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  1. I love the suitcases, but if you are going to make buttons with your logo, or use it for anything else then maybe nr 3 is a better choice


  2. The second one is definitely my favorite. The luggage really represents the “relocated” aspect well, and it would also make for a nice banner/cover photo on the blog and the facebook page since it’ll fill up a nice amount of space. If you want more filler for it, the palm tree from #3 could also be added, to show the relocation to Florida. And then represent Mickey more by not only the luggage tag, but maybe Mickey coconuts on the tree as well. πŸ™‚


  3. I’m thinkin’ #2, as well, but it needs “something” to indicate the transition from tourist (luggage) to resident (luggage is the front of a house? work a driver’s license/AP in?).

    Excellent work on all three!


  4. Also really like number 2, was thinking maybe another piece of luggage or a purse on the briefcase for the word “The”?
    Also like the other posters idea of a Florida shape bag.

    Number 3 is also really cool, love the palm trees! πŸ™‚

    Awesome job Kyra!


  5. I think they are all great, but #2 stoll my vote!! The stickers on the luggage could be of attractions or represent all the parks! maybe even hang a pair a Mickey ears from the corner of it! great job!


  6. What about using #2 and then putting either 1 or 3 as a “sticker” on the luggage? You could put “stickers” from the parks on the luggage as well…

    I really like either one or three for logos on shirts/letterhead/caps/etc.


  7. I am loving the suitcase, tag hanging down, stickers plastered… definitely the #2 logo… seems to be the general consensus. Screams “Relocated Tourist”! Way to go, Kyra.


  8. Great Job Kyra!!! All are FANTASTIC but I like #2 best! I agree with the others who suggested luggage “stickers” in the shape of WDW or Mickey icon(s) and/or the shape of Florida. I also like the idea of the palm tree in the background with “Mickey-nuts” on it. I can’t wait to see what you guys decide on!


  9. I like number three because it is shows that you have relocated to the wonderful palm trees. I agree with the idea for mickey coconuts in the tree. Maybe you could put some small suitcases at the bottom of the tree or something. Great job Kyra!! As always


  10. Like number 2 and the ideas of putting destination stickers on the suitcase-maybe an outline of the state of Florida, the castle, Mickey outline. Instead of the bottom suitcase with the word Tourist, how about the suitcase rests on a replica of a Florida license plate with the word Tourist written out like on a vanity plate.


  11. #2 is so cute!! I think it reflects too much of the tourist part and not that you’ve relocated. I like #3 the best for the blog’s feel. AWESOME job Kyra!!!! You are so talented!!!


  12. I’m liking #2, especially with the possibility of adding personalizations about memorable moments related to the move on the stickers on the suitcase. One Wisconsin. One Florida. Etc.


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