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Wanting the Best for your Kids

Relocation ANYWHERE is always scary for any individual, leaving what you know for the unknown isn’t the easiest thing to do.  But like everything in life, it’s always easier to handle when its only about you. But as I have learned, and knew from the beginning, it was always about the four of us.  Today’s blog post is about wanting the best for your kids when you relocate, because in the end, you want them happy, healthy, and settled in their new lives.

I can’t even tell you the amount of time I have spent thinking about how my kids are doing here.  I pray, I hope, and I try to give every decision to God. It is one thing to try and settle yourself and a spouse, but when it’s your kids- it takes on a whole different feel.  There is no time to be selfish because how and what they feel with all of this is what matters to me. Granted, I felt the same tug at my heart in Wisconsin, but with the unknowns here it makes everything seem like “high alert” for awhile.

School has started again, and Kyra will soon be starting next week.  Another new decision, another new choice.  I feel like I have held my breath since I moved here when it comes to the school situations and I am just waiting for the exhale on it all. I won’t be discussing where they attend, but just that Emily seems to be doing much better this year. I feel she just wasn’t ready for it last year, and so Virtual school did serve a purpose for us and the like of other relocators.  Nothing made me smile more than seeing her chatting with a new friend yesterday at school…I want this to work so bad.

I am human and I have had those thoughts of “Did I do the right thing moving them here?” Who knows how the other would have panned out, this is the choice we made and we want to stick with it. But who doesn’t want their kids to have big smiles and hear “We love it here!”  We do hear that in WDW, because it’s Disney World.  But I want them both to feel like FL is home, that they are comfortable in all aspects of their lives here.

In the end, I want them to be happy that they agreed to do this with us. I don’t want them ever to feel like they were forced into it. Yes, we are the adults, but we had endless discussions with them on how this would all go. The realities of new friends, new home, and far away from what they truly knew didn’t hit here until school started last year.  We have all shed tears of joy and of sorrow, because for them this was a HUGE step to take in their lives.  Craig and I both recognized that for this to all happen they would have to be on board or we wouldn’t even attempt it.  But as we all know, agreeing to do something and then actually doing it are two very different things.

My hopes are that Emily has a phenomenal school year and overcomes her shyness with her eye. I want her to become a strong young lady who is not only aware of how far she has come, but what an amazing person she is.  I hope that Kyra does well in College and that she keeps her eye on the larger picture, and not the day to day things.  Kyra has become an amazing individual and I want her to believe in herself as much as her family does in her.  I pray for peace for both of them,
that they can find their place in this new adventure.  I love them so much, and I just want them to be ok here.

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  1. Wishing both the best for both girls in their new school adventures! I know it can be hard in the moment, but I moved a few times as a child and I really think those experiences made me stronger. As a young adult I was much more adaptable to change and excited to try new things.

    I’m not sure if you saw a comment I left on an earlier post (if you did, sorry to be redundant!), but I think you and Emily (and Kyra, too) would really love volunteering at Give Kids The World. It is such a warm and friendly place, I think Emily would love getting to know the kids who are visiting (and likewise, they would quickly bond with her as she understands what it is like to deal with a serious medical issue at a young age). And there are a lot of REALLY nice young volunteers at the Village, lots of Kissimmee/Orlando locals who are friendly without being clique-y. Particularly at the Pirates and Princess Party on Friday nights — there is a regular group of tweens/young teens that work on that event, and they all love getting dressed up as pirates and princesses and having a great time with the kids. Lots of volunteers bring their own costumes…plenty of Ren faire type dresses 🙂

    I know you’ve mentioned wanting to volunteer at the Village and I just thought I’d offer a little encouragement! And they definitely have a lot of available slots this time of year — end of summer/back to school means a lot of regulars aren’t available, so it is a great time to jump in!


  2. Great blog Amy – you are such a good mom and it shows in those beautiful children. I am happy to hear that Emily is doing well in school – that must be a big sigh of relief and Kyra will do fine. It’s hard to see the children grow. God Bless Sweetie!


  3. Truer words were never said ,,it IS all about our children, and their happiness.. I am sure Kyra and Emily will be fine. They know they can come to you with ANY problems they have and it will be dealt with. They are beautiful young ladies and I hope the year goes well for them with only happy times,


  4. One of the reasons why we are waiting to move to FL is my daughter Kayla. She’s the same age as Emily. She insists on graduating with her friends just like our son did. So that’s what we’re doing. The house will go up for sale a few months before she graduates. Now my son said he’ll buy it so who knows. Six years is a long time. But I guess our decision makes it easier on us as parents. Keeps the stress level down a bit.


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