocator…Cheri Lord

1. What is your name and where did you move from?

Cheri Lord, Ottumwa, Iowa

 2. Why did you want to move to Florida?

To be close to Disney World of course!!

3. When did you start planning?

We moved here in August of ’11 and started our planning in May ’11. Yes, only 3 months once we decided to move. It can be done!

4. How did you decide on where to move to?

Prices of apartment complexes and schools. Our daughter is in 1st grade and our main concern was to get her in a good school. In Iowa she went to a private Catholic school.The Catholic schools down here are much more expensive then Iowa so we chose a public school but it had to meet our standards.

  5. What resources did you use to help your move?

The Relocated Tourist. 🙂  A lot of the information I needed came from Amy either through her blog or private chat. I also used Google in researching areas and prices. I think for the school searched it was

6. When and where did you move to in FL?

We left Iowa on August 11, 2011 and arrived in Ocoee, Fl on August 13.

7. How do you feel about your neighborhood and city?

We like it. We are in an apartment complex right now and I would say the best part of it is there are a lot of kids for Emily to play and swim with. It has been safe too. We are across the street from the local police station so that makes us feel safe as well. But, we are going to be moving soon. My fiance got a job in Tampa so we will be buying a home soon in the Tampa area. I have done a lot more research and we found a town called Lithia, Fl. were we plan to move. Again, the schools in that town made the decision for us.

8. Can you tell us the pros and cons of YOUR personal relocation?

Pros-We are in a top-rated school district. We are about 10 minutes from Universal Studios, about 15 minutes from Sea World and about 20 minutes from Disney World.

Cons-We are furthest from Disney World. LOL Of course we are going to be much further because we are moving to Tampa.

9. What would you do differently, now living here and knowing what you know?

I hate being on the 3rd floor of an apartment complex but I guess the exercise is good for me.

10. Give us one tip that you learned that you want to share to help future relocators.

Research schools if you have children. Not only grade schools but middle schools and high schools. Save lots, lots of money. We came down with no jobs so we saved plenty. Don’t expect to get a job right away if you move before getting a job. It took Marty 8 months to get a job. We are truly blessed he did but it sure did take awhile.


  1. Hi Cheri! Thank you for sharing your story with us. I love the “Interview with a Relocator” posts. It helps those of us still planning and dreaming.


  2. Hi Cheri! I’m moving from Winter Garden to Lutz next week. I have twins going into 1st grade. Maybe we can have a playdate.


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