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Walt Disney World’s Lost & Found

You know that moment…when your heart starts to race because you don’t see something where it should be? I guess the importance of it depends on what level your stress hits while looking for it. On a scale from 1-10, 10 being “I cannot LIVE without this item,” I would say mine was at a 9.  Read on how once again my personal experience will be YOUR gain.

I was with the family at DTD on Saturday night- dinner at Earl of Sandwich with our favorite Drumhellers then an impromptu hang out with the Pennell family for Hannah’s birthday- a perfect evening. Yet somewhere, even after Dave thought he may have lost his own, my wallet left my purse. I am not sure if I dropped it, which is bound to happen when I pull out my cell phone charger on a regular basis, or if I left it somewhere. I would love to say I use it SO MUCH that it finally had enough of me and left me for another owner, but she isn’t full much these days, so there you have it.

The kicker was that I didn’t even realize it was missing until the next morning. Hubby and I had a couple of errands to run, and after my charger was pulled out of my purse, it felt awfully light. There was the moment, where time stops and you just go into “search” mode. Isn’t it funny how we look in places that make no sense? Like somehow I felt like folding the laundry and it somehow fell into the basket (Craig dumped the laundry everywhere on the bed, then proceeded to pull up all our blankets LOL). What is actually sad is that my phone and charger probably leave my purse more than my wallet does. While hubby searched the car and the house, I googled to find the Lost and Found phone number- and found it with no problem.

I was surprisingly calm about the whole situation- normally I would be freaking out and probably blaming Craig for it.  And if you all don’t blame your spouses unnecessarily on occasion you are lying through your teeth! As the “Soarin” music played, I felt it was a good sign. It’s my favorite ride, so it would make sense it would be playing while they looked for it. They asked me what it looked like, where I felt I lost it, and what was in it.  I laughed as I told the nice CM that there wasn’t much cash, but I was more annoyed if I would have to go and get a new drivers license, cc, and so on.  To my delight he came back on the line and said “Yep, we have it!”  I almost dropped the phone I was so shocked- in this day, in this economy, it just seems so unlikely to ever see it again.  “And Miss? Your cash, credit cards, etc.. are all in there.”  I actually said “Wow, there ARE still good people out there.”

They offered to mail it or I could come and pick it up- you can guess which one I picked. Having it in my hand as soon as possible was best for my stress level, even though I knew they had it. We drove right on over, and conveniently parked in their tiny lot, which is located on the right of the TTC near Magic Kingdom. You do not have to pay for parking at the MK gate to pick up something from the Lost & Found, just let the attendant know why you need to get through.

I was third in line, and this was on a Sunday morning. When I was on the phone, I was supposed to remember an area in which they put it. I didn’t. So when they asked me where they put it, I said it was lost the night before so it had to be in their recent stuff. He walked out with my wallet and actually asked me “Can I see your license?” I said “Sure, it’s in your hand.” We had a good laugh, he made sure it was me, and I was handed back my life.  Then he asked me to wait, and brought out my cash, which was already in their inventory, in a white envelope that had my name on it.  After I had my whopping $13 back, I signed their paperwork saying I had it back.  It did get me thinking, what do they do with all the cash they find? Maybe they use it to ship all of those lost items home?! Can you imagine what they spend on getting those items back to people? I don’t know when and how it all works, but I now know how it worked for me.

My advice? Put this number into your contacts for while you are here on a Disney vacation, or if you live close by- (407) 828-3150.  I was given a number first to Guest Relations, who in turn gave me the number I just posted. Have your item description ready, and be specific as possible!  Also any information as to what Park, what area of the Park, etc. that you can give them will help tremendously. All of the lost items from the 4 Theme Parks, 2 Water Parks and the DTD area are sent to this area. I am not sure on Resorts, I am sure they all handle their own.  Don’t panic when it happens to you, just breathe, call, and remember that it isn’t Disney’s fault you lost it, so don’t lose it on the CM who is trying to help. My wallet is happy to be home, and I am thankful to those who returned it.  I told Craig that I return items quite often, so hopefully it was good Disney karma. Thanks for reading and have a great evening.


  1. Yes, the resorts do handle their own lost and found. If guests don’t collect the money, we were told that the money went to conservation or other charities. If the items aren’t recovered after 90 days they go to the employee store where damaged items are. Have gotten a few nice pairs of sunglasses for .50 and have seen watches and cameras there as well. So, yes, even if you don’t think that anyone will turn in the item, check. There really are decent people in the world who will turn in lost items.

    And Amy, very happy that you found your wallet! I had lost my whole purse (not used to carrying one) and it was at lost and found! was so relieved. 🙂


  2. Amy, Did you find the hidden Mickey when you were in there? My husband lost the right hand leather glove last christmas in MK. The next day we visit the Lost and Found and to our surprise they had the glove. What great cm’s that work in there.


  3. I had to deal with Lost and Found once when my daughter was an infant. She lost her favorite stuffed cat and any parent knows it can be a nightmare when you lost a favorite toy. My cousin, who is a cast member, told me to try Lost and Found because they do an unbelievable job of tracking lost items and there would be a good possibility it might be there. I called, gave a description, but I had no idea where we would have lost it. They didn’t have anything, but told me to keep checking back.

    A few nights later we were in the gift shop of our resort buying milk and when I checked out, there was kitty sitting on the counter behind the cashier. I gasped and just say “oh my gosh, there’s Kitty.” The cast member turned kitty over to us and my daughter was thrilled to be reunited with her kitty (who incidentially was out for a walk in Disney World exploring for those few days – lol).

    So you never know…it can turn up and it’s always worth the call and checking around!


  4. So happy that it was returned to you intact… most people are good and not looking to take what is not theirs I’m glad your wallet fell into one of those hands 🙂 I’m going to forget this number but you can bet next time i’m there and loose something i’m going to text you for the number 🙂 LOL


  5. Feb 29th we were on Space Mtn and my son lost his phone. It was in his pocket when we started the ride and not there after!!! This was a birthday gilf that was all of 9 days old! We were on one of the last rides that night (well morning). I think it was about 4am. They gave us a card with the # of lost and found and were told to call the next morning. Needless to say it put a damper on our One More Disney day but….The next morning we called and they had it! AND it was not damaged at all! So happy with lost and found and with the Razr Max for being nearly indestructible. Phew!


  6. Amy, so glad you got your wallet back! I’m not sure where unclaimed cash goes (is there such a thing??) but back in the day unclaimed items stayed in Lost & Found for a time (don’t remember how long) and once that time was expired they went to the Property Control department, where Cast Members could shop for stuff at bargain prices. I expect that the money raised went into the Lost & Found budget… and you just wouldn’t believe what people leave behind and don’t claim!


  7. Keep in mind that as a courtesy, CMs are instructed to turn off lost cellphones to save the device’s battery life and not to answer any calls made to it.


    • Yes! We called it a bunch of times hoping it would help them to find it. After a while it went right to voicemail so we knew someone had found it.


  8. Amy, 3 years ago we were sitting on the benches by the TTA entrance(at night time) and my son kicked something and he pulls up this huge leather bag. We were shocked to find it was an expensive camera bag. I opened it to see if there was any identification in there and of course there wasn’t. What was in there was a camera set up with expensive lenses, 2 cameras and a few other camera related items. We turned it in to the kiosk stand right there and were we surprised when someone who was walking by said…” I would have kept it!” My son replied back with ” You wouldn’t be saying that if you had lost this!” I was so proud of him that he was wanting to be so honest and wanting to locate the owner of this bag. The CM gave my son a huge handful of Mickey stickers for being so honest. That made his day!


  9. I’m glad you got your wallet back. I’m also happy to hear about all the returned items others got back. We were not so lucky a few years ago. My husband lost a pair of expensive sunglasses at Hollywood Studios. We retraced our steps and asked CM’s at the locations if they were turned in. We checked the front of the park, and were given the Lost and Found phone number and check a few times during our trip, but we never received the good news that they had it.


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